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Sep 14, 2017 12:15 PM

This is Singer-Songwriter Sarah Hakward her manager Amaris Mathews posted some of her music videos in the chatsong music community. Her Debut Album VIVID is on Spotify / Apple and more outlets. She Sings at The Savoy, Tramp, George Club Mayfair. Next single from Abbey Road out soon! Read my Album review on Chatsong, listen to her music and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Classically trained on the piano, violin, and vocals, I tend to play contemporary music nowadays and compose my own songs (first album 'VIVID' out now). 

As a profession, the musical genres I cover a range of classical music, golden oldies, jazz classics through to modern pop artists ...such as Avicii and Adele. 



Above you can read a short biography about this classically trained musician and singer, more information can be found on her website with a press release. Then now my album review of the album Vivid, which can be streamed and purchased on her digital outlets.

I will start with the song I see as first and that is " Life philosophy" the intro has an amazing bluesy intro and does remind of the period where blues was hot and played in every corner of the street and in the bars. You can hear she is born for rhythm and also immediately notice she is classically trained and play with her vocal reach without any mistake. This singer has a golden voice and fits perfect in this blues and jazz song, I have no words how to describe how Good she is. I am very happy her manager posted her music videos and submitted for a review because this is a future international celebrity in the music field. 

Her other song " Hands up high" she starts in the intro with her beautiful voice, the octaves she reaches hits you straight into your heart. It is a ballad and the lyric is stunning and how she sings it, it brought me to tears.  The song goes about love, and with the classically trained piano in it made the track even more immensely touching. And with this song she proves, she is very talented. Concentrating on the piano and singing such a high octaves is not easy, and she can manage that very good. I also like the backing vocals in this song, this is a powerful love song. 

Then we have " Country lane" and man what a lovely melodic intro, and in this song, you can hear she also sings very stunning in lower octaves. And it a song you could listen 24 hours, she has such a pleasant voice and her written lyrics are also amazing. 

Her other song " Red Riding Hood" wow so amazing produced, it does me remind me of within temptations with the dark undertone and the immensely high octaves. It has some elements of rock, movie theme, and pop-music it is a great combination and that voice I love it. That is all I can say, this song is incredible and she has high potential to go to perform soon worldwide and ended up on MTV and other music networks. Even she says her music is for weddings diners hotels, it is good as well for these settings but She earns more than that. And that is international fame and a gold award for her album.

This song " Mind the gap" is beautifully composed entering the whole song, it is a great uptempo ballad more in the direction of entertainment. And yes this song is indeed perfect for dinners and big concerts on stage, but as well for many radio stations and record-labels in the world. 

I am listening now to " My friends and I" and wow, her voice is so pure and trained, I have no words I am overwhelmed by her impressive song. I do not want to write anymore, I just want to get in a trance and keep listening to this vocal angel from heaven. 

Then there is this beautifully written ballad " Rebel" with a twist of jazz and blues, I am tapping on the rhythm of the piano and the lovely instruments in this song. she is so stunning, and has so much vocal variety and make from it a musical spectacle. 

Every song has a different intro but mostly composed by herself. I can describe what this song " Make believe" does with my emotions and feelings because of her touching vocals and writing. You have singers who sing so high and pure and hit that special note which brings you to tears, and with this performances, she hits that note. 

This other Ballad " Claire's song" I am literally blowing away by her voice, those high notes it's unbelievable I only can say press on the song and check it yourself how impressive her music is. 

This song " Not Her"  is a more uptempo piano in the intro, which is marvelous done. So lovely to hear, and then her magnificent vocals.  with the beats added, makes this song a high potential for a worldwide pop music hit single.  it is amazing produced and composed, I rather see her on every channel than many other celebrities. Her music has a deeper meaning, and the lyrics make sense and is a lovely contributing to this world. 

I am at her latest song from the album "Save Me Now" and like every song, it has a great intro and rhythm. I like the jazzy sounds of it, and the voice enhancer she has used in this one to make it sound jazzier. Very well done, Also this song has high potential to become an international jazz hit song. I hope she soon can perform on the biggest jazz festival in the Netherlands, I will try my best to make that happen. But if not, I hope she picked up by visitors of chatsong, like fans, radio stations, record-labels and more. So her music spread around the world, and that she for sure deserves. 

I want to highlight one more song a cover song she did from Adele " make you feel my love" and this is a cover which is very used one but there are a few who came so close to her vocal performances as Sarah, and also keep it in her own style and not copy it. She made it her own song in a very beautiful way, with her unique vocal. 

This review was longer than normal, But it was necessary to check her complete album. The album is amazing, and I sure want to buy it and let it listen to everyone in this music field. And you as a reader can help her as well, by sharing her music and this review. Because the world has to know this vocalist and classical trained super musician. 





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