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RobertJRooke PR @korepr

Feb 2, 2018 10:47 AM

This is Singer/Songwriter/Guitar player Robert Rooke, he just released his Debut EP "The Road". Robert Rooke's admiration for the blues, rock-n-roll, and country music aided his growth as a guitarist, as well as a bassist, and ultimately led him to the craft of songwriting. Read my debut album review on chatsong, he is been forwarded to chatsong by Entertainment Public Relations company Kore PR. Listen to his music, and give votes and comments underneath this review.

His debut EP THe Road pays homage to the roots that inspired its creation and signifies the beginning of his journey as an artist, as well as features his newest single, “The Road". Growing up in Edmonton, Alberta, Robert developed a palpable passion for soulful music, made tangible when he picked up a guitar for the first time.


His passion for rock guitar and soulful vocals creates a sound that is mature and very much his own. His influences range from rock, country, blues, pop and even jazz. After playing bass throughout high school Robert obtained a diploma in Jazz Performance from Mount Royal University. He then played guitar for local jazz artists, country artists, and rock bands. At 21 Robert Attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California and since then has been playing guitar for the country-pop duo Leaving Thomas. Although Robert is an established guitarist he is also a true writer. An inspired lyricist, Robert is just as passionate about creating songs as he is about playing the guitar and his debut EP "The Road" combines the best of both worlds. Its no wonder depth is the word to describe this new and exciting young artist.

This is a singer-songwriter and guitar player Robert Brooke, he is been forwarded for a music review of his debut album " The Road" by Public Relation Company Kore PR. More information about them you can find on their website, more information about Robert Rooke can be found on his website. Then now my Debut album review of " The Road" by "Robert Rooke".

I will start with the first song on the album and that is " Sing that Song" the intro starts with great electric guitars and drums, and then he starts to sing and he has a great vocal reach.  At first, listen when you hear him sing bluesy and calm you more expect a folk or country song, but nothing from that it is more a mix of blues and rock. I love the combination, and he has a very warm vocal sound. This track is very nicely recorded, it is a potential for all radio stations in this world. I also think when you hear him perform live on stage with his guitar and that magnificent vocal you would be sold and become an instant fan and want to buy his album. 

Then we have the same title as the album " The Road" the intro starts calmly with slow drums and guitar sounds, after the intro he starts to sing and wow it is really vocally powerful and pure. This is a very talented artist, he can sing varied notes and very controlled. When I listen to his lyrics, the lyrics are written beautifully with a story and his lyrics are easy to remember. When he breaks through in the music industry, which he earns for sure all who go to hear him play will be singing along with his lyrics. I imagined it myself already, he on stage with the guitar standing in front of million music fans and they all sing loudly his lyrics that would be a magnificent moment.

I am listening now " Don't Take This " it has a wonderful bluesy and jazzy intro, as well a little bit reggae. I like that mix in the intro a lot, and when he starts to sing on the rhythm of the instruments with that beautiful controlled vocal makes this song one of my favorites so far on this album. I like his calmer sound, it fits him and this mix of genres really suits him vocally. This track is another damned good recorded song on the album and has to be heard on each radio, channel, chart and on many festivals. This singer-songwriter is really a top performer and has amazing high class recorded music.

Another track is " Time and Space" it has a great intro with the electric guitar and other instruments, wow his vocal sound in this track is really stunning. It sounds so professional and pure, he sings on a very high level. When you hear him sing, I really hear no difference between him and many famous singer-songwriters who are in the business for many years or recently break trough worldwide. This singer is the new artist worldwide, who will be having many hit song on the charts and playing on big festivals, radio shows, and television shows I would sure be nominating him for Brand new Artist for MTV. 

His latest song on the album is " Wash Me Clean" the intro starts with an amazing rhythm played by the instrument, my credits for the instrument players. Wow, this man has really an amazing vocal reach.The way how he sings with emotions and commitment the lyrics of this song is really sick that voice is incredible on this track. For me so far his best vocal performance so far on the album, this track should be right way ending up on the highest number on every music chart there is.

I have listened to all of his songs on the album, this album is really amazing one for one the songs are really damned good produced and sung. I really like the variety and the diversity of vocals and styles in the tracks. If it were up to me I would reach out an award immediately for best new album worldwide. also for the best new top talent, and many more awards. I really am impressed by his album and written tracks, I really believe when more of you will hear that album and his damned good vocals. He in no time is known in more countries, playing on stage in more countries. also, scoring hit songs from each song recorded and hopefully receive multiple record-label offers for his music. Therefore, share this review with this new future famous singer-songwriter and his amazing debut album, as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.

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