Published on 12 June 2016 at 17:31



"The lyrics are well written, great to hear it when they sing it. This is lovely rock music, it is a pleasure to listen. These musicians make amazing songs, this could be the next rock boy band, they sing perfectly good together"


Band members are Matt - guitar/vox, Ash - bass/vox, Alex - lead guitar, Ben - Drums. We call our style Acoustic-driven pop rock, 

Although City Of Lights are based in Leeds, the original seeds of the band were formed in Paris in April 2011, when Matt Dunwell (acoustic Guitar & Lead Vocals), inspired by the ever-present swirl of possibility floating throughout the French capital, decided to form a band. Collaborating with long-time song-writing conspirator Sean Howey (Drums & Backing Vocals), the two formed City of Lights in the aim to create their own brand of honest rock-pop that would ignite and engage. When the duo pulled in Sean’s brother Ashley to play bass and handle backing vocals, the enterprising crew undertook over a year’s worth of rigorous rehearsals and shows throughout the UK to help shape their sound. In order to further complete the line-up, they drafted lead guitarist Alex Humphreys into the fold, and City of Lights became the four-piece it is now, a band that have fine-tuned their sound to remarkable proportions and are prised for laudable notoriety.