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@StefaniFedra twitter

Sep 29, 2016 2:40 PM

Stefani Fedra is a new up and coming recording artist from Ottawa, Canada. Stefani roots trace back to the Land of the Phoenicians and the Athenians. Aphrodite's showered her with the gifts of Love and Beauty; Athena offered her wisdom and the Muses the inspiration for her artistic creation. Read my review on ChatSong listen to the songs, and give comments and star ratings underneas


Stefani and her team are currently writing and recording new material aiming to release
her first EP towards the end of 2016 – early 2017.
With a few performances under her belt and the experience of her new team, Stefani is
very excited to bring her music to market, and is hoping to have an impact on the music scene with her Art.
“Never Let Me Go” is Stefani‘s first Single released under the SGMGroupArtists label.
“Miss U Baby” is her follow up single ….
Stefani is very excited to share her singles and music with her fans and the world ….
Stefani’s influences include Selena Gomez and Katy Perry among others in the Great
POP world. Stefani says “I am very excited my music has been accepted and playing on some internet Radio Station in the US and Europe and being hosted on some popular music hosting sites and I am looking forward to introduce my sound to a greater audience and share my love of music”



Above is what she has sent to me then now my review about this signed pop singer songwriter from Ottawa, Canada. The first song called miss u baby start immediately good with lovely tunes and bass in it, she has a great vocal reach with her voice. The song is very good produced it is from great quality, I like the electronic tunes in it. It makes the song very good potential for well known music channels like MTV and others, and even for a lot dance festivals. This song called never let me go, is just as good as the first song. It is a remix and with her vocal voice in it, it sounds awesome. I really love the electronic tunes and beats in it, this is music for any pop or trance vocal radios and apps. I hope really that She can perform with many big deejays across the countries, with that gifted voice like Tiesto and David Guetta and many more. She is very talented, and has a wonderful vocal power in her voice. In the original song Never let me go there she does a collaboration with a rapper, it sounds very good together. She has also done some cover songs like The Heart Wants What it Wants Official Video (cover) and in that song, her voice is amazing you can hear how pure her voice is and she is for sure talented and I totally agree she is signed already by a label she has a gifted voice. I like the hoarseness in her vocal voice, and what I like in the official video is the visual of it. She can sing high and low and hits every note perfectly, this need to be heard around the world and by some Deejays around the world. Let me tell you they would stand in the row to work with this talented singer from Canada. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.




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