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Apr 8, 2016 12:24 PM

Soon he will be singing his own songs, click on the links and give comments and votes beneath this review. Read my review on chatsong about this Mexican talented singer.

22 year old aspiring singer. Just another dreamer in the world.  Keep up with me on IG!
I am 22 years old, born and raised in Gallup, New Mexico, USA. I still currently reside here. I have been singing since I was 8, I did a talent show in Grade 5 and realized that's what I wanted to do for the rest of my life! I started singing publicly since I was 15. I used to duet with a really talented and good friend of mine, Brittany Eustace, for restaurants, pubs, sporting events, mainly anywhere in Gallup that required singing entertainment, we were there. I had joined numerous competitions with no luck, that really put me in a place where I didnt feel so confident in my ability. Then after my father died in 2013, I kind of strayed away from singing since he was my biggest influence and supporter. But at the end of 2015, I uploaded one cover video on a whim to Instagram which received a great response from not only friends and family, but from users I didnt even know. I kept with it, just because I felt good singing for the public again. Then as I grew from 300 followers to the 1100 I am at now, I feel blessed to have so many people enjoy what I love to do. Those followers are the reason why I am still singing. I will always push to the next level if there is just one person who I can make feel good with my singing. Even if this is the biggest I will every get in the music industry, I feel accomplished.
Above is what he send me trough email, now my review about this talented singer from Mexico.  
This singer I have met via instagram, struck me immediately because of its beautiful warm voice in his voice. Thought this is really a talent and should have to be on my music platform, that's why I wanted to give him a music review. His voice is really beautiful, beautiful cover songs he makes that can all be heard on his instagram account. His voice is pure makes no false note, this singer from Mexico earned just to be heard by record labels and more. I am glad that I can give this talent a place to be heard. Because now you can listen to all of this talent from mexico, otherwise you might never have heard of this great singer. That would have been a sin, because this singer can do a lot with his beautiful voice. Soon he is going to write an own song, can't wait for that moment. Listen to all his songs that he already has made on instagram, this singer will be very famous very quickly, and he has my support. And hope your too so share this article with him and follow him on URL below links, rather I have that you spread the word that there is a music platform created where you all can be on it, musicians with recording contract or without. So all of you be heard in any country, because nowadays is very difficult for talents such as Oscar to get a chance in the music world because there are so many social media and too many talented musicians. Not only for talent but for every musician that makes music.
But now the attention back to this talent from Mexico
(In works on a YouTube account!)


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