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Published on 14 June 2016 at 16:36


I love this kind of music it makes you happy and lets you enjoy the musicality that these musicians have. His voice can a lot and the tunes they use are really beautiful, and should be heard in the world. I can listen this all day long, a lot of amazing instruments in it.


Novus Cantus began in early 2004 with the collaboration of two brothers, Alex and Christian Herasimtschuk

Distinguished for their eclectic sound and inspiring live performances, the journey of Novus Cantus began in early 2004 with the collaboration of two brothers, Alex and Christian Herasimtschuk. Releasing their debut album in the summer of 2010, the music of Novus Cantus boasts a unique style that blends the traditional sounds of early music, Spanish guitar, and the hard rock influences of Metallica and Alice in Chains. The brothers first began performing at local coffeehouses near Vassar College and in downtown Poughkeepsie, eventually branching out to concert halls, colleges, art centers and churches throughout New York State. Alex and Christian have also brought their music to college venues, which include performances at SUNY
Geneseo, Russell Sage College and SUNY Albany. Novus Cantus is currently in the process of composing and recording new material, and planning their 2016 concert schedule

This is one of the most difficult questions we get asked, "What is your style"? Because our songs each have their own "feel" we have resorted to describing ourselves as an eclectic mix of Spanish flamenco and rock. We spend a lot of time on each song,
which usually leads to it becoming its own style and sound based on the inspiration. Personally we like this, but it can become confusing from a band genre perspective. So in short, we will leave it to our fans to define what we are!

Music is our passion and an expression of some kind of inspiration, either internal or external. For us, there is nothing more rewarding than composing. Each song we write comes from a pretty special place, and it's never exactly the same! Winter for
example, is about the power of nature and an experience Alex had living through a really challenging Winter in Syracuse, New York. He was inspired by the absolute energy of what he was seeing and what lay below the viscous white facade outside.
Other songs, like Despair which we are releasing this week, is very internally motivated

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