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Sep 5, 2016 2:58 PM

Geary Nelson I am a singer songwriter, and spend most of my time writing and recording songs. I also perform live shows a couple of times a month. I play guitar and several, other instruments and what you hear on the recording is all me. The reason I do this is because it is in my heart and soul to sing, write and perform my own songs. Read my review on chatsong listen to the song, and give comments and star ratings underneath. Also share yourself around the review, this way you get more chances being discovered worldwide.


I started playing music at a young age, my father who was a country singer and performed in local clubs in Ill, they would rehearse at our house and I watched and listened to his band as a young boy, and I knew I had to play music. With guidance from my father and Dick Johnson his lead guitar player, I watched and learned how to play the guitar. As a young teenager I was with a Rock group in the 1960s called the "Panik" we played all over Illinois, we recorded records, toured several States, performed on TV shows, in Chicago we did the "Kismit" show and in Memphis, TN, we did "Dance Party". I started writing songs at that time and have many songs, some good, and some well, not so good but you have to continue to write to get better. I started singing late in life, and focused on that for many years and soon did both, lead Guitar and lead singing in bands. Elvis and the Beatles were huge influences on my musical direction, and also many other artist, too many to mention. I sing, and perform all my own harmonies and backup singing, I play the guitar, Lead/Rhythm, Bass guitar, Drums and I attempt to play some keyboards now and then. I love to write songs that have interesting melody lines and good beats. I consider myself a music creator, and love doing it. I write, produce and arrange all of my own material, it is fun...

Above you can also read on his website, then now my review about this artist from Bella Vista. The first song is a Demo and it is called American Heartbeat what I hear is blues and jazz and lovely guitar work in it, his voice has a vibration while singing the notes but it is not annoying I like it. oh wow spectacular guitar piece in that song, and his voice fits perfect in the sounds. My first impression he has talent and is born with blues in his soul, I am impressed by this singer. Wow the second song called continues to burn starts with an amazing calm voice and humming, it is beautiful. I like the sounds in that song again with lovely blues and jazz in it, and that humming and the vibrations in his voice makes it outstanding to listen. Lovely lyrics as well and especially when he sings it, this is very good quality music. He is not the youngest anymore but when you have music in your soul, you can be discovered at any ages. Wow amazing this song called Now and then I wonder the intro of it gave me goosebumps, what is this man amazing I really love his voice and style in the songs. All the songs have awesome instrument pieces in it, lovely to hear this with his gifted voice. And if you listen this You are a Big bow now the lyrics of that song are very well written and you hear the emotion in his voice, and I believe if he performs for your all he would make it an amazing music spectacle. His music and his voice has to be heard around the world on each radio station and I think it does not take long and he will tour around the world, if more people know what he capable of is. Therefore, share this review with this future legend in the jazz and blues world, and I really think his father is really proud at him for doing the same passion with making music



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