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Vic Allen is a singer-songwriter originating from the UK. She has released one album in 2016 called " The missing piece" In summer 2017 Vic released a track called "Bittersweet" and then over the summer of 2017, Vic launched a successful crowdfunding campaign which allowed her to record her second EP, titled "Between The Lines". This EP is due for release in early 2018. Read my preview album review of " Between The lines" and give votes and comments underneath this review.

She first picked up the guitar as a teenager, and after a trip to America, where she was inspired by the rich country music scene, she began songwriting. Whilst still studying at the University of Bristol, she began to perform her original material at local open mics nights and quickly progressed onto gigs at larger venues such as The Fleece and Bristol Harbourfest. After graduating from Bristol, Vic started performing across the UK, including venues in London and festivals such as Buckle and Boots. She also began taking regular trips to Nashville to collaborate with other songwriters and further develop her songwriting, showcasing her original material in writers rounds. Venue highlights include The Bluebird Café and The Listening Room. 

In October 2016, Vic independently released a self-written EP titled “The Missing Piece” which received airplay from various radio stations across the country. The EP also caught the attention of BBC Introducing, who invited Vic to play live in the studio.

In the summer last year Vic released a track called "Bittersweet". Vic then ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to record three more songs to make up a four-track EP, which Vic will be releasing in the new year a song at a time. The first of those three songs will be released on the 12th of January and is called "Between The Lines" (which is also the name of the EP). Vic released the lyric video a few days later. Vic wrote the song in Nashville with a friend from Texas called Nate Robles.

This is singer-songwriter Vic Allen from Norwich, she has released an album in 2016 named " The Missing Piece" and last year in summer she released " Bittersweet" from her upcoming album " Between the Lines" read my album and songs review on Chatsong. 

I will start with her older album, and be working towards to her newer singles from the album which will be released in 2018. So I do have the chance to review them before they will be released. 

So let me start with the oldest song on the album it is called " Without you here". The intro starts lovely with an acoustic guitar, after the wonderful acoustic intro she starts to sing with an amazing pure vocal reach. It is sweet, high and she can really express her lyrics by singing it. I can hear where she sings about, and do feel it as well. This means she has talent in writing songs and singing the songs to the audience in a fantastic way. This track is very beautiful and has a lot potential for many radio stations, music fans, and labels to spin or to work with her as a singer-songwriter.

Then we have " The Missing Piece" the track title is the same as the title of her album. She opens the song with her beautiful pure acoustic sound, and guided by the rhythms of the drums and guitars makes this track even more amazing. In this track you can hear how good she can sing, she shows varied octaves and even plays with reaching them vocally. There is is a lovely part where she and the backing singers, sing together which sounds very lovely. I also like the way how she writes her lyrics, with emotions and based on things in life. 

Another track is " Real" and it starts again acoustic, after the wonderful intro she opens with a very high pure vocal sound, wow I am impressed by her timing and performance in this ballad track. Again an amazing written track, I can hear her emotions while singing it. Which really amazed in this track is the beautiful piano, in the middle of the track which gives this amazing song an extra emotional touch I feel it in every vibe and muscle and in my heart. This is a very great track, and very beautifully sung and played. She is really talented in singing, writing and performing her songs, I imagine her playing this song on stage with the piano that would be an amazing experience. 

I am listening to " bird of prey" it is more an uptempo song, great drum work and guitars it makes you wanna dance on it. I like this, I even heard on the background a violin piece. And she has an incredibly timing while singing, you can hear it in this song and also she shows you what she is capable of more. This track has again a lot potential for many radio stations and festivals and anything related in this music field. 

I am at the latest track of this album " When You're Not Around " and it is again an acoustic song it has a great rhythm, also by the guitar. She starts calm, and her voice is so damned good when she sings calmer and higher, I like the transition at one moment it is calm and then it turns into a more uptempo melodic song very well done. This is another great track from her on the album, also this song has high chances becoming a hit song on several radios. 

Now so far her album from 2016 it is varied, great ballads and also uptempo songs. I like how she writes the lyrics, and how she sings them in a way that the lyrics hit you when you listen to it. Also, she shows that she can sing higher octaves, but as well lower and she likes to play with the chords I can hear that and it turns out wonderfully.

She released last summer already one track from the second album, it is named " Bittersweet". The song starts again with a lovely acoustic guitar, and this time her voice is so calm and higher. Another great vocal performance, she is really talented. Till now all her songs are wonderfully recorded and sang. 

Another new track is " Between the Lines" the song starts with a great dance beat, and after that her lovely vocal sound. Another well-written track and she sings it very lovely.  especially the higher octaves she does at the end of this track, wow. I think this song will get also massive radio airplay and plays from fans, it is amazingly recorded. 

This new song " kids" starts again with a great acoustic guitar, and wow she has already an amazing vocal reach but when you hear her sing in this one. Wow, this is probably her best vocal performance so far, it is really pure and high. I love this track, from the start till the end, I hear the emotions in her vocals while singing the lyrics. 

Now I am listening to her latest song from the newest album " Quit". I like the way she is so diverse in singing, one moment very calm and high and one moment very low but whatever she does it is all amazingly controlled and timed. I can,t wait for the moment till this album will be released, it is a very good one. I think she will come very far as a singer-songwriter with both her albums and she soon will be touring all around the world and signing autographs. She for sure needs to be heard, by everyone in this music field. Therefore share this review with this talented singer-songwriter as much as you can, and buy her previous album and sure wait for her second album to buy that one too.

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