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Published on 19 July 2016 at 18:51



Hi I'm Dan Farrell and I live in London, UK. I'm a singer songwriter and one man band. I play guitar, bass and keyboards and my influences are The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Amy Winehouse and the Bee Gees.

I record everything in my home studio and use GarageBand as my DAW. I don;t have a drum kit as it would annoy the neighbours, so I use incredible drum loops from ©DrumsOnDemand. With some clever editing you can make these loops sound as if you've got Ringo on stand by! My main guitars are Fender Strat and Telecaster. I have a Rickenbacker 330/12 for that Beatle'y jangle and my main bass guitar is a Hofner Violin bass.