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Apr 27, 2016 11:26 AM

This is a indie singer his songs has influences by the 60''s and the beatles More than a musician I'm a songwriter. I've been writing songs for years but it's only since 2012 that I decided I needed to record and release what I'd written myself, read my review and click on the links. Give comments and votes beneath this review.

When I was a kid I fell in love with an album that I played over and over. We had an old copy of Please, Please Me and the sound of it had me enthralled. As a teenager I fell in love with Dylan and that was it - I bought a guitar, not to sing but to write.
I've played in a few bands and even released a record in the nineties but nothing quite worked for me and I gave up music for a few years. I fell into a covers band and actually singing the Beatles songs gave me some confidence in my voice for the first time.

So In 2010 I started recording some old songs which led me to writing new material. Put together those songs became my first album 'Someone Else's Dreams Will Fill My Home' released under the name Woodman Stone.

I had some radio plays and all was looking good but I had a bad spell and had to stop music again to find some balance.
When I started up again I found a new group of musicians to play with based around a nucleus of Adam Ellis on guitar, Andy Robertson on bass, drummer Damon Claridge and Tony Robinson on brass and keys. They're all great to play with and help turn what I write into things I don't always expect. We record at Adam's studio in Leicester but I also add bits and pieces in my small set up at home.

More than anything, I love writing. I know some songwriters try and write every day but I prefer to try to let songs flow out when they're ready. I think they're hanging around just waiting to be discovered. I try hard to keep things simple or maybe I'm just not that much of a musician! Somehow there ends up being a 60s vibe to what I do but really I think what I write is kind of timeless.
Above is his biography he sends to me, and for your to read, now to my review about this indie singer.
When I first heard his music before, I was immediately a big fan of his music. This singer has a beautiful warm sound in his voice, now let me be very fan of the 60s The songs he sings are of high quality. Each song has a beautifully written text, this is wonderful the way he brings his voice and melodies in his songs, how wonderful to hear his influences from the 60s, making his songs even better to listen to. Every song has a story if you listen closely to the lyrics.
If this singer in the days of Motown had released these songs, he was everywhere at festivals and played in clubs and acted. As you can read in the biography, this singer have a lot of experience in the music, even a record in the 90 he had to find his balance in life, and temporarily stopped making music. Understand that he has done so, the music industry is not easy. It gives a lot of stress if you also have a family, and as the balance off in life. Only I'm glad he's going to sing again, because this singer has a beautiful sound and beautiful music in every song. His voice is unique and the musical instruments make it even more spectacular song, now I have all heard his songs I want to hear them again.

The singer gained more attention from you as music listeners and people who visit occasionally this platform, That is why I hope this review about this great indie singer, he also goes to get. The singer is going to get a record deal soon, this singer is very talented. This wonderful singer you must follow and listen to his songs to purchase and download, click its URL listed below.
You may find as a visitor to this platform that I give short reviews but that's because my fingers do not always cooperate, more importantly it is about the music and the songs of this great male singer. Moreover, what makes my platform different is that through all your URL to your accounts or websites, you will be quickly found and be heard.Now you know where your live, this man sings and makes great music.

The album, released in the summer sometime:

The singles so far this year

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