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Mack Meadows is a diverse guitarist in genres across the spectrum. Mack has always loved sharing the gift of music and has built his career performing before audiences and teaching guitar professionally. Mack has released an album this year named "Someone's Gotta Do It" read my album review on Chatsong, listen to his music and give votes and comments underneath this album review.


Prior to managing music stores across the Southeast for several years, Mack appeared as a solo recitalist and chamber musician. He played three seasons at Seaside Music Theater in the pit orchestra as a guitarist, in such shows as Evita, Anything Goes, and Little Me, as well as a flamenco guitarist in Man of La Mancha. He has also worked as a studio session musician in Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee.


Mack earned a Bachelor of Music Degree from Stetson University, where he was a member of the Stetson Guitar Quartet.  He became a sought-after teacher in Vero Beach, Florida, and played clubs and events throughout the Treasure Coast area.  Musical styles included Blues, Rock, Rockabilly and Latin Jazz.


Mack Has brought his music to Key Largo, where for years now he keeps a busy schedule playing for visitors and locals at the beautiful bars and restaurants.  His style has become quite a bit more tropical, no doubt influenced by the spectacular sunsets and libations.


Recently, Mack had the privilege of recording songs written by Grammy-nominated songwriter Dennis Morgan, and other outstanding songwriters for his CD "Carry Me Home".  It is a blend of Country, Blues and a little Rock 'N Roll.  "Good music is good music in any genre" has always been Mack's philosophy.


Above you can read his biography and his musical resume, then now my album review from Mack Meadows from Low Key, Florida. The first single is named " Smillin' in the Islands". 

The song starts with a lovely acoustic intro, then build up to more uptempo. I like the rhythm of the song, it is very melodic. He has a pure and warm vocal, this is a great recorded song it is kinda a mix of pop music and folk. I love it all, from the start until the end. This is music you wanna hear out of your speakers, and hearing live on stage. 

Then we have " Just so you know" again a very good into, lovely instruments great rhythm and melody. I am tapping my feet on the key chords of the instruments, you can notice he has a Music degree. He has a very lovely vocal sound, and even without never have heard this single I want to sing along with it. This single invites you to sing and dance on it. 

Another track is " Going under over you" wow this is really high-class recorded music, he has something away from Elton John in this single. The song has a nice melody and rhythm, I really love the production of this song. This track has a lot potential to become on many music charts, I don't know what to say I am really blown away by this incredible song and his vocal sound. 

I am listening now to " Raining Whiskey" and it has again a stunning intro, the lyric is great written and I am really in love with his voice he can sing so warm and deep, as well higher octaves. This song swings, I really can listen to this all night long. This is again a high quality produced and recording track of mack, this is world class level music. 

" Here I Am" is a lovely folk ballad, and that voice so so good. It has again great written lyrics with a message, I have no critic at all it all is stunning his voice, the tunes and lyrics. This what he has recorded and sung, he earns a fame star his contribution to the music is incredible. I am intensely enjoying his single, I love it. 

" Smile in the Dark" is a lovely folk song with beautiful acoustic instruments and a joyful lyric when I listen to this amazing musician and his music I become very happy inside. The melodies and tunes are wonderful, and his warm vocal makes it very good. 

" I've got time" The intro is more uptempo, again such a lovely tunes and sounds during the song. I can only say this is really high-class music with amazing lyrics. This is music for each festival there is, for every station existing more I can't say you have to listen to it. 

" Love will come back" it has joyful lyrics it is really a great love song, I am distracted and don't know what to write because his brilliant recording has my full attention. He is so good at writing meaningful lyrics, and besides that, that voice is incredible. 

"Life's Ever Winding Road" man so beautiful from the start, that warm and deep vocal hits you when you listen to the lyrics it made me cry. The song is written with a beautiful message, so emotional and then those tunes beside it with that amazing acoustic guitar solo is just heartbreaking. I always wanted someone to comfort me, in difficult times so I am touched while listening to the lyrics. 

" Island Bound Party flight" is again a catchy song, nice melodies, and tunes with a lot of rhythms and it makes you wanna dance again.  It is a mix of folk and country and even a little jazz, Mostly this type is a matter of taste but I think when you press on the play button you all are sold this is just too good not to have a listen at it. 

" Whiskey Go round" is really typical a folk song, but I really like it a lot. Each written and recorded song has a different intro, lyric and varied sounds, so it stays interesting to keep listening to this album. I believe this singer can become very far worldwide, I know the German people and A lot of my country they are a big fan of this kind of genre. 

Sometimes I hear a backing vocal sing in this song " you're never gonna find(genie in a bottle) and it sounds really stunning. Again a powerfully written lyric, and lovely tunes which make the song a potential for a lot of radio stations, festivals and music fans all around the world. I recommend you just to listen to the whole album, I can't imagine there is a song which is bad quality or awful to hear. 

" Peace love and Sandy" I love the rhythmic intro, great acoustic sounds and then that lovely vocal sound. This is an amazing folk song again, great lyrics and tunes. 

" Me and my Car" is a lovely uptempo jazzy country song, it is varied from other songs he recorded, it is another amazing recorded song which lovely dancing beats and tunes. I hear an amazing wind instrument, and he has such a great vocal I like that part that he almost talks in this song with that low deep voice. 

I can hear most of his songs on the album are sung with passion and emotions, it is a wonderful album. The album is so diverse in sounds, and in styles due to the fact he has recorded 23 songs I recommend you to listen to his recordings underneath this review. I will pick out songs to describe which I really find the best of the best of this amazing vocal singer. 

Like this song " This is the summer" here you here what he more can do with his vocal, and this is more a pop music single which can become really a worldwide hit song. it is really stunning produced and recorded,  and he writes the chorus so that it easy to remember and you without even knowing the song starts to sing with him. 

You should hear also "I didn't know the love I had" it is a mix of Latin and Samba maybe even a little bit flamingo and it is really vocally so stunning. Wow, really that voice is so beautiful and trained that all that he sings turns into gold by a manner of speaking.

I believed I have listened to all of his songs, this is the last on the album " My heart didn't know the meaning of the word goodbye" this song is also very vocally very strong and in this recording, I hear backing vocals again. It is so beautiful to hear him play and sing in each and every song on the album but this song really hits me inside. 

His album is really stunning, varied songs with a lot of genres like folk, country, jazz and much more this album you really should buy. I imagine him playing a concert for a lot of people, you would have the day of your life. This is a born entertainer and singer, he should be heard everywhere with his amazing written and sung songs. Some songs maybe or not your type of music, but I tell you when you hear the first notes of his voice and all tunes and sounds in his recordings you will probably like it.  

This guitar player and singer-songwriter with his brilliant album definitely should be heard and bought by all of you music fans. He deserves touring around the world, playing concerts and so, therefore, share this amazing singer with this album review as much as you can.

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