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Published on 3 November 2017 at 09:30


"Her voice is so sweet but very pure and powerful, she really has a pop vocal. I hear her voice is not yet grown vocally as an adult singer, but for her age, she has a very good vocal and no any false note in it. I really love it, and if she is already so controlled with singing"


My name is K8 (Kate Walker ) I live on the south coast of England and I am 13. 
I started singing at 9 when a friend asked me along to a summer club. I loved it and carried on with the club. A vocal coach spotted a little talent and took me on. Then I went on to write Guardian Angel when I was 10. I recorded and released it last December when I was 12. I've since written Forever and Sky High both have been released. I've nearly finished my 4th song

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