Stefani Fedra

Published on 29 September 2016 at 12:40




Stefani Fedra is a new up and coming recording artist from Ottawa, Canada. Having worked with her brother, writing and recording music in previous projects, Stefani has stepped into the spotlight to take the lead in what promises to be an exciting career in music.

In 2015, she has begun work with the SGMGroupArtists team and has signed a development deal that will most certainly provide her with a foundation, experience and resources necessary to find a place for her in the Canadian music arena.

Stefani and her new team are currently writing and recording material that will be released in 2015 as her first commercially available offering. With a few performances under her belt and the experience of her new team, Stefani is very excited to bring her music to market, and is hoping to have an impact on the music scene with her art

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