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Nathalie Miranda (vocalfreaknat)

Published on 3 January 2017 at 14:29


"What I can say is this singer-songwriter is way better than a lot of famous singers. She has sung a lot of songs, and all are incredibly beautiful"



Nathalie is a truly unique, soulful vocalist from London, currently working with a host of songwriters and vocalists on new material. She is inspired by classic soul and blues from the likes of Etta James, Aretha, Solomon Burke, and her biggest idol, Freddie Mercury. Nathalie released 3 new tracks in May 2017, which are available on all platforms. Quickly gaining a strong following through social media and her gigs, and living up to her Twitter handle 'vocalfreaknat', watch this space for what's in store for this diminutive, soulful songstress.
"I want to make music that matches who I am."
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