Published on 5 October 2017 at 08:51


"I like the voice of this singer, how he tells the lyric first deeper low octave and then to a higher octave. It sounds both lovely, he is talented in telling the song to their audience."


Richard Lomax - vocal/guitar/synth/Omnichord 
Dave Bertram - guitar 
Si Borkin - bass on Windmills 
Joe Beech - bass on Look Who's Sorry Now 
Kev Morel - percussion on Wellness 
Phill Howley - percussion on Wellness 

This is Granfalloon, Granfalloon is the musical moniker of Manchester-based songwriter Richard Lomax. The debut album 'Down There For Dancing' is out on Manchester label The Dogan

Artists they like to think they sound like (but don't sound anything like): 
Bill Callahan, Love, Scott Walker, PJ Harvey, Sufjan Stevens, Beta Band, Nick Drake, Serge Gainsbourg, Jeff Lewis, Bonnie Prince Billie, The Magnetic Fields, King Creosote, Adam Green, Sun Kil Moon, Mercury Rev, the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack, Pavement, Josephine Baker, Bowie, Jane Weaver, Paul Simon, Jun Miyake, Calexico, the Twin Peaks soundtrack, Kurt Vile

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