Published on 11 June 2016 at 19:21






"This kind of music you could listen in a movie or television series, the tunes and melodies they use are amazing"

In 2011 the swedish synth band Estrange had some songs with a different approach. Later that year they became Eyemouth. A lot of people then got involved playing e.g tuba, shaman drumming, vibraphone and trombone. Quite soon the direction of the band changed even further from synth oriented to a more organic and instrumental direction.

But it was not until march 2015 Eyemouth released their debut EP, Black and Blue Latitudes. The music still has its foundation in electronica but added with mellotron and more organic elements like santoor and accordion. Both music and lyrics has a dark undertone, and the songs are dealing with thematics such as inside conflicts and a yearning to accept your past instead of repressing it.

Today the members of Eyemouth are Joakim Åberg, Marcus Lilja and Håkan Aspnäs


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