The Arizona Jones

Published on 11 August 2016 at 11:12



Arizona Jones, is a singer-songwriter and producer from London, England.Aged 15, after discovering an interest in poetry and creative writing Arizona began his journey into songwriting. In 2012 after leaving school he went on to study music technology for two years, giving him the opportunity to further harness his love for songwriting.

After graduating from college Arizona continued to pursue his interest in music production and began an internship at a recording studio where he was given the chance to work alongside various artists in the production and writing process.

Come, 2016 Arizona was inspired to work on and his first EP as an artist and producer thus leading him to release “Songs About She” in March 2016. Combining all the skills he acquired over the years and taking influence from Hip Hop, Pop, Indie and Rock - mixing and matching genres, Arizona created his own new, unique and exciting sound.

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