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Sep 30, 2017 1:35 PM

This singer-songwriter is AblueFlame he just released his newest album , I did review his previous album before. I decided to update the old album review, to a new album review. Read my review on Chatsong and listen to his music, also he did post his Itunes link in the community forum.

When I was a kid I fell in love with an album that I played over and over. We had an old copy of Please, Please Me and the sound of it had me enthralled. As a teenager, I fell in love with Dylan and that was it - I bought a guitar, not to sing but to write.
I've played in a few bands and even released a record in the nineties but nothing quite worked for me and I gave up music for a few years. I fell into a covers band and actually singing the Beatles songs gave me some confidence in my voice for the first time.

So In 2010, I started recording some old songs which led me to write new material. Put together those songs became my first album 'Someone Else's Dreams Will Fill My Home' released under the name Woodman Stone.

I had some radio plays and all was looking good but I had a bad spell and had to stop music again to find some balance.
When I started up again I found a new group of musicians to play with based around a nucleus of Adam Ellis on guitar, Andy Robertson on bass, drummer Damon Claridge and Tony Robinson on bass and keys. They're all great to play with and help turn what I write into things I don't always expect. We record at Adam's studio in Leicester but I also add bits and pieces in my small setup at home.

More than anything, I love writing. I know some songwriters try and write every day but I prefer to try to let songs flow out when they're ready. I think they're hanging around just waiting to be discovered. I try hard to keep things simple or maybe I'm just not that much of a musician! Somehow there ends up being a 60s vibe to what I do but really I think what I write is kind of timeless.
This is Richard aka A Blue Flame, His previous album was reviewed before on Chatsong. I loved his earlier work a lot, the review I wrote was from a year ago. In the meantime, he recorded a new album which is called " When your whole world turns to dust" That was the moment I decided to remove the old and replace it with his newest work.
Then now my review about his newest album, I will start with the first track on his album and that is " Back to the stars" the intro is already amazing with the wind instrument his voice is calm and fits into the tunes of the single. I hear many other instruments which sound beautifully in this calm jazz song. I like the fact his voice adapt to the surrounding of the instruments used in this marvelous ballad song. I could listen to this for hours, this track could easily be played at jazz and blues events. Even be selected for a musical or a movie scene, it is lovely and it gets your full attention.
Then we have " We feel like we feel" it has a great acoustic guitar intro, Besides singing wonderful after the intro he has another talent and that is writing songs. His voice is perfect for these calm ballad jazz and blues sounding songs. Comparing his vocals to his earlier album he has improved a lot, it is really stunning. My compliments for the production of this song, it is very intriguing.  
His song " don't wait" has a lovely jazz anthem and start with a soft drum, the melody of this song let you swing. I really love the way how he uses his versatile voice, guided with the amazing instruments and background singers added. He can sing a song with on a storytelling way, and that impresses me besides his magnificent octaves during this jazzy track.
I already heard this track " 21ste Century blues" he shared this on social media before and because I love his work I did listen to it right away. This track with a 50/60 the style in it, is so beautiful to listen. His voice is so warm and calm and with the instruments and jazz and blues tunes, it is a great track. It takes you on a pleasant musical trip, you end up in a kinda trance and not want to get out of it. You only want to listen, and close your eyes and enjoy. 
The other track " The future's a mystery" is new to me so  I am very curious how it would sound. the intro with the acoustic touch is marvelous, following up with his pure calm voice wow this is brilliant. The song is powerful written, and with emotions in it. That makes the track even more impressive, and of course with the sad melody in the background. But one of the best ballads from him on the album, so intensely. 
Like I wrote earlier he is king in singing, storytelling the lyric by the tracks he wrote, and that is also in this track " A better way" when he sings it, and with the lovely instrumental sounds the songs hostage your mind. I am so impressed and he improved as singer enormously on this new album. If he would perform this song on stage, the audience would be listening with open mouth and in trance to his amazing song. 
Another track on the album is " The words wouldn't form" starts with a really great melodic intro, with his high pure voice this song is definitely a high potential for many radio and record labels in this music field, as well for many festivals. The song is from the beginning until the end amazingly and keeps you attracted as a listener, you want to hear the whole story from the lyric. 
" All we need to know" is his next track and man those instruments used in it gives me goosebumps so sad, but at the same time so beautiful. It gives me a mix of feelings, and that is what well written and sung music does. It is maybe a rare thought but this song would be perfect for music books, for children. Because how he brings the tracks, with that amazing pleasant voice. Besides that, I see also one of his tracks ending up in musicals or a theme song for movies or a soundtrack. 
This song " Everythings a lie" is more uptempo as I notice in the intro, which shows he also can make more than beautiful ballads. I hear different instruments in it, and it has great rhythm I like it a lot. It certainly lets you dance, it is more uptempo folk rock. 
Then we have " Empty head" according to the intro also a more uptempo folk-rock song, great instruments used again this album is full of wonderful jazz and blues sounds because of the wind instruments and many other. This album is also very diverse from acoustic folk till amazing uptempo mix of jazz, blues, and rock. I would certainly buy this album and share worldwide because this singer has to be known in every country. 
I am listening now to " See what tomorrow brings " and man that intro is kicking ass in terms of speaking. And again this is a great uptempo song, how he sings it and with the background tunes makes this one a high potential for a worldwide known hit song. I am little distracted because of this amazing song, so I need to focus on what I want to say about this track. That is not an easy job if you get distracted on a good way by this talented singer-songwriter and his wonderfull produced tracks. I just want to sit back and play it all over and over again and enjoy this amazing album.  
I am at the latest song on the album " Love will set us free" it has a marvelous intro, and I love the background singers. This is again more a ballad song, which let his beautiful voice shine out and also it lets you hear how many notes he can reach and sing with his lovely vocal sound. Man, I really enjoyed all of his newest songs on the album, I became a fan of this wonderful singer-songwriter. The album certainly can be nominated for an award as best ballad male singer worldwide, or at least one of the best. It is diverse, it is breathtaking and his lyrics have a deeper meaning which is lately luckily coming back it was gone for a while because the mainstream was focused on songs with no message, they just wanted to score with beats and lyrics with no content. I am so happy this slowly is changing and brings back good music with stunning lyrics like A blue flame. This album should be heard, everywhere in this world. Therefore share this as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.  

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