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Oct 5, 2017 10:51 AM

This is Granfalloon, Granfalloon is the musical moniker of Manchester-based songwriter Richard Lomax. The debut album 'Down There For Dancing' is out on Manchester label The Dogan. Read my album review on chatsong, listen to their music and give votes and comments underneath this music review.

Richard Lomax - vocal/guitar/synth/Omnichord 
Dave Bertram - guitar 
Si Borkin - bass on Windmills 
Joe Beech - bass on Look Who's Sorry Now 
Kev Morel - percussion on Wellness 
Phill Howley - percussion on Wellness 

Artists they like to think they sound like (but don't sound anything like): 
Bill Callahan, Love, Scott Walker, PJ Harvey, Sufjan Stevens, Beta Band, Nick Drake, Serge Gainsbourg, Jeff Lewis, Bonnie Prince Billie, The Magnetic Fields, King Creosote, Adam Green, Sun Kil Moon, Mercury Rev, the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack, Pavement, Josephine Baker, Bowie, Jane Weaver, Paul Simon, Jun Miyake, Calexico, the Twin Peaks soundtrack, Kurt Vile

This is information is given by the PR manager of this musical project and artists Gran Falloon, but it is enough to see their influences and their band members. Then now my album review, on their website you will find all social media accounts as well digital outlets to stream and buy their album. 

I will start with their first single from their album" Down There for dancing" it is called " Glamour" It starts with a beautiful acoustic intro and it has a rhythm too.  I like the voice of this singer, how he tells the lyric first deeper low octave and then to a higher octave. It sounds both lovely, he is talented in telling the song to their audience. When you listen you listen with both ears, to the magnificent lyric and all musical sounds. That moment when they all sing together is stunning, it is a great psychedelic song. 

Their next single is" Windmills" it has a beautiful acoustic intro as well, this time his voice is extremely low almost whispered it suits perfectly in the tunes and melodies of the track. It starts quietly and builds up during the song, very fascinating piece of recording. I really love this style, haven't heard much like this a lot before. The song structure is done amazingly, I am very impressed. 

Most of their singles begin with an acoustic intro like this one " wag" this singer has such a stunning vocal in higher octaves and very deep octaves sometimes a little hoarseness which makes the song even more interesting and I love the dramatic sound in his voice and tunes. The whole song grabs you, from the beginning till the end my credits for the production and input of the lead singer. 

The intro of this song " Look who's sorry now"  has something mysterious, it starts very cool and then builds up.  I really love the dramatic sound of the lead singer, it brings the song so much power. I like the shoegaze and psychedelic pop music tunes, and the humming part is brilliant. So brilliant record and sung, that you keep listening to this musical journey. 

I am listening now to a song I can barely pronounce " Effyswnfef" the intro is again lovely, after the intro again that stunning voice, they are a very talented in telling and singing their lyrics. I like the uptempo beats, they come and go during the song. I have no words, very well done. 

Their next recording is " Bleary" great tunes in the intro, he starts immediately to sing with his lovely high sound and calm voice. This song could easily be in a television show or as a soundtrack for a movie especially a dramatic one, love the vibe in this song. The tunes do remind me of a game sound, my credits as well for the instrument players they have done a good part. The whole track is fascinating, and I can't get enough of it. 

Then there is " Hotel X" this is more an uptempo song, love the intro this is something different from all their previous recordings. Great rhythm, great beats and in this song his voice is, even more, amazingly then it already is. Oh man, I love this song very much. This song has a high potential for many radio stations, festivals around the world. This is so damned high-class record, No doubt they released it under a label. It was quite surprising to hear a different sound from them,  more uptempo but it has become my favorite track of the album. Not that the rest isn't good, they are incredibly all of their songs till now. 

I am at their latest track " Wellness" and the intro again is so good, I love the breathing sound in it. This song is vocally very strong and powerful, they chosen tunes are stunning and fit by his incredible voice. I have no any critic at all, the whole album is a musical spectacle. Their intro,s are stunning, their recordings are so professional. The songs are piece by piece original and I can't really put a specific genre on it. They have created for me a whole new sound, not much heard this kind recordings before. That makes them very unique as a band, they should be heard for sure in this world. Therefore share this review with these talented artists and their very awesome produced album as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 








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