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Published on 6 February 2017 at 11:38

We're a rock band from the Pittsburgh area with influences from classic to grunge to metal to whatever...We just want to make real rock music great again! Read my review on Chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and votes underneath this review.

Tilted Shadows is a Rock / Alt. A rock band from Pittsburgh, PA (USA) with a melodic,
grunge sound to our music. We formed in 2015 when singer, songwriter, and guitarist
David Hipchen got together with drummer Gregg Shotts, bassist Clayton Hoover, and lead guitarist Jeffrey Stouffer to record seven songs David had written. Originally, we were unsure whether "Nothing Ventured" would just be kind of a solo album for David, or if we would remain a band and start playing gigs together. When we all heard the final cut of the album it was clear - we needed to start playing gigs! Although Original lead player Jeffrey Stouffer eventually left the band to work on his own project, we remain friends, and Tilted Shadows is as strong as ever with new lead guitarist JoeyConner.

We play music because it's in our hearts. It's what each member thinks about every day. When we're not playing we're thinking about the next time we'll play. It is the ultimate catharsis and form of expression, no matter what mood you're in. Happy, sad, cynical, angry, whatever you're feeling - it's all there, and there's nothing like belting it
out on stage!

This is Tilted Shadows a rock band, you can read how they formed a band and why they decided to make a solo album a band album. The album is named nothing ventured, they made  7 singles which I am going to review now. The first single is "searching" and start with a guitar very soft but a nice sound, then it builds up to more rhythm and melodies. In the middle of this song, the lead singer starts to sing and he has wonderful low tunes very unique and his vocals fits the sounds of the melodic rock pieces. This song " In the mirror" has very beautiful written lyrics and the meaning of the lyric when he sings it comes very good trough, his voice is deep and low but has a dramatic higher note in it. My credit for the instrument players, they play very good and sounds stunning in each song till now. Yeah this is great melodic rock, the intro of this song " on the edge" is marvelous great instrument work and again such a good songwriting in this song you can hear how talented the singer is many styles in his vocal notes very amazing. This song I am listening now could become a massive hit song all is good, the instruments the lyrics and the sounds. It reminds me a little bit of Nickelback only with their own unique vocals and sounds, but I try to say this band plays music on that level of performing. And you can hear it in this song "Old Fried" very lovely produced and sung, it is amazing rock and roll with a melodic touch. The song " The same " has a magnificent guitar intro, all the intros till now I have heard are varied and very good. It lets you listening and bring the attention to what you will hear in their songs. I already said they are very talented in all they do and make high-quality rock music what strikes me the most is the songs are so varied. This gives you a good impression of what they are capable of and when you listen to their song " nothing ventured" you want to stand up and dance on the melodic tunes and sounds of the instruments. I am now at their latest song " Break the spell" and again top quality songwriting singing and playing the instruments, I really am a big fan now they are incredible. I am pretty sure, when they will perform live it would sound even better, their music has to be heard around the world by major networks fans and other music related indusrty. Therefore share these amazing melodic rock and roll artists as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.