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Aug 28, 2017 12:37 PM

This acoustic singer-songwriter is Ralph Pagano, he does sing in different genres. Lehigh Valley, Pa singer/songwriter. Debut EP - "Waiting" - available now. Read my album review about this singer-songwriter and listen and stream or buy his music.

I am a solo acoustic artist, more folk/rock or indie rock genre. I love expressing myself
through music and performing live. It's a great release for me. I listed my EP released
in April 2017 ("Waiting") but I am currently promoting a new single (Not on the EP)
titled "Whenever You Fall" which is available now with all the proceeds from the song
benefiting the Suicide Prevention Society. Being able to help others through my music
is something that I enjoy doing and this is a worthy cause

Above you can read why he started making music, more information can be found on the attached links. Then now my album review by Acoustic folk singer-songwriter Ralph Pagano with his the album " Waiting. The first song on his album is " Whenever you fall" The intro is already beautiful just by the acoustic guitar, his mature voice is very pleasant to listen and therefore the lyrics by this song comes straight in your heart. 

The next single is " Keep the fire burning" again a wonderful acoustic intro his voice is so lovely to listen he maybe is not the best vocal male singer in the world but he sure knows how to express his passion and feelings into the song and that makes it even more beautiful to listen to him and his wonderful written lyrics. 

Wow, this song " Waiting " the melodic acoustic sound touched me at first listen, his vocal sound in this song is better than the previous song. It suits him very well this octave and makes the song really wonderful and emotional. This song is one of his best vocal performances till now, there are still a couple songs to listen. This song has high potential to become known in the music industry, it has all the elements in it. 

Then we have this song " Get in my car and drive" according to the lyric is it again a song written by emotions and with a message to the listeners. I like his voice more when he sings calmer and what he did in the song waiting render but that is my opinion. 

I am at his latest song " out of control" the rhythm and the melodic is there, it is a nice written lyric and lovely acoustic guitar on the background. I am not sure if he has recorded this at home or in a studio because the songs have a lot potential but maybe a producer can give his songs a switch and modern boost it is not needed but it can be helpful. 

Final conclusion this singer-songwriter is very talented in writing songs with emotion, he has a great feeling for playing guitar and his voice is pleasant to listen.I hope he will sing more in the style he did with "Waiting" further he has got potential and his songs as well. In this case it is a matter of taste, and how you listen to the complete package of this singer. I like it, therefore share this talented acoustic singer-songwriter and his album as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review





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