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Published on 27 April 2016 at 15:46

hip hop artist




Tony Rothstein born and raise in Brooklyn New York in 1979 loved music and acting was very exposed to the music by my mom listening to Tina turner and Micheal Jackson with the Beatles and as I got older I took liking to. Music and wanted to create my own started as a Dj at the age of 12 and played football most of my life till after high school I started putting together demos and recording , didn't take the business till I sold my first car for studio time,, till I  found out it as gonna be more complicated then that move to France after college life and tour and did radio promo for about 5 years till I got married and decided to come back to America. I enjoy Europe because of Amsterdam and Spain many great places I had the blessed chance to visit and lived in for a while.  Now I'm back to take on the world with my own company Big World Records and my team Big world Mafia
Twerk that ish Feat.Swave by Tony Rothstein is the biggest record out right now making its way on the air ways world wide and we are also gonna be live this summer at the coast2coastLive  show in London June 2  and he is also performing in France this summer many things to look foward to I'm happy I get to perform and Act in movies with Robert De Niro I'm playing a prisoner with De Niro he is playing Bernie Madorf and  also in a couple of more films and tv but can't say to much about it .. My IMDb pages is coming soon with the movies I've been acting in soon available online under IMDb-pro I'm living my dreams thanks god