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@BarbaraLowman twitter

Oct 12, 2017 2:07 PM

This is Indie Artist, Singer/Songwriter, and US Army veteran is Barbara Lowman. She has released Two tracks one from a year ago and one recently. I discovered that she has brought one older single out under a Record label I know, that is wonderful to see at the first place. Their name is Tabletop Records, read my singles review on chatsong and listen to both of her songs.

"I've been singing professionally for 15+ years as an Indie Artist. I freelance at fundraisers, festivals, community events, restaurants, coffee houses, etc. My song catalog includes a variety of music from easy listening, oldie favorites, to uplifting inspirational. I can perform in an acoustic setting with guitarist and Cajon player or with tracks both cover and original"

Above you can read more info about this Army veteran singer-songwriter, Barbara Lowman, more can be found on her website in this review. 

She has made two singles one she send me and one I found out by searching for her name on platforms and found an older single which I will, of course, review here. 

Then now my review about her older song " It's beautiful"  released under Tabletop Records, it has a nice uptempo melody with guitars and then comes her calm and pure voice it is also higher I like it. There are many instrumental sounds in the background, the songs have gotten some production but that gives the song a little boost. The lyrics are recognizable and very nice written, with emotion and passion you can also hear it back in her voice.

Her other song and the newest song is  " She is a fighter" the intro sounds wonderful a little bit a country sound, and then her amazing pure high voice. It touched me because I can relate to the lyrics and her story to life with PTSD. I know how she feels inside, and I am impressed she shows it to the outside and sing about it as well. I never talk or say anything about the reason why, so I really admire her. 

This singer-songwriter certainly has beautifully written songs, and should definitely be heard and shared around the world. Therefore share this amazingly strong woman as a person but also as a singer-songwriter as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 






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