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Granfalloon is a folktronica group fronted by producer Richard Lomax. The pan-European group are part German and based in Manchester and Barcelona, I reviewed their album 10 months ago. Which you can read by searching their name in the search bar on top, and they also posted a topic in the chatsong community with their other song links. Which you can hear by searching on " Granfalloon" at the search bar in the community. well, this group has released their new single " Ambulance" through Manchester based label the dogan, read my new single review on chatsong, listen to their new song and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Granfalloon is a folktronica group fronted by producer Richard Lomax. The pan-European group are part German and based in Manchester and Barcelona. These influences can be heard in their psychedelic mixture of folk, electronica, and Krautrock. Instruments include Omnichords, acoustic guitars, Casio keyboards, and vintage drum machines. These elements are woven in and out of found samples to create beautifully imperfect soundscapes. Their new single ‘Ambulance' is out on Spotify, iTunes, and Bandcamp through Manchester label The Dogan.


Above you can read their biography and styles, more can be found on their website. Since I reviewed their album last year named " Down there for dancing" and Loved that album a lot and became a big fan of their style and produced songs. So I am really curious how their new song would sound like, which you can read now. 

Their new song starts with a fantastic melodic electronic rhythm, great (choice of) synths, and tunes. I like how the song is produced, it sounds so mysterious and melancholic, and a touch dramatic. Besides that their singer has a very mysterious, melancholic, pure dramatic and controlled voice. (This song has incredible potential to be a hit) for each radio, music fans, clubs, festivals and other big music companies and networks around the world. These (are) guys you really want to hear playing live on stage, with their incredibly gifted talent for producing and performing their written music. I was already blown away by this group and previous album but with this new single, they stole my musical heart. I really want to buy their album and (go and see) them while they going to tour in each village, town, and city in this world. I think when you('re) going to listen to their work, you will feel the same therefore share this incredibly folk-electronic group and stream their amazing song on their platforms such as Itunes and Spotify and give votes and comments underneath this single review. 





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This is Hayden Stanford he is A Singer-Songwriter from Dallas, he has just released his new single named " Two glasses of wine " which I will be going to review here on chatsong, read my review and listen, vote and give comments underneath this single review.

This is singer-songwriter Hayden Stanford, he hasn't got a biography. When he has written one later I will add it to this single review. Hayden Stanford has released more singles and albums which can be heard on his Spotify and Soundcloud links, these songs are in various genres and styles. I will first review his new single and maybe check some others and review these as well, then now my review about this singer-songwriters music. 

I am listening to his newest song " Two glasses of wine" the intro starts with a beautiful acoustic guitar play, then he starts to sing and he starts with a very lovely deep lower vocal. It is pure and calm, but he can sing higher notes as well which are really pure and controlled as well. This singer-songwriter is for sure a very talented singer-songwriter and with that vocal sound, he will get lots of fans, radio plays, and tours. I really love this song, the lyrics have also a  meaning. Hayden sent this to me about his new single " Two Glasses of Wine is a song I wrote captivating the fear of being alone and the need for others companionship".  and I can hear it back in the way he expresses the lyrics, with his voice there is certain emotional sound in it which I really love.  This singer and his beautiful single for sure has to be heard around the world, his single can become an international hit song when more listen to this awesome single. 

I was scrolling to more singles of him and stumbled across this single from him, it is named "unsteady". I wanted to point out this single by him because I hear a potential hit song in this single. The intro starts with a beautiful acoustic piano, then slowly the beats kicking in and he starts to sing with his higher voice. Again, the lyrics are very strong written with emotions and a message, which I hear back in his voice in singing way but as well in rapping. This is really a great mix of pop and hip-hop, very original and very dope. Vocally I prefer his sound on his new single, but that is more a matter of taste. I like his lower and deeper octaves, but he sure has a potential as a singer and rapper for sure in this awesome produced single. 

Another single I think he should hear and shows his talent as a singer-songwriter and how diverse and various his vocal reach is. This single is named " Lovers Again" probably his first single he ever wrote and sung. The single is written two years ago, which I can see on his Soundcloud account.

Then now my review of this older track, the intro starts again with a beautiful acoustic guitar and he plays it very intimate and he sings it as well very intimate. It is so beautiful, it isn't the loudest single I heard from him the sound is really soft. Only I think vocally this fits him the best as a singer, it is by far his best vocal performance I heard from him besides his new single and Unsteady. I believe when radio stations, record labels, studios and bigger networks hear this amazing written and sung single they all want to broadcast him, or want to work with this very talented diverse singer-songwriter. 

I have listened to a few singles from him, and these were for me the best he recorded. I saw he also has released an EP called three pieces, which I will review later for now read and listen to this talented singer-songwriter from Dallas. I see a lot potential in this singer-songwriter, he does have some vocal things to work on and then he will become better and better then he already is. He sure has to be heard and known around the world with his talent and written new single and older tracks. Therefore share this review as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 





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This is Duo Hemmingway existed out of Dave Moriaty and CeCe Hemmings, they bring elements of drum n bass, grime, punk, electro, and pop together to create their own unique sound. Hemmingway has released their EP "Hemmingway" since I reviewed their first debut single " Rise Again".  The EP (which includes Rise Again) can be found in the music community on Chatsong. Search for Hemmingwaymusic, and view all their comments with more links and videos. Read my EP review, listen to their songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Hemmingway was formed by CeCe Hemmings and David Moriaty. They joined forces after meeting at one of CeCe's On the Pulse multimedia events in Chelmsford. Both had a dream of creating an innovative sound, coupled with hooks that create a deep connection with their audience, using elements of drum n bass, dubstep, punk, electro, and pop. Their unique style has been described as, "Siouxsie paying homage to Amy Winehouse over modern, fresh beats".Their debut, self-titled EP was released in September 2016, which includes their debut single, 'Rise Again', released in July 2016, which received tons of support, being played on BBC Introducing, Phoenix FM, Miskin Radio, Colne FM and CCR FM. Last year, they clocked up an impressive 60+ gigs this year, including performances at Cosmic Puffin Festival and Eight Ash Green Festival. They were also invited to record a number of live radio podcasts for Seacroft Sessions, Paul Dupree, Michelle Ward, Chay Appleyard and Loxley's Corner to name a few. Lyrically, they do not shy away from controversy. Their songs range from commenting on domestic violence, immigration, and austerity to name a few. Always socially conscious, they hope to strike a chord in people's hearts, whilst shaking the foundations of every venue they play with their huge sound


INFLUENCES:  Skrillex, Rudimental, Disclosure, Nirvana, Muse, The Killers, and Kings of Leon, Siouxie and the Banshees, Blondie.




Above you can read their biography and influences, more information can be found on their website.

New single review:

UK based, electronic/fx guitar duo Hemmingway have been firm favorites of mine for a while now. You can read my previous reviews of their debut single "Rise Again" and debut EP "Hemmingway" below. But first I'm excited to share my review of their latest track, "Fluid-Like Water". Straightaway, the 90s flavoured uptempo beat hooks you in, with a nod to their Goldfrapp influences. CeCe's vocal also evokes the period giving a very cool and effortless performance. It takes me back to a time when the world was introduced to the first dance and EDM tracks with vocals, synths, and amazing beats. I am a huge fan of CeCe's voice; incredible in every style and genre Hemmingway choose to work in, appealing to international audiences. Another brilliantly produced track by this talented duo, " Fluid-Like Water " does not disappoint. Look out world; Hemmingway is about to change yours! Leave your votes and comments and share this talented duo as much as you can. To read about their EP and debut single, Rise Again, keep scrolling down.



EP Review

After reviewing Rise Again, I decided to review the rest of the EP, starting with the track, "Frontiers".

The intro starts with beautiful sweeping synths, other atmospheric sounds, and electronic dance beats. CeCe's vocal floats over the top with a beautiful high octave which sets the tone for the rest of the song, taking you on a journey through delicate verses into a banging drum and bass chorus. The lyrics of the song hold an incredible deeper message, urging people to unite. Being a  performer in the video really helped me connect with this message. Wonderfully sung and produced, this single has it all to become an international hit song. Frontiers deserve to be heard by radio stations, record labels, and other music-related networks.

Next on the track listing is dubstep giant, "This Ain't All About You". Hard-hitting beats coupled with a distorted guitar sound worthy of any self-respecting punk band, it builds up magnificently to a frenzy of beats and sounds. CeCe's vocal hits the spot, each note she chooses sounding marvelous in this track. Diverse and original, I hear many genres within the awesome production. Incredibly vocal, dope beats and distorted punk sounds pack a punch. Another potential for many radio stations, record labels and music lovers all around the world.

The final track on the EP is a nice liquid drum and bass tune, " Blow You Away". Dynamic intro with a haunting piano and building rhythmic electronic beats set the stage for CeCe to enter with her controlled yet powerful vocal. I really like her vocal, she can sing in many styles and has a lot of power as well. This track is another potential for many radio stations, and record labels in various genres. If it were up to me, I would spin this every day; incredible vocals and well-produced dance track. 

Overall, you really get your money's worth from the EP. Four equally strong standalone tracks, an impressive first release from Hemmingway.


Debut single review:

UK based, electronic/fx guitar duo Hemmingway, are about to release their debut single " Rise Again". Wow! Great volume, great vocals, an amazing dance tune! This has the potential to be a worldwide hit song! CeCe's pure vocals, especially when she hits those very high octaves... it is like wow! Their live video on their website shows off her incredible vocal power - amazing! I will put the video underneath this review, so you listeners and readers have a better impression of what she can as a singer!

All in all, this duo and their music, whether it is EDM, DUBSTEP or that beautiful live footage they have on their website, they need to be heard around the world, therefore, share this review as much as you can.






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The Denim Daddies are five long, lost ‘brothers’ from Alberta trying to navigate the weird & wild world that is modern country music. Read my single review on Chatsong, listen to their song and give votes and comments underneath this single review.

Born out of a drink at a dive bar in Edmonton, Alberta, The Denim Daddies are five long, lost ‘brothers’ trying to navigate the weird & wild world that is modern country music. The Denim Daddies are a shot of the old’ outlaws attitude mixed with the modernism of alt-country and a splash of the Nashville sound, all glassed in the high-powered sound of a dynamic live band. The Denim Daddies attribute their recognizable sound to their influences which only begin with Sturgill Simpson, Flying Burrito Brothers, and John Prine to name a few. Their songwriting blends politically and socially charged themes with simple, down to earth lyrics, which are layered atop intense and intricate parts with tight vocal harmonies and a rippin' rhythm section.
the lines between country and rock these dance floor troubadours are embracing the resurgence and new sounds of modern country music. From dirty cowboy bars to hipster juke joints, to sweaty basements, The Denim Daddies appeal to every country music stereotype.


These 5 brothers are The denim daddies, they are from Alberta. Above you can read more about this country band, they just released their first debut single "Road Runner" which I will be going to review now, read it all now here on Chatsong.

They immediately start to sing after the beautiful country tunes, such as guitars and drums and other instrumental tunes. The lyrics are lovely written, easy to understand and to remember which makes you want to dance on it and sing along with it. This band has a lovely energetic vibe, the song is catchy and even you hear typical country tunes back in it. They sure create a new country style as a band, with their debut single. I hear much potential in this country band, they have it all to become a new band in the country scene. Also, this debut single is a potential for radio stations, record labels and music fans all around the world and it does not have to be necessary only in the country music scene. They sound very good already on their first debut single, by that I did become curious how their new songs would be sounding. I think also that when they play live in festivals and concerts they sound even better than they already do on their first record. These guys for sure need to be heard and supported around the world, with their talent and single. Therefore share this single review with this lovely country band as much as you can and listen, vote and comment underneath this review.   



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This is Rapper and singer Krosst Out who is releasing his new single " The Death Of Me Feat. Jor'Del Downz". Read my single review on Chatsong, listen to his music and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Music has always been in the blood of this young small town raised rapper. At an early age, he was introduced to the piano, where he took weekly lessons. As a teenager, he discovered the bass guitar which he took to learning and playing in various groups around town. It was during this time that he also developed his skills in rapping. 

Influenced early on by artists such as Manafest, Eminem, Underoath, Rage Against The Machine, System Of A Down, Vinnie Paz, Nas, and Marilyn Manson, the punk rocker/rapper takes what he was raised on and spits it into a fusion style. He finds himself curating a certain motif that reflects both his musical taste and the fact that he grew up in a town of 3000 people. Maybe it’s his Wheaties, or maybe it’s the fact that he doesn’t care about critical acclaim, but this man finds it easier to offend and amuse than others. He brings a certain truth to his music, a rawness, and is not one to shy away from his past. 

No matter how you say you know him, it’s undeniable, the passion he has for his music. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Krosst Out. 


This is singer and rapper Krosst Out, above you can see his biography and influences. He released new music from his new ep "Life Of The Party" last year. which I will be going to review. I will start the release " I don't Care feat the singer of Melotika music Mel ' Yelle".

The intro of the song starts with a great dance beat with melodic tunes, When hearing the intro it does remind me of Eminem with Dodo, which I always found an amazing track. This track is very similar but so different, I really love the way how Krosst out does the rap part with that lovely dramatic and emotional vocal sound. Both artists in this track perform amazing, it is a great duo song. She does the higher and uplifting parts, and he does the heavier loaded parts which he brings out with his performance in a fantastic way. He is for sure a very talented rapper and this track has high chances being broadcasted on many radio stations for rap, or any other.

Then we have the single " Life of the Party" it has a wonderful intro with spectacular beats en flutes, then he starts with raw rapping of the lyrics. I really love how he brings over the message from the lyrics to the listeners, he does that in a marvelous dramatic way. Not all rappers have that skill in them, this proof how talented this young rapper is. You can hear his influences back in his own style, I love his own style. This is another great produced track with his amazing freestyle skills and dramatic vocal sound. 

Another track is " Kick it" when you the intro you might think it is going to be a rock song, but is a mix of rock and hip-hop and I must say I like this. It is original, and with the certain speediness he raps makes it more amazing. The instrumental sounds in this song are marvelously done, my credits for that. The song really kicks in in several ways, brilliant mix, and freestyle again by him. 

I am listening now too " SkinCrawler" the intro is marvelous again, and when he starts to rap the lyric man what does he do that brilliantly in this one. Sometimes I do hear similars with Eminem because of the way how he breathes between the vocal rap parts. This is another damned good produced and rap track, with wonderful instrumental sounds. This is a track which earns more attention on several radio stations, magazines, blogs and much more especially in the hip-hop scene. But also on other music genre network, because this is just a really damned good produced track. 


Then we have his new song " Death Of Me feat.  Jor'del Downz",  produced by Jor'del Downz. With Mike Defaria as the Mixing Engineer, and Sean Savage the Mastering Engineer. 

It starts with amazing tunes and synths, then slowly the beats kicks in and he starts to rap which sounds incredibly so far his best vocal piece from all the songs. The song is intriguing from the start until the end, very good mixed and produced my credits for that. This is really a dope track, man I love Krosst Out rap vocal style it is so similar to my idol Eminem and the rap of his collaboration artist who also produced this track is really incredible as well. Both are extremely talented and can rap amazingly, it is perfect duo together. I hope they will make more songs together, I am impressed by their performances together on this track. 

I have listened to most of his track from his new EP, and most of them are really good. Krosst out has an incredible talent in rap, and he has also received an award for recording artist, which he totally deserves. His freestyling is amazing, and if he continues with the rap sound he has used in " The Death Of Me " along with  "I don't care" "Life of the Party" and "Skincrawler" he will come very far with his talent and will be going to perform worldwide as rapper on many festivals, radio shows, and television shows . To make this happen for him, share this talented rapper and his new music as much as you and give votes and comments underneath this review. 













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This is singer-songwriter Laura Brierley From Nottingham UK, she has released a few songs which are posted as a topic in the music community on Chatsong, search for Laura and you will find her Soundcloud songs. I have heard these songs and decided to give her a spotlight. Read my singles review on Chatsong, give votes and comments underneath this review.

“Laura Brierley is a 19 year old singer/songwriter currently studying in Nottingham. She has been writing songs since the age of 11 and her main influences are Kate Bush, London Grammar, Tom Odell and Florence + The Machine. You can listen to songs recorded from her ‘home studio’ on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/laurabrierleymusic
and YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/laurabrierleymusic


This is singer-songwriter Laura Brierley From Nottingham UK, she has released a few songs which are posted as a topic in the music community on Chatsong, search for Laura and you will find her Soundcloud songs. I have heard these songs and decided to give her a spotlight. Read my singles review on Chatsong, give votes and comments underneath this review.

Laura Brierley is a pop music singer-songwriter from Nottingham UK, she still studies but also writes music which she has posted as a topic in the music community on the website. Yet she hasn't a biography yet, but you can follow her on her music links underneath. 


 Then now my singles review, I will start with her oldest song from three months ago


" Insomnia" the intro starts beautifully with just acoustic piano keys and then she starts to sing, she has a very beautifully acoustic reach amazingly controlled and timed. Her voice is really high and so pure, Each note she sings she hits beautifully. This singer-songwriter is incredibly talented, her lyrics are as well amazingly written. The way she sings these lyrics is really good, this is a top talent. I hear a lot of potential in this young singer-songwriter, I think she is a value for many record-labels, radios and other bigger music networks. With her talent, and writing and vocals skills, she can grow in no time to an international pop singer. 

I am listening now to her single " Tonight" it starts again with a magnificent acoustic rhythmic piano play and when she opens her mouth it is really breathtaking. She has such an amazing vocal sound, for such a young singer-songwriter. So controlled, pure and timed and by hearing the recording which is also recorded at home, can you imagine when she records her written singles in a studio? I can and it would sound even more spectacular and beautiful as its acoustic sound at home. Also, even without a recording studio, this song is a potential for radio stations, record labels, and music lovers she is just a top entertainer. 

Then we have her newest single " Peace of mind" it starts again with a fantastic acoustic piano sound, and she starts with a magnificent vocal octave which gives you goosebumps immediately. She has a really good vocal sound, and her lyrics are written with emotions which you can hear back in her vocals. That is what attracts me the most is how she brings the wonderfully written songs out to the public, with that brilliantly acoustic vocal sound. I am really impressed by this young singer-songwriter, she has it all to become a real famous singer-songwriter worldwide. 

I have heard all her singles so far, and all of them are brilliant.  I really want to hear a full album from her, she deserves a studio to record her brilliant work and by that performing with her gifted vocals anywhere in each village and city in this world. like I have written earlier above this is a top talent to work with if you are a record label or a studio because whatever you will record together, all of these recordings would be a hit song. She has to be heard and discovered by everyone in this music field, therefore if you read this review and hear this talent share it as much as you can and give votes and comment underneath this review. Also,  follow her musical updates on her social accounts. I did become her fan, I hope you will become one too. 



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This is country singer-songwriter Ashliegh Lisset, from Dallas, She has just released her new single " Goodbye" and has released more songs earlier which I all will review on Chatsong. Read my singles review, of this country singer-songwriter, listen to her other songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Ashliegh Lisset, an independent country artist from the great state of Texas, is kind-hearted and cognizant of the impact music has on its listeners. While this talented, young vocalist has always had a love and appreciation for music, she discovered it was her true passion at the time her world unexpectedly shattered around her

When Ashliegh was eleven years old, her father, who was serving his second tour for Operation Iraqi Freedom, was killed in the line of duty. Just before his untimely death, Ashliegh’s father asked her to record Carrie Underwood’s “Don’t Forget to Remember Me” for him, but Ashliegh never had the opportunity to fulfill her father’s request. The memory of her father resonated with Ashliegh and she recognized that music helped fill the void in her heart and provided her with an incomparable escape. “I found so much comfort in music. It definitely helped me heal during the darkest moments of my life and continues to help me heal, present day. When I’m feeling down, I can write about it and get all the emotions out.” It was this realization that led Ashliegh to Nashville, Tennessee, where she began her journey as a singer/songwriter.
After a few years of traveling her chosen and fated path, Ashliegh received the call for which she had been waiting and working toward. Ashliegh was offered the opening performance slot for recording artist, Jerrod Niemann. It was this experience, as well as the example set by her inspiration, Carrie Underwood, that solidified for Ashliegh that, as important as it was to have musical triumphs, it was just as critical to remain humble and relatable to fans. By embracing this mentality, Ashliegh has already in her young career generated a supportive following and touched the lives of fans everywhere.
January 22, 2014, Ashliegh experienced what could only be defined as a true full-circle moment. Ashliegh released her first single to radio, “Kill the Headlights,” which was co-written by her idol, Carrie Underwood (and Luke Laird and Hillary Lindsey), whom her father especially adored. The combination of Ashliegh’s gorgeous vocals, the stellar writing of Underwood, Laird, and Lindsey, and a very special guardian angel was foolproof, indeed, as “Kill the Headlights” experienced great success. Not only was this song frequently featured on Sirius XM’s The Highway as a “Highway Find,” but it also spent an impressive eight weeks on The Highway’s Top 30.
Go ahead and kill the headlights – Ashliegh is traveling on a perfectly bright musical path. She continues to push steadfastly toward her dream and is now represented by the William Morris Agency.  Ashliegh is an ambassador for Folds Of Honor organization and often shares her story to help inspire others. It is passion, love, dedication, and hard work that steers her down the road to prosperity, as well as determination, to never give up.
Goodbye, Ashliegh's latest single was co-written by Kelsea Ballerini, Jennifer Denmark, and Mark Alderman. Ashliegh shared with her fans why she chose this song - touching not only her fans' hearts but Kelsea's too (attached is their Twitter messages). CMT's Cody Alan also took note and shared the story on his Twitter feed (http://cmtcody.iheart.com/onair/cmt-cody-alan-54719/kelsea-ballerini-carrie-underwood-pen-songs-15738567/). 



This is country singer-songwriter Ashliegh Lisstet from Texas, above you can find her reason to make music as well more information about her influences and biography. She just has released her new single " Goodbye" and before released 4 other songs over the last three years which I will be going to review.

I will start with the first song she made and that is " Targed on my Heart", the intro starts with great electric guitar slides following up by her amazing vocal sound. It is more a mix of Rock and country, I like it a lot. This song has a rough touch especially the way how she sings the written lyrics, with the aggressive vocal while she sings and brings over the song. 

I am listening now " Miles Apart" and the intro is completely different from " Target on my Heart" that shows that she is varied in genres and styles as a singer-songwriter. It starts with a beautiful acoustic guitar intro, and she immediately starts to sing and omg she has a magnificent vocal sound and very powerful. Especially the really high octaves, wow it really gives me goosebumps. This is a top talent, she is born for entertainment. In my view even way better than many from my own country, and many famous singers all around the world. This artist earns to be in the top 100 best talents worldwide, what a great singer and what a vocal reach she has!

Then we have the song " Kill the Headlight" it has a stunning upbeat intro with guitar slides and drums and then her magnificent vocal sound. I am really impressed, she is just a top entertainer and belongs on stages everywhere in this world. More I don,t need to say, this is high-quality level music and she performs amazingly in this song. This single has really high chances to become a hit song worldwide, it has it all. 

Then we have the song " Call" this is more a pop song it has immediately an uptempo intro, it does remind me a bit of another talent I have on Chatsong. This song is from the start really amazing, and the lyrics are easy to sing along with. That makes it easier for fans when she performs live on stages, and I can imagine it already that she has a large fan base because she is so damned good as a singer. If not, I am a big fan now of her styles and performances. This track is sung amazing, and wonderfully produced it has also high chances for scoring a record deal and being broadcast on several radio stations, or ending up on television or any other big music network worldwide. 

Then we have her new single release " Goodbye" the intro is melodic and full of cheerful tunes, only when you hear the lyrics it is not as cheerful as the sounds and tunes are it is quite the opposite. Anyway, this is another damned good record. She is vocal really amazing, and the way how she brings over the messages in the song is damned good. From the start till the end, it is stunning. This track belongs on many charts, she is for sure an upcoming singer on the level of Carrie Underwood and her other influences. 

I have listened to all of her singles, and man what is she a brilliant singer-songwriter her music is recorded amazingly and her performances are so amazing. This is international Top talent, and she should be heard and performing everywhere in this world, playing and singing live with that golden voice. Therefore, share this amazing singer-songwriter and her singles as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath her review. 




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Urban/ indie/ pop artist Melotika, Toronto-based. Last year released a demo single named " Downtown Summer Ft Krosst Out, then released another demo single "Unaware". Now Melotika released the official new single entitled "Unaware Part II (Blindside)" from their upcoming EP "Unaware" which will be released by the end of the month. Read my update single review, listen to the song and give votes and comments underneath this review.




New single review " Blindside":

Melotika music has released their new single "Unaware Part II (Blindside)" from their upcoming EP "Unaware". Beneath You can read my old single reviews from both previous demo releases. They have this week, posted their SoundCloud and Spotify links in the music community search for Melotika.

My single review: The intro starts with beautiful melodic dance beats by Mista T Dot, who will now be known as Jackman Jones. After the melodic intro, Mel Yelle starts to sing and, wow, her voice is magnificent! Her vocal style is so pure and unique, and she can sing varied octaves. Her voice fits perfectly in this amazing produced pop single. I like the additions they have done with electronic vocal sounds and layers. It really gives this song a boost and a new vibe. This new single has really high chances of becoming a worldwide hit song. The lyrics are amazing, and the dance tunes are brilliant. The production is done professionally by Mike Defaria and mastered by Sean Savage. Mel Yelle's vocals are so unique. I love it, it is damn good! This track should be heard everywhere. In my opinion, even better than Katty Perry and many other recent pop artists. Her performance is really stunning, and if I could, I would award their new single as best new pop tracks globally. This should be heard on every big music company on television and radio, charts, festivals and even performing on MTV music awards! The production is huh class. I am so thrilled to have this future famous pop artist on Chatsong. This artist deserves multiple record deals, a tour, and millions selling! Share this brilliant pop artist as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Old single review " Unaware": 

This is Melotika. I have reviewed their music before, a track called "Downtown Summer" which was very well produced. You can search their name in the search bar on the review page if you'd like!

Their newest debut single “unaware” begins with a beautiful calm melody (harp sample). Mel Yelle's vocals fit perfectly in this mix. Mel Yelle's vocals are marvelous and have a wide range. The lyrics of the song is very well written and powerful. This song has high potential as it is very well produced and the vocals are phenomenal. This song has potential to be heard on major networks. I was a fan already of their unique sounds and vocals, but now they have impressed me even more and the quality of their work keeps getting better. These artists are very talented in making music and have strong potential in making it in the music industry. I believe with these artists, all songs produced are going to be a massive hit worldwide. Share these talented artists as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath their single review.

 First Single review " Downtown Summer" : 

This electronic duo is from Montreal Canada (now Toronto based). This duo consists of one singer/songwriter Mel Yelle and one DJ/producer Mista T Dot. They just released their first song in June called Downtown Summer featuring a rapper who goes by Kross T Out.

The song begins with a melodic intro followed by a lovely rhythmic sound with good powerful vocals. It has great lyrics Mel Yelle's voice is very pure. In my opinion, this is material that belongs on radio and should be played at dance festivals around the world. It is uptempo and if it were up to me, this song would be heard on MTV.
What I also like in this track is the rap part in the 3rd Verse. Having this third artist is very surprising and the freestyle is great. The more you listen to the song, the better it becomes and it makes you want to sing the lyrics out loud and the chorus is catchy.
This duo is for sure talented and knows how to make music. I really cannot wait for their next song or better yet a whole album! This needs to be heard and you really need to stay tuned on what they will be going to make soon. If this is already amazing, what will their next songs be? Therefore, follow them and share this review as much as you can. If they produce and release new songs, I will renew or adjust this review. For now, listen to this awesome song.




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Pity of the Sea is the music project of Limerick duo Ger Cremins and Tony Monahan (Protobaby). The duo came together out of a mutual love of the music of a number of artists. They have posted all their links inside the music community on chatsong, search for pity and you will see all their music links, and a video. Read my debut EP review, listen to their songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.


Pity of the Sea have created an EP that challenges the listener on the sometimes pre-conceived notions we have of perpetrators of serious crimes. The 'Abandoned' EP creates a narrative of a serial killer from birth to the point of his most serious of crimes. The early songs chapter the disturbing early years of the protagonist's life. 'Juliet' gives the perception of hope but 'Smile' and 'Weeds'  take us on a journey where things have gone past the point of no return. The music creates such soundscapes that marry superbly with the challenging storyline.

Myself and Ger have gigged together on and off over the last few years and have always shared similar views on original bands and on all things music. Ger had written some songs with an acoustic slant in late 2016 and wanted me to produce these songs, looking to create big full band arrangements. I always have a lot of song ideas of my own stored away so I played some of these for Ger. We worked with those ideas and reworked Ger's acoustic songs. These songs became what is now the 'Abandoned' EP. That's how Pity of the Sea was formed.


Tony Monahan: 
Tony has been a part of the original music scene in Ireland for many years. He has regularly toured both nationally and Internationally with various original acts, releasing numerous albums, EP's and singles with bands such as Protobaby, Kraven and Just. He is a founding member and a current member of Limerick band Protobaby.  Collaboration and Production of other music acts have also become an important part of his work in recent years. He mentors teenage songwriters and performers through Music Generation Limerick City and is a guitar tutor at The Peter Dee Academy of Music.   

Ger Cremins: 
Get has been a part of the cover band scene for a number of years now, working with artists such as Pat Byrne (Hedfuzy) and Aidan Graham (ex-Protobaby). He has performed with acts in Dolans though the Mary I Music Society and performed in the Irish language with Liam Ó Maonlaí (Hothouse Flowers).  As a Primary school teacher, in collaboration with Tony, he has directed and produced a video with Broadford N.S. of The Riptide Movement's 'It All Works Out'.  The video appeared both on RTE television and featured on Bressie's 'A Lust for Life' website. He continues to work with students in creative projects and choirs. 

This duo calls themselves Pity of the Sea, it is a musical project from Tony and Ger. Above you can read more about their past and biography as musicians, both have a teachers background in music and they still do that. They have released a debut album recently " Abandoned" which I will be going to review now. Read my debut album review of this Irish alt-indie rock duo, more information about the EP can be found on their Bandcamp and website which you can find there as well. 

I will start with their song " Monster" the intro starts lovely with the acoustic guitar in the intro, following up by slowly dancing beats and drums. The opening of this song is very good, great used electronic additions together with the acoustic and melodic instrumental sound. I like his vocal sound it is calmer but he has some very high octaves Which sound very pure in the intro, it really fits by him. I would say this track is a great potential for many radio stations, tv shows, charts, music lovers and record labels. It can become a hit song, it has it all. 

Another track is " Abandoned" it starts again with beautiful guitar slides, in the intro. Then he starts to sing and his voice really is amazing in the higher octaves, so pure and powerfully. he is a brilliant singer and has a lot potential, there are tiny moments vocally which he can practice on in some octaves. Further then that, their music is stunning and wonderfully produced. They sure are a great indie alt duo, I like their mysterious and dreamy style. 

Then we have " Juliet" The intro starts again with great guitar slides, drum, and other instrumental sounds. I really love their style, with the synths and many other electronic sounds. Also, the way the song is sung with original vocals, but as well an enhancer it totally fits in this track. They sure have a refreshing sound, with their dreamy and mysterious sounds. It totally fits by this duo, and they have created a new genre almost. This alt duo is a potential for radio stations, festivals and anything related in the music field. 

Another song is " Smile " I like the vocal enhancer in the intro, it really fits with the instrumental sounds and electronic sounds. I really love their instrumental work, it is really stunning to hear. In this track, his vocals not entirely fit by the genre of the track. Not that he doesn't have an amazing vocal, He sure does especially in the song "monster". This song is more alt rock, and his vocals are high and pure but also a little too sweet for this rock track. I would love to hear more aggression in vocal, I sure know he knows what I try to advise it is no critic. 

The latest song on the album is " Weeds" The intro is really amazing, great electric guitar slides, drums, and other instrumental sounds. It seems he already has followed up my advice haha because this is what I want to hear. I hear more aggression while singing, this fits perfect by this amazing alt-rock track. I would say this track is together with " Monster" is the best track on the album vocally, but instrumental all of their tracks are stunning. I also believe when they will perform on stage, they would even sound better. This band makes really stunning music, and have a lot potential to become a well-known band with their own created alt style.

This duo has really made an amazing debut album, vocally the singer is very powerful and can reach beautiful higher octaves as well lower, calmer and deep octaves both sound good. Only my advice is that he uses in the more uptempo rock songs, the more aggressive vocal he used in " Weeds". And when they make a calmer track he uses the octave of the song Monster that fits his voice amazingly. Besides that this duo is brilliant, and sure are a talented duo and love their style a lot. Their album has to be heard and shared around the world, therefore share this review as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 




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This is Singer/Songwriter/Guitar player Robert Rooke, he just released his Debut EP "The Road". Robert Rooke's admiration for the blues, rock-n-roll, and country music aided his growth as a guitarist, as well as a bassist, and ultimately led him to the craft of songwriting. Read my debut album review on chatsong, he is been forwarded to chatsong by Entertainment Public Relations company Kore PR. Listen to his music, and give votes and comments underneath this review.

His debut EP THe Road pays homage to the roots that inspired its creation and signifies the beginning of his journey as an artist, as well as features his newest single, “The Road". Growing up in Edmonton, Alberta, Robert developed a palpable passion for soulful music, made tangible when he picked up a guitar for the first time.


His passion for rock guitar and soulful vocals creates a sound that is mature and very much his own. His influences range from rock, country, blues, pop and even jazz. After playing bass throughout high school Robert obtained a diploma in Jazz Performance from Mount Royal University. He then played guitar for local jazz artists, country artists, and rock bands. At 21 Robert Attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California and since then has been playing guitar for the country-pop duo Leaving Thomas. Although Robert is an established guitarist he is also a true writer. An inspired lyricist, Robert is just as passionate about creating songs as he is about playing the guitar and his debut EP "The Road" combines the best of both worlds. Its no wonder depth is the word to describe this new and exciting young artist.

This is a singer-songwriter and guitar player Robert Brooke, he is been forwarded for a music review of his debut album " The Road" by Public Relation Company Kore PR. http://www.korepr.com/ More information about them you can find on their website, more information about Robert Rooke can be found on his website. Then now my Debut album review of " The Road" by "Robert Rooke".

I will start with the first song on the album and that is " Sing that Song" the intro starts with great electric guitars and drums, and then he starts to sing and he has a great vocal reach.  At first, listen when you hear him sing bluesy and calm you more expect a folk or country song, but nothing from that it is more a mix of blues and rock. I love the combination, and he has a very warm vocal sound. This track is very nicely recorded, it is a potential for all radio stations in this world. I also think when you hear him perform live on stage with his guitar and that magnificent vocal you would be sold and become an instant fan and want to buy his album. 

Then we have the same title as the album " The Road" the intro starts calmly with slow drums and guitar sounds, after the intro he starts to sing and wow it is really vocally powerful and pure. This is a very talented artist, he can sing varied notes and very controlled. When I listen to his lyrics, the lyrics are written beautifully with a story and his lyrics are easy to remember. When he breaks through in the music industry, which he earns for sure all who go to hear him play will be singing along with his lyrics. I imagined it myself already, he on stage with the guitar standing in front of million music fans and they all sing loudly his lyrics that would be a magnificent moment.

I am listening now " Don't Take This " it has a wonderful bluesy and jazzy intro, as well a little bit reggae. I like that mix in the intro a lot, and when he starts to sing on the rhythm of the instruments with that beautiful controlled vocal makes this song one of my favorites so far on this album. I like his calmer sound, it fits him and this mix of genres really suits him vocally. This track is another damned good recorded song on the album and has to be heard on each radio, channel, chart and on many festivals. This singer-songwriter is really a top performer and has amazing high class recorded music.

Another track is " Time and Space" it has a great intro with the electric guitar and other instruments, wow his vocal sound in this track is really stunning. It sounds so professional and pure, he sings on a very high level. When you hear him sing, I really hear no difference between him and many famous singer-songwriters who are in the business for many years or recently break trough worldwide. This singer is the new artist worldwide, who will be having many hit song on the charts and playing on big festivals, radio shows, and television shows I would sure be nominating him for Brand new Artist for MTV. 

His latest song on the album is " Wash Me Clean" the intro starts with an amazing rhythm played by the instrument, my credits for the instrument players. Wow, this man has really an amazing vocal reach.The way how he sings with emotions and commitment the lyrics of this song is really sick that voice is incredible on this track. For me so far his best vocal performance so far on the album, this track should be right way ending up on the highest number on every music chart there is.

I have listened to all of his songs on the album, this album is really amazing one for one the songs are really damned good produced and sung. I really like the variety and the diversity of vocals and styles in the tracks. If it were up to me I would reach out an award immediately for best new album worldwide. also for the best new top talent, and many more awards. I really am impressed by his album and written tracks, I really believe when more of you will hear that album and his damned good vocals. He in no time is known in more countries, playing on stage in more countries. also, scoring hit songs from each song recorded and hopefully receive multiple record-label offers for his music. Therefore, share this review with this new future famous singer-songwriter and his amazing debut album, as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 



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