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Jan 19, 2017 1:57 PM

A berlin-based band combining grunge and rock. Sometimes dark, sometimes light, with a driving rhythm section, dirty guitars and soaring female harmonies. They have posted their links and video into both forums, for you to listen. Read my review on Chatsong, give votes and comments underneath this review.

Murmur Tooth blend grunge and pop into a grimy and beautiful din. Sometimes dark, sometimes light, the three piece combines a driving rhythm section with dirty guitars and soaring female vocal harmonies. Murmur Tooth was born in New Zealand and England and are now based in Berlin, they are currently the 46th best band in the world.


Above you can read their biography, also where they are located now, and read my album review of this Female grunge and rock band from Germany. The first song on it is "Knees Are Clean". The intro is very rhythmic, I like that, then their voices are each different but fit perfectly together in the song. I hear lower octaves and higher octaves in the background and they sound good together. There is someone who has the main vocal line.  The songs are well written and well played, and I am very impressed by this German melodic grunge band.  The song "And I wait" also has a very powerful melodic sound and their vocal parts are marvelous together. Some may think that their singing is like talking, but if you listen to real grunge the vocals are usually way deeper and noisier. I really like their deeper vocal sound, it has something special when you listen to the background tunes. You can especially hear it in the song "Waste Away" where they know how to adjust their vocals to fit the sounds of the song. This is a refreshing female grunge rock band with a great mix of melodic pop sounds and I really love this combination. When you listen to "Bumps" you hear amazing instrumental pieces, and with their unique vocals, it sounds lovely. They are very talented in songwriting, singing and playing instruments, and what strikes me the most is that their musical style is unique.  I have not yet heard this before, it is very original and should be heard around the world. This is great material for a lot of grunge rock and pop radio stations because it has both styles and is very original.  Therefore, share these talented female grunge artists as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review

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