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Published on 20 January 2017 at 12:10



"Their music is very good, and I believe when they play gigs all around the world it will sound even better and a lot will buy tickets to stand in the front row to get their ticket or maybe an autograph ""

1 in Five is one of the most talked about rising rock bands in the UK, drawing on a wide range of classic and contemporary influences including The Doors, Rival Sons, Deep Purple, Slash, Pink Floyd, and Clutch.


Hailing from Brighton and bringing their unique Hard Rock Blues sound to a variety of rock clubs, venues, and festivals in 2017 you can expect straight up rock n roll with a melodic rhythm section, rippin’ guitars, and powerful vocals. The band write songs are about the world around them, drawing on themes like climate, corruption, injustice, and power, and often highlighting the important issues that go un-noticed or un-reported in the every day world.


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