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Oct 2, 2017 1:54 PM

Excorde is a new alternative rock band made up of Jimena Arroyo, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Jonnie Cook, from Chicago, USA. Changing the world through music one song at a time. Stream us on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon. Read my review on Chatsong, listen to their songs and give votes and comments.

Excorde is a new alternative rock band made up of Jimena Arroyo, from Buenos Aires,
Argentina, and Jonnie Cook, from Chicago, USA. They met on SoundCloud and have
been writing songs together for two years now. Jimena’s emotional voice combined
with Jonnie’s distinctive guitar playing will transport you to another dimension, where
catchy choruses, killer guitar riffs, and meaningful lyrics are imbued throughout the
listening experience with Excorde. Their songs feature a broad yet cohesive fusion of
genres influenced by 80 and 90’s rock bands of adult-oriented rock, progressive rock,
pop-rock, metal, alternative country rock and their own unique sound. They feel that,
within their music, you will identify the best of familiar components of these genres
blended seamlessly with a real plethora of new ideas and originality.
Their primary goal is to establish themselves as a songwriting team. Having tested a
wide variety of rock genres/styles/nuances/ideas, they feel that, as a whole, they
demonstrate a cohesive and recognizable identity on their own. They are interested in
having their songs used for film and TV soundtrack and/or background music.



This is a duo rockband Excorde Official above you read their music directions and influences and how they met and collaborate together in music. More info can be found on the website provided in this review, a little quote I found about why and how she makes music compose music that makes my heart beat faster, music that makes me cry, music that stirs up feelings, music that communicates, music that connects. Yes, my music is dramatic, but it's also passionate, it makes me feel alive. That's how I choose to live my life: the Ex Corde way (Latin for "From the Heart")." now back to their review. 

The singer Jimena Arroyo has sung a lot of songs, I will try to write about older songs and new songs which I think that should be heard. Normally I write a short review, I do have a feeling this will be a much longer one. So If you do not want to read a longer review, then I recommend you go straight away to her music. 

There is a song written two years ago it is a ballad it is called " to the broken hearts" I did already listen to it, and the song is as true as the title says it broke my heart in a good way. Very dramatic sung vocals, with marvelous 80/90 tunes in the background. Perfect for a soundtrack for a dramatic episode, the way how she sings touch you and the lyric hits in a beautiful way in your mind. 

This song they made together " Stampede" it has a great intro, perfectly composed and very interesting it keeps you focused on how the rest of this track will be. I hear great tunes again I love the 80/90 style and they bring it back in their material. She has a lovely vocal to listen to even with the rock guitar around her, great production from them both. 

There is song " End of the line"  made by Jimena and Brett Sinclair, it has a great intro beautiful piano and uptempo drum beats then comes her lovely quiet and dramatic vocal. Which gives this song immediately a boost, she brings the message in the lyrics very good over by the listeners of this song. I would say she is a talented storyteller, not all singers can bring over a song with so much passion and dedication which I certainly can here back in her voice. 

Wow, you need to hear this ballad for sure " In honor of love" by Jhonny Cook and Excorde it has a stunning guitar intro and lovely synthesizers with an 80/90 sound. This is music which could be a soundtrack for a movie, and her voice in this song so impressive and pure. Like I wrote before, she can bring a song so good over I really enjoy this. 

She shows diversity and variety by working in other genres as well, like this song " Fragile" there are two versions of it, by different producers both amazing.  it is a collaboration between Jimena and Share me a cerry a mix from a producer named Xrigami I hope I write it properly. The track has great beats from the intro to the end, and I really love trance with vocals, and this song has it all. Great vocals, great dance beats, and amazing speediness. This song has a high potential to become a world dance track played in every club or festivals very well done. 

This is funny I was in a dancing mood by her previous track and now I completely back in a peaceful and a  heavenly mood by this amazing ballad " Ashes" by Jimena and Matham Wilsoned it has great piano work and so touching vocals it really crawls into your skin and heart. She has a great vocal for sure, only she has a lot of vibrations which I love but many of listeners could think it is too much. Not to be critical, just A little advice to pay attention to.  

I must say they are a king in Intros, so diverse and with many instruments. Like in this song " Grown cold" she has very strong vocals and power also the song is more progressive and uptempo great production as well. 

This song you should hear " Sand of time" it is a pop song by Jimena and Claes Steen. it has a great catchy vibe and I loved to hear more vocal notes, this one is in a lower octave and it just amazingly done. This track could also be a potential for many radio stations and record labels around the world. 

I just want to highlight this track " Lighthouse" by Jimena and Escaper" I knew she has stunning high vocals with vibrations but If I am honest her voice is the best in deeper and lower notes like in this track. Besides this track is high-class production, it could be a hit song in pop music. All is amazing, from the intro till the end. I am impressed by her deeper voice, it suits her so well. 

This collab you should her as well the song is named " Farewell" by Jimena and Torbjorn Vagle the intro is beautiful she start immediately to sing in this song you can hear how good she sings in lower octaves and how pure. It is a marvelous ballad, I am so impressed by this talented singer. 

I skipped a couple songs because I wanted to highlight this pop music track, it is called " You are not him" by Jimena and Doc Jon in this song her voice shines beautiful, it has a great timing and fits on the background tunes produced in this track. It has a lovely dance vibe, catchy and 80/90 influences again in a modern twist. I love the clapping in this track, with makes you wanna do it too. Her voice is lower and that is her best reach as a singer, in my opinion, they used a voice mastering on the end of the track but it fits good.  From this song are more versions and with two other artists, but all the songs are amazingly composed. 

This is her best ballad so far it is called " If I saw you " the intro is beautiful her voice is not too low and not too high it's very impressive and really touching this ballad. I am enjoying this so much, her voice can do so much and it mostly reach your heart. 

I am listening now to a Dance EDM song " Tainted heart by Jimena and Louie Showers, the intro is composed amazing with magnificent tunes. I like the piano sound in the intro, then goes to more uptempo and with that deeper vocal sound, it is a very good dance song, a great potential for many in this electronic field like lovers, radios, and record labels. 

This track you should hear as well " System Restored" the intro is wonderful and it is lovely with all those tunes great 80the synthesizers and it does remind me of a good track from the 80/90 the and love the way she expresses her sound in this song. It is excellent and would be perfect for 90the festivals around the world. 

I think this song is one of her strongest vocal performances, it is called " Not in love" by Torbjorn and Joachim Vagle and Jimena I will include this one underneath this review! it's very good, you should hear it yourself!

Yes, another great Trance track called " The morning light" great used electronic sounds and amazing beats. I like her vocals in this song, the lower octaves but as well the higher octaves. Great track for a lot in this EDM and Trance world, I guess they would stream and share this brilliant track a lot. 

Their recent tracks are more in the genre rock and both are lovely, they are also the most recent ones their names are " it never goes away" and " My generation" great rock sound both of them you should listen to these as well.

I believe this is my longest review ever, but she and all her collabs are worth it, I not write about all songs but picks out which I think has higher chances of being heard in any country and any radio or by fans and so on. But music is a matter of taste, I hope you will listen to this versatile singer and all her collabs it is worth it. So when you read this whole piece, share this as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 



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