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Sep 27, 2017 1:21 PM

This is Chicago Pop Rock band The Million Reasons, they recently released their first debut album The RunAround read my review on chatsong, listen to their music and they did also post inside the music community.

Chicago’s ‘The Million Reasons’ is the result of good friends hitting the road, rolling down the windows, and turning up the volume. Infusing pop sensibilities with soaring vocals, heavy hitting grooves, and melodic guitars create a sound that anyone can enjoy. The debut EP “The Runaround” is out now!


This Chicago rock band is The Million Reasons, just released their debut album The Runaround If you like to hear a couple songs check then the threads in the community!

Then now my album review, the first song on the album is " Break Free" according to their profile on SoundCloud. The song starts with a massive rock intro, great guitar riffs and that voice suits this amazing track wow he literally screams. Omg, there is a solo piece of the electric guitar and wow this is sick! I really want to hear them live on stage, I think it will even sound better as it already does. This is a band I really want to buy an album and concert ticket from, This song is a potential for many rock stations and more in this industry

Their song " Hooked" starts also with a lovely drum and guitar intro, it has a great rhythm. After the intro, the lead singer immediately kicks off with his high vocal. Which sounds really wicked, but some may think it is too much scream. But I love it, maybe he could lower one octave I am curious how that would sound. This song is seriously wicked, from the beginning till the end. They can play music for sure, this is what good hard rock has to be. 

Then we have " early bird " which has a different intro from the others more calm and more blues rock. And in this recording you can hear how amazing his voice is, it is an octave lower and fits this rhythmic song. Also, this song has a high potential for a worldwide rock hit with bluesy sounds. They sure bring back good old rock and roll, I really am impressed by this rock band from Chicago.  

Oh man, this album is so varied regarding the intros, I am listening now to " Liar" The intro is stunning, with those bluesy and rock instrumental sounds. Wow, I can barely understand this band is not signed yet already or playing around the world. This band is for sure very talented, in songwriting in playing the instruments and the lead singer has a brilliant vocal. A Stunning song again, brilliantly recorded. 

This song " The city is ours"  has also a very lovely rhythmic intro, in this song you can hear the singer can sing more notes and I like this octave as well. It is calmer, although in the rest of the song he throws up his vocal power. I love this track also, especially the refrain and how he sings it. Even I never heard this track before, I want to sing along with it and that is a good thing!

I am at their latest track " Sad robot" it has a stunning rock intro, I did expect from the beginning immediately a high octave but he started with a more calmer and lower octave. I would almost advise the vocal octave in the beginning of " hooked " use it as well in the intro of this track I think it will give this track a boost, more than it already does don't get me wrong. I love this track as much as all the tracks on the album, but want to help them get better and better and be heard everywhere because they are awesome!

I like this album a lot it has so much diversity and variety, From melodic rock to pop rock and hard rock. These artists should be heard and shared around the world with their rocking album. So if you read this, share share share and buy and listen to them. 





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