Published on 30 September 2017 at 11:35
"Besides singing wonderful after the intro he has another talent and that is writing songs. His voice is perfect for these calm ballad jazz and blues sounding songs. Comparing his vocals to his earlier album he has improved a lot, it is really stunning"
This singer-songwriter is AblueFlame
When I was a kid I fell in love with an album that I played over and over. We had an old copy of Please, Please Me and the sound of it had me enthralled. As a teenager, I fell in love with Dylan and that was it - I bought a guitar, not to sing but to write.
I've played in a few bands and even released a record in the nineties but nothing quite worked for me and I gave up music for a few years. I fell into a covers band and actually singing the Beatles songs gave me some confidence in my voice for the first time.

So In 2010, I started recording some old songs which led me to write new material. Put together those songs became my first album 'Someone Else's Dreams Will Fill My Home' released under the name Woodman Stone.

I had some radio plays and all was looking good but I had a bad spell and had to stop music again to find some balance.
When I started up again I found a new group of musicians to play with based around a nucleus of Adam Ellis on guitar, Andy Robertson on bass, drummer Damon Claridge and Tony Robinson on bass and keys. They're all great to play with and help turn what I write into things I don't always expect. We record at Adam's studio in Leicester but I also add bits and pieces in my small setup at home.

More than anything, I love writing. I know some songwriters try and write every day but I prefer to try to let songs flow out when they're ready. I think they're hanging around just waiting to be discovered. I try hard to keep things simple or maybe I'm just not that much of a musician! Somehow there ends up being a 60s vibe to what I do but really I think what I write is kind of timeless.