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Published on 16 June 2016 at 12:14


"The lyrics are beautiful written one song called Heaven knows, she has a voice of a (star in heaven) as a saying . She has a beautiful vibration in the second song, delicious in the high and low. "



Since I was a young child, I have completely and wholeheartedly loved everything about music. My mother also was a singer/songwriter. She played piano and accordion since she was a small child. Growing up I was always surrounded by music in one way or another. Growing up, my mother shared her talents, singing, songwriting and playing piano with me. I began singing at the age of 5 or 6 in the church choir. As I grew up, my love for music also grew .I understood how a song could influence a person for good or evil. At the age of about seventeen, I began singing in bands. I started forming my own bands and writing and singing cover and original music. Music became my heart and soul. Through singing and writing songs,I found that it became a form of therapy for me. Through writing music, I discovered I was better able to recover as well as endure more fully many of the trial and tribulations I encountered in my But more than these things, I found I was able to reach out to others and help them be better able to endure and pass through trials they were either going through at the time, or had passed through during some other time in their lives.
I learned that whether I was writing songs, or singing original or cover songs written by someone else it was the same. That when I was singing or writing songs, that was the only time I felt truly alive. Music became my heart and soul. It was and is the very breath I breathe. Being able to share my love of music and the power it has to heal. I become better able to help another endure his or her trials and tribulations. To be able to share in their joys and successes. To be able to share a song I have written and watch as I see it reach deep into their hearts and touch a part of them inside that has been lost and hurting for what may have been a long, long time. To be able to say to them I have truly walked where you are walking and watch as a ray of hope begins to shine again in their eyes. For all these reasons and more, I do what I do. I love music with all o my heart. I love to sing, I love to write songs, whether I write about my experiences or whether through true inspiration, Sharing this music with others is where the true joy lies. Music is a powerful force. It has the power to inspire much good, or much bad. My goal is to inspire much good. To be a force for good in what at times can seem an unwelcoming and evil world. When I am writing a song, or singing a tune, I am my truest self, my happiest self. I become one with others as the music becomes one with me.