Published on 20 February 2018 at 10:18



"They immediately start to sing after the beautiful country tunes, such as guitars and drums and other instrumental tunes. The lyrics are lovely written, easy to understand and to remember which makes you want to dance on it and sing along with it. This band has a lovely energetic vibe, the song is catchy and even you hear typical country tunes back in it. They sure create a new country style as a band, with their debut single. I hear much potential in this country band, they have it all to become a new band in the country scene."



The Denim Daddies are five long, lost ‘brothers’ from Alberta trying to navigate the weird & wild world that is modern country music.

Born out of a drink at a dive bar in Edmonton, Alberta, The Denim Daddies are five long, lost ‘brothers’ trying to navigate the weird & wild world that is modern country music. The Denim Daddies are a shot of the old’ outlaws attitude mixed with the modernism of alt-country and a splash of the Nashville sound, all glassed in the high-powered sound of a dynamic live band. The Denim Daddies attribute their recognizable sound to their influences which only begin with Sturgill Simpson, Flying Burrito Brothers, and John Prine to name a few. Their songwriting blends politically and socially charged themes with simple, down to earth lyrics, which are layered atop intense and intricate parts with tight vocal harmonies and a rippin' rhythm section.
the lines between country and rock these dance floor troubadours are embracing the resurgence and new sounds of modern country music. From dirty cowboy bars to hipster juke joints, to sweaty basements, The Denim Daddies appeal to every country music stereotype.