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Sep 16, 2016 12:19 PM

A-Block is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Black City Hustla Records LLC (Tallulah, LA.. USA) and also is a musician based out of Germany, read my review on Chatsong. Listen to the rap and hiphop songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.

A-Block is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Black City Hustla Records LLC (Tallulah,
LA.. USA) and also is a musician based out of Germany. While growing up, music has
always been apart of his life and will always be in it. His rap career was set to start,
when he was rapping to one of his favorite songs, and a random guy attention was
caught by A-Block's skills. He told A-Block that his delivery was so great, that he
should become a rapper. A-Block questioned himself and felt so confident that he
started his journey to become one of the best musicians to come out of the Germany
Around late 2007, A-Block was on Myspace listening to songs and also networking with a few artist. He ran into another musician by the name of Joshua Davis (Tony Tone
Montana). Him and Tony Tone talked for hours and formed a tight friendship, which led
him a position in Black City Hustla Records LLC.

In conclusion, A-Block hopes that his songs can help others, whenever they are feeling
down, to let them know they're not alone. He encourages everyone to be true to
themselves and also if they have a dream, make them come to reality

Above you can read what he has sent to me which you also can read in the forum, then now my review of this German hip hop and rapper. The first song called I remember he has collaborated with several other artists their names are Youngin Duke and Klark Kent da Genk, the first bit of the songs raps an artist I do not know who it is but his voice is a bit to high to rap. Then comes a better voice and then the raps get really dope to listen with the fast speed in it, it has great beats and tunes in it. This song all in or nothing he has done with an artist named Tone, again the mastered voice of that other artist I do not like so much. But I really love the rap of the artist A block who I review at the moment, if it were up to me he can better go trough solo. This song called Posed 2 be starts way better with both pure rap vocals and great beats in it, He has a hoarseness in his voice and that makes it unique. In all the songs till now they have great lyrics and they wanna brings over a message to the listener, about life or other statements and I love that in rap songs. And This song called Last hope is till now the best song I have listened it has great beats and awesome rap vocals in it, and the speed and pronounce of it is perfect and not mastered. I believe this song called Want it all can be a great international hit song in the hip hop world, all is awesome produced in this one and he has done it with a way better rapper named T dub then the previous artist. A block is for sure a master rapper only the thing in the songs I do not like so much, is mastering a voice like it almost sounds like an infant. This you can hear in the intro of the song called No Hollywood, and then this song is than quit the opposite called Rumble in the Jungle it is more quite and not mastered just pure rap vocals with awesome beats in it. This artist has for sure some great talent in rap and a lot of the songs are really awesome, some are not so good but it is a matter of taste. That he can make awesome rap songs I am sure of that, this has to be heard by hip hop television channels and radio stations around the world. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.





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