Snow Day

Published on 30 July 2016 at 11:21


"I like the way how these artists have made the songs, it is very rocking with all the instruments and the great vocals in it"


Snow Day is a quartet consisting of four members who are on a mission to have fun, play loud, and bring back the fun atmosphere that follows suit to the rock ‘n’ roll agenda and life style. The band took flight in spring of 2015, when lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Dylan Ferreira, matched up with the band’s bassist and vocalist, Eric Mead, lead guitarist and vocalist, Alex Coe, and drummer/crossfitter, Christian Scavo.

Within the first six months of being a band, Snow Day teamed up with Elder Sound Studios to help mix and produce their first EP. After the mix and production process, the band then sent their semi-complete product to multi Grammy award-winning mastering studio, Lurssen Mastering, in Los Angeles, California. It was at that point where they were able to beef up the sound, clarify the vocals, and cultivate the high-energy album we now know as, “Two Hour Delay.”

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