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Rick Scott

Published on 13 November 2016 at 14:07


"When he sings in deep low vocal sounds, it sounds so lovely it does me remind of the singer who is a past away Leonard Cohen"



This versatile artist is Rick Scott he has a good resume in the music industry and wrote songs for other artists and has played in the well know band Alabama

As a musician / drummer / songwriter Rick pounded and wrote his way into the hearts of thousands before reaching the ripe old age of twenty one,
playing for such personalities as Alabama for four years as studio and road drummer and songwriter, Earl Thomas Conley as studio / road drummer and co-writer, Ed Bruce as songwriter and drummer, Vern Gosdin and David Allan Coe as road drummer... and worked with more top artist as drummer / songwriter / producer / and publisher 
Rick is well established in the music industry working with top bands, songwriters, publishers and record companies.

Straight from birth in 1958 , Covington, Ky. , Rick has devoted his entire life to his musical roots as the creative force behind many hits for many artist..
Coming from a long line of musicians / writers / radio personalities in and around the Cincinnati, Ohio area , it is a path that Rick was born to cut out of
the Northern Kentucky hills to the brightest lights of Nashville and beyond.

"Hot Burning Coals" another of Ricks CD's has certainly gained more fans for Rick and his special brand of writing and delivery with Nick Scott Petta at the helm as Rick's Producer. With his lovely Wife / Manager "Marilyn Jones Scott " this project has landed in the hearts of thousands. Album was released 5/15/15 and includes brand new tunes as well as a few known hits that Rick has penned. The material just keeps getting better as Rick with his well worn pen and everyday words and storytelling style are put to simplistic melodies that match the man and his life ...


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