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Published on 18 June 2016 at 14:59


"This singer has a unique warm voice, I am glad he started doing his own songs. All the lyrics are very well written I am very impressed with this musician. This artist  has had a coma but what a force he has inside to find the musicality back. Amazing story and an amazing what he has experienced, if it were up to me this could be really a big artist  around the world."


Ninth Floor Mannequin is Jarrod Pedone. So, Ninth Floor Mannequin has been the
drummer, composer, engineer & producer for other bands & directors for years. This project’s music is handled from start to finish by Jarrod as a sort of composition therapy from a nasty accident. Upon waking up, he had some musical skills to resharpen and the drive to make the music that played in his head into a reality. Jarrod previously never wanted to be “That drummer who thinks that the band should start doing his songs.” However, in his unusual circumstances, Ninth Floor Mannequin & its subsequent music were born. Drawing lyrical inspiration from classic short stories and trying to make the music reflect those stories was a creative and musical challenge.