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This is Danish pop singer/songwriter Bryan Rice and he has released his first new single from his upcoming new album " Hear me as I am", and he is been forwarded to me by Music City, he has permitted her to act on his behalf. Read my singles review on Chatsong and listen to his new singles, also comment underneath his review your feedback.

In 2005, Bryan Rice went directly to number one in the Danish charts with the smash hit ”No Promises” – one of the most iconic songs in Danish music history. Since then, he has released four albums, participated in the Danish Eurovision Song Contest finals, played a leading part in the Thomas Helmig Theatre concert and was nominated for Singer of the Year at the Danish Zulu Awards. Now, he is ready with the single ”Hear Me As I Am”, which is both the title song and the first foretaste of his fifth album to be released on ArtPeople in early 2015.

On 23 February 2017, Bryan Rice celebrated his 10 year anniversary on stage and will by releasing the album “Hear Me As I Am” and the single “Beat Of My Own Drum”.

At 14 the of April he did release his second single " Warriors" which I also will review and he has uploaded several videos and music on his other accounts from earlier dates. 

I will put them underneath this review, for you all to listen. the now my singles review. First, I will begin with " Beat of my own drum" it starts with great dance tunes and has an amazing rhythm, and at first, listen immediately a candidate for MTV and Billboard and much other bigger music channels. He is very good vocally, his music is produced very professionally and it is really a modern original song. This song when more audience will listen to it worldwide, he will be soon having lots of fans and I am one of them! Everything from this song is so good, this song has potential to become a worldwide known hit-song. The lyrics are understandable, his voice is unique and the dance tunes are amazing. 

Then we go to his newest single " warriors" and it is more a pop ballad, he immediately impressed me in the intro with his incredibly pure and trained vocal. And when I heard his voice I lost all my concentration by writing because it is so damned wonderful that I just want to listen to his music from this worldwide pop star from Denmark. The song is again professionally produced and has all elements to hit all charts and radio stations in this world. 

When he will be touring and signing autographs around the world  I am very thrilled his friend introduced me to this amazing singer and he stood on Chatsong with a review!

Like I told you I would put his other song underneath this review, and I stumbled across this song " I lied"  from two years ago but man what is this guy good. He sings many octaves easily,  and sounds all very pure and no any false note. The songs he has made are truly all beautiful, and I really want to highlight this duet as well " Watch the stars" with Emelia a female singer and she is also stunning as a vocal singer. this duet has also a high potential for a worldwide hit song and needs to be on major music channels and networks in this world. 

I have listened to most of his song from two years ago, and all of them are stunning and has a potential for international fame. I am really excited to hear more of his new Album, and till then share this new worldwide pop singer as much as you can and give votes and star ratings underneath this review






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These Belgium artists are TOTH, they recently released their new single "ODRA" Read my single review and give votes and comments underneath this review

After a decade of challenging its music across several albums, EPs, videos, alternative versions, remixes and European tours, THOT is going to bring a breath of fresh air in
the industrial-rock and post-rock genres with "FLEUVE, its new album (produced by
Magnus Lindberg from Cult of Luna) to be released 20th of October on Weyrd Son
Records. Our new music is an ode to the European continent and its cultural history, to nature’s immutable inspiration, to women and transcendence.


This Epic rock band from Belgium is THOT,  they have released other singles before which can be heard on their Bandcamp account, their genre is mainly rock music alternative rock and epic rock. More information about this band from Belgium can be found on the attached links in this review. 

The now my single review about " Odra" the intro is very dark and epic, then following up the massive rock drums and two amazing vocally singers one female and one male. The male singer has an amazing dramatic vocal, reminds me a bit of MUSE the same breathing while singing the notes. This song contains a lot of energy from the artists by playing and singing, when you listen to them you almost become as much energetic as they play. I love their way of making music, because of the dramatic touch they want us to hear in their music. The official video they made is also very dark and dramatic as their performances, and it is hearable in their lyrics. This is a very good epic dark rock band from my neighbor country Belgium, and their beautiful music has to be heard and shared around the world. I think when more rock related industry and enthusiasts, will hear their released song it will go viral in that genre. And not only in that genre, it is also a great song for the mainstream society in music. I really want to see them playing live on stage and perform in many countries, therefore share this wicked rock band as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.  





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It's Traume." Singer, songwriter, producer. My dreams inspire the beats I produce. My life inspires the lyrics I write my music is based off what I dream about. This is Traume official, he has released one album, read my review on chatsong and listen to his music, give votes and comments underneath this review.

This versatile and multi talented artist is Traume Official, he sings writes and produced his own song. He has released an album which I will be going to review here, if I am correct he has titled it "TRAUME". I will start with his latest track " Something Special part 1" and then to his later recent produced single " Drop top". 

The song " Something Special part 1 " is incredibly good, he has a very good vocal sound and can sing varied high notes sadly the song duration is 1 minute and 17 seconds the beats the lyrics and the vocals are very professional and it has a high potential for becoming a worldwide hit song. I mean when you hear how pure and high he can sing in this song " Something Different part two" is unbelievable. The tunes and melodies do remind me a bit of usher but he can sing just almost sing on the same high level with his vocals. 

His track " interlude" starts with talking with a story by a female and I guess himself, and then that lovely vocal sound of him he is really a born singer. I really am blown away by his vocal power and the amazing beats they used, I feel when more and more going to listen to his music he soon is on billboard charts or any other. My credits for the production as well, very smooth clean and Profesional.  

" Summertime" is again very beautiful amazing beats and tunes, sometimes in my mind when I listen to his vocals I always think I hear USHER but it is not, he is just an amazing R$B vocal singer I really love it. 

" The routine" is more a rap song mixed with RB sounds very lovely done, and he is very good in writing songs. And it is the first song I hear some mastering of his vocals, but it remains a very lovely song. He can not only sing but as well rap incredibly if it is his own voice I am doubting about that aha. 

When you listen to a whole album, there are mostly songs you like but aren't the best of the artist. I have that with " Lonely" it is good but I hear too much mastering which I barely hear at the rest of his album. I think the uptempo and RB sounds are more his genre, then ballads. 

I am now listening to his newest and latest song " drop top" and That is more his style and genre, immediately from the beginning amazing vocally and his freestyle is dope as well. This song is amazingly produced with sick beats and has again a high potential of a worldwide hit song, I am impressed by the skills of this versatile artist. 

My final words: the album is full of wonderful RB  and hip hop sounds have amazing lyrics and he has a very good vocal reach the level how he produces the songs are on a very high level and most of his songs have potential to become known around this world. Therefore share this review with this new RB/hip hop star as much as you can. 








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This is Dylan he is an Artist | Producer | Songwriter from Los Angeles, he recently released his first single. Read my single review on Chatsong, listen to his music and give votes and comments underneath this review

 I'm an artist/producer from Los Angeles, Ca currently working on my newest music project, "Young Dyløn" I've launched my first single on SoundCloud last week, following up will be the official release on Spotify/iTunes on the 21st of July. 
My previous band, "Call Me Anything" has had a ton of success commercially with tv placements on multiple networks such as "FOX, NBC, Bravo and more.
This versatile artist is Dylan, he has played in a band Call me anything before now he went solo as artist, and just released his debut single "I don't trust"
The intro of the song has melodic tunes and then comes a very lovely voice, together with the dance tunes it sounds really lovely. This song has lyrics easy to remember and refrain when you listen closely to it you hear some mastering they used with vocals but it does not disturb it actually make the song a potential for worldwide hit music. Also, it has some tunes which remind me of hotline bling but it is not the sounds and vocals are very different but somehow it came up in my mind. And let me tell you, even Drake came up in my mind,  this track from Dylan is way better. I rather listen to this amazing song, this is world class produced music. This artist has a bright future ahead, I am pretty sure a lot of music fans and important music networks and industry's will love this song by Dylan, and can't wait when he release this song on all major networks on 21st of July, this future worldwide known artist has to be heard and shared around the world with his incredibly good track, therefore share this review as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review
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This is ZEEK GOODY he just released his debut album named Edison Theory, in the genre Hip-hop read my review on Chatsong listen to his recently released album and give votes and comments underneath this review

This is ZEEK GOODY a young hip hop artist he just released his first album, which I will be going to review. Chatsong reviews all genres, thus hip-hop as well. His first single is called " How you want it " I like the dramatic intro with the melodies they used. He can rap very good, clear and understandable also I hear no vocal mastering it's all pure and that makes this song a great hip hop song. I really like hip hop with a story in the lyrics, and the fact that he can rap and freestyle aren't to doubt because he can.

The song " Blockbuster" there you can hear how good his rap part is and that he does it all with passion and pure vocal sound, the song is with the beats very well produced it has good potential for the hip hop scene and fans worldwide. 

I am at his latest single " We Straight" again you hear his powerful freestyle and vocal sound, the beats and tunes are reduced so he has all the space to show his rap talent. And I really love that this gives him a lot of opportunities because now labels and radios and hip-hop fans can hear what he capable of is 

His album has to be heard around the world, by many hip-hop industries and fans, because he has some amazing skills that have to be acknowledged. Therefore share this review as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review




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I am a musician from Manchester and living in London. Playing catchy riffs which are followed by unique vocals. Read my review on Chatsong, listen to his music and give votes and comments underneath this review

Adam K is a solo Guitarist/Singer, who currently resides in London. Having years of experience under his belt means Adam is skilled at his craft. His appreciation of Rock music and understanding of what makes a song good, means he has a list of great originals, stemming from his personal taste in music. Even without a backing band, Adam K's songs are filled with powerful vocals, personal lyrics, and fierce guitar riffs. Now enjoy some well-executed rock music.


This is Adam K he did post his music-video inside the chat forum, so I really wanted to hear more from him and give him a review. He has recorded some acoustic rock songs, only guided by a guitar that is quite impressive already. He has sent me two songs " Obey" and " save me" and has a few other on his SoundCloud. I will start with his oldest recorded track " Left inside" It has a great intro just a guitar and how he plays he has for sure a gift for rhythm, his vocals are lovely to hear it goes from low to high and he uses different octaves while singing them. I really love the voice combined with the rock sounds, I am pretty sure when a studio hear his talent they will make a blast of a rock hit song. The song " See through" he immediately start with a diversity of vocal sounds out of his throat, which gives immediately the impression he is a very professionally singer. I really like the dramatic touch he uses while singing and shows the vocal power this acoustic artist has, and his guitar play work is brilliant!

Then we " save me" which has a lovely rhythmic intro, it makes you wanna dance on it. And again that lovely melodic dramatic vocals especially at the end of the track just amazing. He knows how to bring his music to the audience who listen to his tracks, I am impressed by this talented vocal singer and acoustic guitar player. 

I am at his latest song which is not on his SoundCloud account it is named "Obey" and that song hits off with a terrific guitar accords and once again he gives it all with singing. You can hear so much varied octaves in his vocals, it is really amazing and all pure! This singer-songwriter is for sure a talented one, and I really want to see him playing live and jam his guitar. 

Therefore, share this review and brilliant acoustic singer-songwriter as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review









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VERIS is AJ Edwards and Mark Hylander. After working with each other for several years, the two teamed up as songwriters to tell personal and universal truths and connect with others through their songs. They just released their first debut single as a duo and a video will be coming soon, read my single review on chatsong of this recent duo in the music industry

This duo VERIS is recently started after working several years together, they just released their first track named " Opening Night" it is on major platforms and a video will soon be released. Read my single review on Chatsong, listen to their first song and give votes or comments underneath this review. 

The song has a nice rhythmical intro, great tunes, and great melodic sounds, and the lead singer of this duo has a marvelous unique sounded vocal it sounds very pure and great in this track! This track can become a worldwide known hit song, all music enthusiasts young and old will love this track I am pretty sure! It has all elements the songwriting, the sounds the tunes I really love it. This duo is very talented and they will come very far with their amazing song, I can't stop listening to their track. I really  am curious what their next songs will sound like, these are artists to watch and follow on their music accounts because I feel they soon will be touring as duo around the world and giving autographs and gigs to make that happen,  share this review as much as you can





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This is Hannah Renton vocalist and composer studying Songwriting at BIMM Brighton after completing a Music course at The BRIT School, and also singer in a band called SEKADAUK read my single review at chatsong and listen to her music and give votes and comments

This is Hannah Renton she is vocalist and composer, more songs and information can be found on her accounts in this review

has just released her debut single " Higher" and asked me for a single review, of course, I did not say no, so here we go.

The song is an amazing dance track, great production and her vocals are very good. She has a unique vocal sound and it fits perfectly in the dance tunes, her voice makes this song really a potential for a worldwide known dance hit song. It has all elements in the single and will attract many audiences worldwide, I think this song will soon be on worldwide television and bigger charts. Her first single is already an amazing hit song, really want to know what single comes next I am already a big fan of this wonderful vocal talented singer. This single really needs to be heard and especially shared across the globe, because it is high-quality level music

Higher is available on Amazon, Itunes, and Spotify






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Duo Hemmingway existed out of Dave Moriaty and CeCe Hemmings brings elements of drum n bass, grime, punk, electro, and pop together to create their own unique sound. read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give votes and comments underneath this review

Their influences range from current contemporary artists, such as Skrillex, Rudimental, Disclosure, but also draw from many huge names in rock, citing bands such as Nirvana, Muse, The Killers, and Kings of Leon, not to mention punk influences, such as Siouxie and the Banshees and Blondie.

Lyrically, they do not shy away for controversy. Their songs range from commenting on domestic violence, immigration, and austerity to name a few. Always socially conscious, they hope to strike a chord in people's hearts, whilst shaking the foundations of every venue they play with their huge sound. 

CeCe Hemmings (Vocals/Programming)

CeCe has had a successful career spanning 20 years in electronic music, working with iconic artists of the 90s, such as The Shamen, Moby, The Prodigy and D:Ream.

After taking a break to raise her family, she is now ready to return to the scene with a brand new sound. Always interested in mixing genres, her aim with this project is to bring big beats, punk guitars, thumping bass lines and strident vocals together, in order to create something unique.

Dave Moriaty

David has been playing and writing songs since 2001, as a band member in alt/indie/punk/techno bands (Foot In Mouth, Torque Armada, Teen Death Squad to name a few). He is also a music graduate from Colchester Institute and EssexUniversity. As well as playing for Hemmingway, he is a talented acoustic singer/songwriter in his own right

This duo is Hemmingway, they ask me for a review of their not yet brought out single " rise again" and wow this is nothing compared to their older material on Soundcloud great volume great vocals amazing dance tunes this is a good potential for a worldwide hit song!


Their other demo track " Rise Again which is now their debut single soon has also a lot potential I like this song, good usage of vocals and dance tunes and what I love the most is her own pure vocals which can reach high notes and that is her strongest quality while singing, the lower notes are also lovely but once she does the very high octaves it is like wow ! and when you look to their video on their website a live footage man what a vocal power she has! she must do this every day she can really sing amazing ! will put the video underneath this review, so you listeners and readers have a better impression on what she can as a singer!

All by all this duo and their music, whether it is EDM DUBSTEP or that beautiful live footage they have on their website has to be heard around the world, therefore, share this review as much as you can.




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This is Hegarty Official band read my single review on Chatsong, currently released " I only dream in black and white" and listen to their music and give your feedback underneath this review. We are hegarty Scouse folk country indie rockers, Dave hegarty lead vocal and acoustic guitar, harmonica.Chris keo McKeown bass guitar Waka staffo drums and percussion. Ian igga cousins lead guitar and harmonicas, Alex Tweedle keyboards. We love playing live and the feel we get from the audience, just released our new single and about to take the world by storm with our new album ready for release

Hegarty was formed in 2014 when David, Waka and Chris decided to record a few songs they had been working on together. Igga joined soon after recruiting Alex along the way to make our line-up complete and it hasn’t changed much since.Things have gone really well for us so far and we’ve had a fair bit of airplay on many radio stations including local Liverpool stations, going national in Scotland and even international in USA and France.

 Our debut album is now complete and new singleI only dreamwas recently released with an accompanying b-side “lonely for too long” so why not check it out now. We also have anEarly Recordings 4 song EP which is, we are proud to say, smashing it on iTunes has received 5-star ratings.

Above you can read their biography and musical achievements as artists, Then now my review about these musicians from Bootle. They have made some other tracks on their music account at SoundCloud, I try to listen to these as well. 

The oldest song they made is "Drifted" The song starts with a beautiful acoustic guitar and a nice warm melodic tune, which gives you as a listener a relaxed state of mind. The song is very lovely written, and the lead singer has a great voice with a hoarseness but with the instruments the calm tunes it is really a very nice recorded song. This is material to work with as a label and a great song for many online radio stations.

Then there is a song called " Time on our Hand" the intro immediately starts with a beautiful warm vocal voice and that hoarseness he owns makes every note incredibly, and at same moments I really hear Bryan Adams it is spooky so close. Again my credits for the production and songwriting, this song is for sure hit song material. 

There are three Demo songs " Redemption can't be found and " black and white" and " Broken Soul" in the first demo you hear some background noises but it is a typical sound of a demo recording. I can hear one of the members can play very good on the drums and guitar, then again that lovely hoarseness vocal sound with some professional studio time they can make this song their next released song it is a good song. 

Their demo song " Broken soul is so amazingly produced, and that voice I really love it and in this track, you can hear varied notes he can reach but with the same amazing hoarseness and there are sometimes things that could be work on but overall an amazing rock song. My god that electric guitar work is really good, the members who play the instruments certainly know how to jam on it. I believe this demo is the only song in the rock genre, the other songs I can't really put a name on I know only that is lovely music. 

The black and white demo is released in a single they brought out " I only dream in black and white" and man that song is lovely great used instruments and wonderful lyrics but I am pretty sure all their songs are so good because of the unique sounded vocal sound of the lead singer and of course the members who guide him with the instruments and suddenly almost at the end of this song is an amazing wonderfully wind horn used which makes it very cool to hear. 

I have listened to all of their songs and I like them all one demo has some work needed, but a demo  I can't critic because it is a demo song and not an official released work. But it is sure a song to release so when they going to do that I hope the lead singer focus on his higher octave when singing, besides that he is a talented amazing singer. Their music has to be heard around the world, it is great recorded music and for sure they deserve a signing by a  record label.  So when you read this share this enough to make that dream for them to happen, also for more fans or radio airplay or anything else worldwide!







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