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@KZjohnson_1 twitter rap artist

@KZjohnson_1 twitter rap artist

Oct 3, 2016 1:21 PM

KZ 1st Place Global Best Song Winner 2015. As Well As A 2-Time National Music Competition Finalist in 2015 &16 (Phenomenal Unsigned Rap Artist) Read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review

SAMUEL ELIJAH JOHNSON a.k.a. Proylfik was born of poverty In The rough projects Of Escambia Arms In Pensacola fl. 1985. After surviving the trials And tribulations of hood life.Proylfik Felt there was something else he was put on this dirt to do. Besides the average things a human put on this earth would do. He became very fascinated with music at a very young age. He loved the way instruments sounded as they were being played. The fascination soon grew stronger. He idolized and learned more about music by also watching videos and being influenced by so many other great artist and performers. Suddenly Proylfik decided that he was gonna give music a try because maybe it was his calling and ticket out. At first it was just a lot of clumsy rhyming words he came up with. That made no sense at all. Not even to him. But as time passed.Proylfik started too quickly progress. Becoming extremely more lyrical, beginning to write with better structure as well as meaning. Despite the many people in his life telling him "You Cant Do It" Or that his music is whack" or doesn't sound good" ect etc . Proylfik kept his mind focused and stayed determined knowing that it will pay off.Not wanting too be just another mainstream come and go artists. Proylfik wanted history to be made for people to remember his name after he is gone. He wanted too become a legend like 2pac ,B.I.G. Jay-Z and so many other hip hop greats. Blessed with the gift too not only rap but also sing. Proylfik now uses this combination sometimes too construct masterpieces as Picasso does. Now 29, Proylfik has been in The Down Magazine as the best performer in the area. Also included in The Source Magazine. Who stated "His Lyrics Are Clearly Ready For Mainstream" written by the editor himself after watching Proylfik perform. Proylfik has also had his picture on the front page of the local paper. He was the winner of many Open Mic Competitions. The winner of 3 Nationwide Talent Search Contests. Well known and well respected in many cities from Florida 2 as high as Sydney Australia and Russia. Proylfik is a destined superstar artist. Who has no problem in defeating his competition or opponents musically once he turns the heat on. Now after reaching and exceeding his level of greatness. Proylfik now waits patiently for his chance too set his mark in the hip hop/rap chapter

Above is a part of his full biography the rest you can read on his website he has also posted his message what he wanted to tell in the forums, then now my review about this hip hop rap artists and singer. If you look good you see Snoop Dogg on the profile picture, and he has collaborated with him if you want to know more about that ask him. The first song is together with Snoop dogg it is called No peace and it begins with amazing beats and it has great lyrics, it has all elements how a good hip hop song has to sound. His rap is fast understandable and not mastered, he has a hoarseness in it I like it a lot. The second song called Get it and has good beats in the intro and again very awesome rap clean and pure, with again powerful lyrics with a message to listeners or to the society. The rhythm in the song is awesome and he raps perfectly on the rhythm used by the producing of the track, this hip hop artist is very talented and he will bring back this genre for sure in the music world. When you listen to the lyrics of this track on Flex it is very powerful and the beats are very dope, I believe when he will battle with other rap artist he will beat them for with his words and lyrics, I really love seeing that and hearing a battle between hip hop artists. This song is also very awesome called Champion and for me he is a champion in this genre, other aspiring rap artist can learn a lot from him by listening to his songs and maybe motivate them to start music. And his latest song is a message he wants to share, and it is a very good rap song called stand united not divided it is very great freestyle in it and very powerful. And he wants unity change and understanding, and I really support his song and message. He has the guts to make such a good politic statement rap song, for me he is the king of rap after listening to this awesome song. This message with his last song and him as awesome hip hop artist need to be heard and shared around the world, therefore share this review as much as you can and give comment and star ratings underneath


Please listen and SHARE this positive message promoting UNITY CHANGE AND



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