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Published on 9 March 2017 at 14:30


"She has a  hypnotic vocal, which sound very unique. At the first note, I am a fan she can sing very good. The song has great uptempo dance beats in it, and very rhythmic"

JAAYNS is an independent singer/songwriter and Electronic artist from Leeds. read my review on chatsong, listen to their recently released single "go"

I am an independent singer/songwriter and Electronic artist from Leeds. I love music and creating songs and started properly learning how to songwrite properly through various classes/course and retreats about 6 years ago. I started writing songs for other people which I still really love. Last year I was encouraged to put my own music out, if I did I wanted to write something different and create my own art in my music and through the production. This has resulted in my first EP out Summer 2017 - The EP is called Bright White Yellow. The songs on the EP link together starting with the first single GO released 3rd March.
I've been lucky to work with some fantastic cowriters and Leeds Producer Song Mason. The whole aim has been to create something melodic and different to take
advantage of being in a time where there isn't any rules or restrictions on what music you can put out for the world to hear.

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