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Published on 3 September 2016 at 08:15



Well, my name is Kateryna and Vinitsky is my surname, but many people know me asKate Orange. Quite complicated I would say….
But first things first. I am Ukrainian musician based in the Netherlands. When I moved into the Netherlands, I was sure, that I will work as a vocal DJ. I was lucky to perform on events with Billy the Klit, Randy Katana and other prominent DJs and then I decided to quit DJing. I realized that in the Netherlands I have a chance to become a singer, who I wanted to be all the time.

God gave me a great gift, my song Stereo Radio became popular just overnight. It was funny I woke up at 6AM because my phone was ringing all the time and people sent me texts and called and were telling: “Hey, you are famous!” and sending links to YouTube I could not understand why, until I opened the link. I thought it's a joke or spam but on the video David Guetta played my song at the TV show in Madrid so Stereo Radio gained immediately more than 50K views!

I could not believe my eyes. That was my turning point into a solo career.
Then, were “Whisper my name” single with social project for kids with Down
Syndrome, concerts in many cities and countries and successful music campaign
during Dutch referendum about association with Ukraine. And this autumn i release my full length album.

In collaboration with my brother -guitar genius and a nu-metal addict, we wrote electrorock album with raw guitar sound, electronic music patterns. My Ukrainian roots grew up into vocal melodies. Our best fans, when they listened first demos said, that I have to play now with Coldplay or Muse. I could not ignore all these changes. That’s why I decided to change my name and  branding. Where it will lead me? Who knows? But I am sure it will be something great.

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