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@MarionFiedlerTN twitter

Jul 20, 2016 1:17 PM

Marion Fiedler from Nashville-Dresden, United States write music passionately - and perform them on any stage. It´s my passion. I love my band, touring, nature and outdoors. My new album which will be released this year (it´s gonna be called GIVE IT ALL) tells more of these stories. THIS IS LIFE has already been covered and performed / released by THE VOICE finalist (USA) Blessing Offor. For Youtube I have shared first covers of songs written by artists with whom I have  been touring. Read my review on ChatSong and listen to the music, give star ratings and comments underneath this review

Marion Fiedler has gained a widespread reputation as a singer, composer, and bandleader. She has been awarded numerous times for her works, and has received invitations to play at jazz festivals and concert halls across Europe and the United States. Her unique voice and growing repertoire of compositions continues to break boundaries, both literally and symbolically.

While rooted in jazz, Marion’s music has branched out with a pop flair. She contributes this to her time spent in Music City, USA. It was there that she perfected her songwriting craft. As an international student, studying jazz voice and composition at Belmont University, she found inspiration in the challenges she faced. Marion’s songs began to reflect her personal story of growth and learning “how to fly.”




Above is her biography and history that you also can read on the website, if you want to read the whole biography of this singer. Then now my review about this artist, the first song called Join Me begins with lovely wind horns. And then she begins to sing, she has a good vocal reach with her voice. The second song is also lovely to listen as well called We belong Together, lovely lyrics in the song it is a Love song. She sings songs about her past and what happened in her life so all the songs have a story to the listener, what makes it more attractive to listen to the songs. This is a born artist you can hear the experiences in the voice and the way she brings the songs to the listeners, I like the jazzy sound in it. I am impressed and touched by her vocal reach especially in the song Ma Rose it's in France language it is all so pure, it is breathtaking to hear her sing. This is a true artist and if it were up to me she should be known on MTV and other big music charts and radio station, around the world. Wow the song called This is life the first note hits me inside, it gives me goosebumps it is a power ballad. Let me tell you she has power in her voice, this is so amazing good. What a top quality artist is this singer, all the songs till now are so amazing to listen. I would be excited to go to her gig, if she plays in my country on a jazz or blues festival. This is top talent, and have to been heard around the world. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and give star ratings underneath this review.





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