Published on 10 June 2016 at 16:24



"The tunes made it a real music spectacle to your ears, so you just can't stop listening to the music. The lyrics are well written, you can hear what they want to bring over to listeners. His voice is super to listen and especially in the cover of David Bowie, this duo are great musicians this is top quality music again"

Harsh Blue is a rock duo formed by Paul and Bob Geller. They have performed
together as a trio, with a guitar player called Joziel, in the 90´s, in a band called The Diamond Dolls which recorded two albums: “The Diamond Dolls” and “The Diamond Dolls 2″. They´ve got apart for several years, until a day that Paul knocked at Bob´s door and invite him to record some brand new songs that are now being released

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