Every Lovely Thing

Published on 3 March 2019 at 12:21







" This duo totally fits together, one has a marvelous higher and calmer vocal sound and the other has a lower and deeper vocal sound. Also, because the voices are so different vocally when they sing together, it makes them one piece.  the songwriting is also amazing it really hits you inside when you hear them sing it. This duo is really top talent, and for sure they deserve a talent profile on Chatsong"

Every Lovely Thing is a music duo from Dayton, Ohio formed by singer-songwriters Marianne Kesler and Kate Stanton. Following a decade long friendship, the two decided over coffee to try writing a song together. Sharing lifelong passions for music, they had no idea what was in store for them. One song turned into ten, monthly co-writing into weekly sessions. Before long the duo, dubbed Every Lovely Thing, was on their way to St. Louis to record their first single “Running” with producer Ben Kesler. 

Every Lovely Thing's music offers audio landscapes with introspective and poetic lyrics ~ ambient dream pop that may incorporate beats and electronic elements with their emerging signature sound features Kate on piano, keyboard, and synths, with Marianne adding acoustic guitar on most songs, often in a finger-picking style. Kate handles lead vocals on many of the songs with Marianne supplying the counter-parts and harmonies.

Just released April 2018 ~ the second Every Lovely Thing song single "Not the Only One"! 
You can follow along as they build their online presence on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram! Their songs are available on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, & other online sources for digital music, as well as playing on Spotify and streaming music sites!

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