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Published on 5 December 2017 at 08:49
"he immediately starts to rap with his great Irish Accent and it sounds all very pure, I love the deep vocal he has."
Music by Ganiyu is what you get when you mix alternative Irish dialect with mainstream Hip-Hop
Currently featured on some established Irish media platforms like 'Nialler9, 'District Magazine', 'The best of music and film' blog and one of the Ireland major news outlets 'The Irish Times', Ganiyu's kinds of music has been described as 'Shivery'.
Mainly working with producers around the world. The internet brings us all together. To share ideas as well as critiques. Ganiyu's need to express the voice of his peers. Telling the story that would be unknown to the world. May songs have been recorded and still sitting in the vault. The hustle as an independent artist is real but at the same time, it gives you something to talk about. 'What I would say has played the biggest part in shaping the sound of 'Ganiyu TLG' is the drive to be heard.