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I'm a popmusic singer-songwriter and recording artist. I am dedicated to writing and performing music that moves the heart and writing lyrics that make people think about things that are deeper and beyond daily circumstances. My goal is to influence today's musicians to write better and meaningful songs that help to make the world a happier and healthful place-- where the human heart can be set free to love one another, including those who are most difficult to love.


I started playing music way before I can remember. At age three I started violin lessons and formal piano lessons began shortly after that. All my older siblings were also in formal music lessons and being the youngest I followed in thier footsteps. My mother tells me that even though I was the youngest, she would often finding me at the piano composing my own little songs and it would always surprise her when she would step into the room to listen, because she expected it was my older sister or brothers playing on the piano. Music comes naturally to me. I hear melodies and can easily write music. Lyric writing started when I was 12 years old. I just started writing from my heart, like a prayer, and then added the music. Before I knew it I am 60+ songs into being a singer-songwriter and I just turned 17. I have a lot of old school influences like Carol King, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder. My parents introduced us to all different genres and I studied classical on my first instruments up through middle school years. I started playing music because it is what has surrounded me since I was in my mother's womb. She recorded a full album of her own music when she was carrying me, putting down the last vocal tracks before I was born. So I have never known life without music. I love music and it's a beautiful gift that is shared between each member of my family. Though I sometimes take influence from other singers-songwriters, I work really hard to sound like myself. I sing from my heart. I mean what I sing, and I sing what I mean. So if you listen to my songs you will find that I actually have either and experience I am singing about or I have something I want to communicate to the listener. I also have a lot of fun smiting lyrics. It's so great to paint a picture with words and then sing it! It's such a great feeling when you write a lyric and then you realize that just like a picture is worth a thousand worlds a good lyric is worth a million worlds

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