Dieselle May

Published on 21 October 2016 at 08:40
Songwriter/ Singer and Musician Dieselle May.
Following several years as a contributing songwriter and performer with many bands and artists such as Angelo, Neneh Cherry, Joyride, Montage, Marcia Barrett, Tommy Farragher and Ben Robbins, this year sees Americana Roots rocker and songwriter-singer Dieselle May, stepping out from behind the scenes to launch her solo career, recording her eclectic range of Rock Country, Folk, Bluegrass and Electronica songs. Her debut single, “Said And Done” (produced by Jack Ruston), was released in June and was described by journalist Mick Wall as “Americana comes to London suburbia. Beautiful, haunting and broken-hearted”. The single was chosen by Tom Robinson of BBC Radio 6 for airplay on his BBC Introducing mix tape only 2 weeks after its release.