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Mikey Shyne

Published on 14 September 2016 at 13:50




Pop star Mikey Shyne arrived on the scene in early 2015, sending shock waves throughout the entire music industry. A native of Queens, NY, Mikey grew up singing with church choirs and local theater groups.

Despite having traveled through the pits of hell and struggling with the horrors of
addiction, Mikey Shyne considers himself grateful to be alive today and to have
another shot at life. He has been ripped up and torn apart by life, lost relationships with family members he was closest with, did a three and a half month stint in rehab, battled depression his whole life and lost his own identity numerous times. But he continues to be a source of hope for others because no matter how broken, battered or stressed out at times he may be, he ALWAYS puts one foot in front of the other.

With music as his lifeline and at the core of his soul, he uses it as his guiding light to keep him balanced. He says that there is nothing in the world, not drug, no woman, no amount of sex, that could fill his void like music can.

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