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Oct 31, 2016 1:57 PM

Singer/Songwriter Jenna Nation, she is already signed by record label Tabletop-records, they submitted for a review on Chatsong, so read my review on Chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.

Drunk and Dreamin’ brings forth a current (Top 40/Hot AC/CHR) RnB/Pop sound with
underlying trap and urban influences.
In collaboration with the Grammy-nominated and esteemed writing and production duo in New York City, Kinetics and One Love (Pitbull, B.o.B, and Nelly), JENNA brings you her latest hit to radio, Drunk and Dreamin’.
This is just the first original release from her forthcoming album.

Jenna Glatt is an “exceptionally gifted” soulful singing sensation with an impressive track record. Raised in Ottawa, Canada, Jenna began singing when she was very young, winning her first competition at age 8 which was followed by her first professional gig a few months later on Parliament Hill as part of the Canada Day Celebrations.
This accomplished Canadian singer/songwriter has earned many awards and accolades over the years and is a Berklee (Boston) Grad. Jenna has appeared at many international music festivals as well as on radio and television and has been collaborating with top level producers and songwriters in New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Nashville, Atlanta, Toronto, and Copenhagen.
Jenna's original music is currently getting world-wide airplay in Canada, the US, and Europe.


Above is what her label has sent me, she has also an own website where you can read her full biography is and listen and watch her music video, s, Then now my review about this singer songwriter Jenna signed by Tabletop records. Her first song is called Drunk and Dreamin', it has a lovely RB sound she has an incredible vocal voice she can sing very high. When she sings with the lyrics in the song, you feel the emotion and message in the story she wants to tell about why she wrote that song. You know it just hit you when you listen to the lyric and her voice, it reaches every muscle and veins when you listen to the song. When that happens, it means the song is from such a high quality on writing and singing level. Her next song is as good as her newest song it is called wake up, it has beautiful tunes and melodies it is uptempo and her vocals are so good it is almost not to compare with famous artists who are in the billboard and other charts. This song has all elements to become a massive hit song on worldwide scale, the other artist in this song has an amazing voice as well. And when you listen to this song called deep in love you will get goosebumps when you listen it, so professionally and beautiful and I love the RB sound in it. Forget Nicki Minaj and other latest singers, she is way better no offense to them but this singer earns a place on every chart worldwide. Especially when you listen to this song Let me be, it is amazing to listen and when she does that very high not almost at the end it is incredible. This singer can sing almost all styles and reach almost all notes, she is very talented. In the song pending love her voice is even amazing when she only talks pieces in the song, and then the high notes I am blowing away by her vocal power from my chair. Wow i really love this song with another singer it is called Break your heart, both are incredible amazing with vocals. She sounds a bit like Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez, but with her own unique powerful voice. Wow she has a gifted voice, all songs are so good I can not stop listening to it, this is top quality music on Chat song wow. (X-ray) and (Good time) (bring it back) are both very awesome produced songs with all those beautifully electronic beats and tunes in it. When you listen to this song called Tonight it takes your breath away so good is this song, perfect timing perfect vocals and my credit for the production of the songs. She has one song called addicted, well I am addicted to her music and her vocals and her lyrics. Like she sings in it i just can't get enough well me neither, wow what is this woman a musical sensational artist. She is varied in her songs from RB pop to jazz, I am really a big fan now. This you want to hear live at festivals music channels across the world, when she tours to my country Holland I would be the first standing in the row to get her signature and then I can tell everyone I had a change to listen all of her music and had her at this music website. This need to be heard around the world, every music channel chart radio stations, she is an incredible singer. To make this happen share this review as much as you can and give comments and star ratings underneath this review. 






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