Published on 14 September 2017 at 10:15



"You can hear she is born for rhythm and also immediately notice she is classically trained and play with her vocal reach without any mistake. This singer has a golden voice and fits perfect in this blues and jazz song, I have no words how to describe how Good she is"


This is Singer-Songwriter Sarah Hakward her manager Amaris Mathews posted some of her music videos in the chatsong music community. Her Debut Album VIVID is on Spotify / Apple and more outlets. She Sings at The Savoy, Tramp, George Club Mayfair. Next single from Abbey Road out soon

Classically trained on the piano, violin, and vocals, I tend to play contemporary music nowadays and compose my own songs (first album 'VIVID' out now). 

As a profession, the musical genres I cover a range of classical music, golden oldies, jazz classics through to modern pop artists ...such as Avicii and Adele. 

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