Published on 4 July 2016 at 18:22



Linchette Marcel is Lithuanian alternative rock band. The band was formed in the 2012, actually reinvented by the same buddies on the ashes of a student band which had laid the foundation of inner emotional and sonic chemistry between the members many years ago. The story began in 1997 when three guys possessed by Stone Temple Pilots and Soundgarden iconic sound stepped onto the local rock-scene on the actual decline of grunge era. After years of research of the own musical character, looking for the place under the sun and fighting their own demons, the band collapsed. Ten years of oblivion led to a mental and musical transformation for every member and one day they felt a deep impulse to conceive Linchette Marcel. Hard work and ambition to create a solid unit in terms of music quality and true partnership resulted current band line up – Michael Levin (guitar, vocals), Alex Nikolaev (drums). Long partnership creates a perfect harmony and absolute musical collective understanding inside Linchette Marcel. The band offers a tasty blend of aggressive and melodic sound, romantic and melancholic moods, abstract psychedelic trips, headbanging hard rock pieces. Linchette Marcel delivers straight forward hot and honest live performances.The band has released their first Maxi Single (of 4 songs) in April 2016. The single represents the heavier part of Linchette Marcel and creates a solid platform for the upcoming LP album later this year.