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Jan 2, 2017 12:43 PM

Kill for Eden are London-based purveyors of classic hard rock, radio-ready riffs, and powerful female vocals. Read my review on Chatsong listen to their songs, and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.

Kill for Eden are London-based purveyors of classic hard rock, radio-ready riffs, and powerful female vocals. Their music has been championed by XFM (presently Radio X) and Kerrang!, and seen the band likened to Skunk Anansie, Halestorm, The Cult and Garbage. The quartet has released two EPs and a self-titled album, that boasted “blistering riffs, hook-laden choruses, great vocals and a strong selection of tunes” (Fireworks Magazine). Their upcoming second studio album, Petty Crimes, is released in early 2017. Lead single, Love You So was released on November 25th, 2016.

 Based in London, but with a distinctly international flavor (two Brits, an Australian and a drummer from Siberia), Kill For Eden have been making high-octane heavy rock together since 2011. Kill for Eden is singer Lyla D’Souza - a seasoned professional hailing from Australia - Dave Garfield Bown - a veteran guitarist who has toured alongside acts from Joe Cocker to Rammstein - alongside bassist Mike McGuiness and drummer Wally Miroshnikov.  

This band is Kill for Eden a hard rock band from London, they have released earlier a couple albums now they working on a new album called Pretty Crimes, which songs just are released. Their first song from the album is called love you so, re4ad my review here. The song starts with beautiful instrument pieces, the lead singer of the band has a unique vocal sound which sounds amazing. The song is great written, all seems to be good in this song. The melodies the instrument parts and the vocals, this song is incredible to listen and has a lot potential for radio stations. Now I am listening to an older song called kerosene, again great written and beautiful instruments used in it this is good rock. Her vocal makes every song stunning, she has a lot of vocal power and can sing many notes in the high and low chords. My credits also for the instrument players, they form a good team together. Till now both songs I heave heard are great produced, they have for sure some skills. I am excited till they make new releases, this band is very good and has good potential to become a well-known band. So their new songs from their new albums are marvelous, now I am listening to their older albums. their first song is called Living on Mars, and wow this is great rock beautiful sounds and her vocals are so strong and powerful. This song I am listening now named Shoot me has again strong lyrics, the intro starts quieter than it goes harder when they do the chorus and then again softer it's amazing produced I dig this style a lot. Even tough I never have heard their song I want to sing their chorus, the song keep stuck in your head amazing. Wow, this song is so good, named the dome she sings very calm in the intro, and then comes her awesome hard vocal sound. You would not expect that if you hear her calmer vocal like I said this singer can sing incredibly, this is good hard rock I love all their songs till now. You really need to hear this song The evil that man do, wow its so wonderful and amazing. The song is marvelous from the beginning until the end,  I am really impressed by this hard rock band. Their older songs from 3 years ago are marvelous hard rock, great instrument pieces and much variety in their songs. Their songs Slip away and Ned are again wonderfully hard rock songs, with amazing tunes and melodies by the instruments.  I am pretty sure if more hard rock and rock lovers this will listen, they fall in love and become a huge fan of this awesome rock band. And I believe when they play live a gig they would make a very good show from it, and this band has to conquer the world with their marvelous music. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and give comments and star ratings underneath this review




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