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Published on 30 October 2017 at 08:24




Taiacore is an Indie/Folk band from Madrid that knows no borders or creative limits

A pair of disparate, wandering souls who travel the world transforming their adventures into cosmopolitan sound experiences.

It was some time back that Marta Tai’s intense vocals first met Vincenzo Tancorre’s creative approach to guitar and banjo. Soon they would embark on a journey together, sculpting a unique musical identity through street performances in Berlin, California, Rome, and Madrid.

Sheer chemistry, despite their different roots, drove them to compose as their personal relationship developed. The journey has only just begun. After recording their debut album, Innocent — produced at Moba Studios with backing from Incubamusic — Taiacore went on a European tour, taking in UK, France, Holland, and Germany. Their live performances deliver everything from unbridled folk to lyrical gems, an indie soundscape with an international twist.

This is a global album with an open mind, simmered on a slow heat with loving care and a hearty dose of creativity

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