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Jan 17, 2017 3:49 PM

Kevin Casey is a long standing regular within the music circuit in Ireland, read my review on ChatSong listen to his music and give comments are star ratings underneath this review

Kevin Casey is a long standing regular within the music circuit in Ireland, Kevin, and his band have been extensively gigging across the country and Europe leaving their audience in no doubt that they are witnessing the birth of an artist of striking maturity, Someone who can craft soft and subtle acoustic ballads and all-out rockers with equal aplomb. Performing to people who are passionate about music and who live by an artist words are the reason he creates music



Above you can read his history the singer-songwriter is from Ireland, he has sung also a song with a band I also reviewed at chatsong, elevation falls. He submitted trough facebook for a review of his music, so here we go. 

The first song is called "The story of my Life" the intro has beautiful melodies and his vocal is very pure and high, this is potential for bigger networks in music. The song is very uptempo and modern great pop sounds, this I would listen over and over again all is good. The songwriting, the vocal.', the sounds and melodies. If you let hear this song to a teenager and all who loves music, he would be famous in no time and have a lot of groupies. And I am one of them, damned what is this singer marvelous.  This song " I was Wrong" starts with a beautiful acoustic guitar intro, and that wonderful vocal gives you goosebumps and you become very quiet inside because it's heartbreaking how beautiful his vocals are. This is what I call talented, he is born with music in his vibes and muscles he has a great feeling for rhythm and timing while singing. The songs he made are world class level music, especially with what he possess as singer vocals timing and great lyrics. This song " West wing tales" is again very uptempo more rock and roll and reminds very of a singer-songwriter from my country Douwe Bob. He has so much rhythm and soul in his vocals and songs it is incredible. Really this song looks so much on the song of Douwe bob, but that can not be because the lyrics are way different and different additions in his vocals.  Wow, this song " I'll be back someday" is again high-quality music, beautiful acoustic guitar intro. And his vocals I have said it many times they can sing so many notes and high. I really am impressed by this singer, he is amazingly talented. I even got a bit distracted while writing the review, because he is so good and I want to enjoy his wonderful music haha. He has a lot of varied songs acoustic and with tunes and great melodies this song " my share" is stunning I don't know what to write about it only that I am touched by his songs very great artist. The lyrics of this song is beautiful " one man's war the sentences in it made me cry " I throw out a smile but I am dying inside" and the title as well. because of some personal issues in my own life. If you listen to " good in green" I like the jazz and blues and soul sound in it very lovely. And as we speak his next song is " sing my soul in sleep" wonderful melodies wonderful instruments, and so much soul he has while singing this song, outstanding. I have listened to al most all songs he has made and I have no criticism it is all outstanding. "Jane" is his latest song and beautiful instrument pieces in it and again wonderful lyrics and rhythm in the song. This singer-songwriter has played in a band before and decided to go solo, he will have a great future ahead solo I am sure he will be soon touring all around the world and be soon on each major networks and shows on television and radio stations. This awesome talented singer has to be heard all around the world his music is too good to not be heard worldwide. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and give comments and star ratings. 

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