Shadowplay was formed out of the idea that rock of its many forms should not be limited to one gender or another. Shadowplay tries to combine all genders of rock to create their original sound, read my review on chatsong and listen to their songs. Also, give votes and comments underneath this review.

Shadowplay was formed out of the idea that rock of its many forms should not be
limited to one gender or another. Shadowplay tries to combine all genders of rock to
create their original sound. Each member brings their own influences to the mix the
members of this band aren’t new to the music scene. All of the band have been playing
since they were teens and all know how to play at least two instruments. This band's
goal is to have fun doing what they do and hope they make some friends along the
way. Shadowplay as a name means the shadows of owns mind the ideas, the pain
sometimes lurking in the shadows of our life. Shadowplay is when you can combine the person you really are the person you claim to be Shadowplay is when imagination
becomes reality this idea is SHADOWPLAY


This rock band is Shadowplay, Above you can read the philosophy behind their band and how they want to make music. Then now my review about this band from Marion NC. The first song is " Jaded" and they don't lie about creating their own rock sound. I like the message behind their written lyrics, it has a deeper story than just hit on the instruments. I like the kinda whispered vocal he uses in different octaves, with the great sounded rock sounds it gives the song a great boost. They can play for sure good on instruments, its a musical spectacle when listening to their music. The song " greed" has a great refreshing rock sound it's hard but very adorable, in combination with the diversity in the vocal sounds of the singer makes it a great rock song. When I listen to " Stitch the Scar" the tunes of the intro are melodic and somehow I thought to have heard a similar intro from the song summer of 69 Bryan Adams, but when you listen closely it has different accords. Its very great to hear that intro, it has something unique. " Tranquility" is sung calmer by the lead singer he does show that he can sing varied notes as well, but the rock sounds are marvelous great fast drum work. This band has made a lot of songs if you are a metal and rock enthusiast, they will not disappoint you. From what I have heard they make great rock, this has to be heard by those rock networks radio stations and enthusiasts worldwide. Therefore share this review as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath it.

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Judd Hoos is an American Rock Band based in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Breathe In was released just over a year ago and charted number 23 on the iTunes new rock charts. Since then the band has spent the past year finishing the full-length album, Music In The Dark that is set to be released June 2, 2017. Read my album review on chatsong, and listen to their preview singles on the provided digital outlets at their website.

The constantly touring band resorted to their own creativity when it came to writing and recording while on the road. From recording drums tracks in an abandoned grain
elevator to constructing a vocal booth out of hotel room mattresses, there was no idea
too unconventional to halt this project. The album boasts an acoustic driven Americana
Rock sound with an eclectic mix of influences, echoing their ties to their midwest
homes. With rough-hewn vocals, intricate guitar work and the heartfelt songwriting, the album is a representation of the life these young road dogs lead: Tyler Bills(vocals), Devin Bills(keyboard, guitar, mandolin), Andy Young(guitar), Shane Funk(drums), and Chris Hornick(bass). The band is preparing for an exciting and busy summer tour to promote their new album including 10 nights at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally



This rock band is Judd Hoos from South Dakota, above you can read their biography and musical history which can be found on their website. They will release their new album " Music in the dark" 2nd of June so I have the honor to listen to their 10 songs as first. And their first song recorded is " Breathe in" on their album, then now my review. It has a great intro uptempo and lovely instruments to hear, the lead singer Tyler Bills knows how to sing. He has an amazing vocal reach, and together with the background singers and sounds it is hit song potential globally. Even I never heard the track, I want to sing their lyrics and refrain. The second song " Say my name" has a great rock and Roll tune, with the voice enhancer added in it, gives the song a boost. Mostly not always I like an enhancer added by their vocals, but this one fits. And besides that, the lead singer has a wonderful raw pure rock vocal. My credits for the songwriter and production of the album, it is very professional done.  I also like the diversity used in sounds and melodies in their songs, because " Billboard in Music" is very varied from "Say my name " great guitar solo used in it. This song deserves for sure to end up on the first title of the track BILLBOARD or MTV, it is amazing produced and has a high level of becoming an addict of their sounds and vocals. I am pretty sure when more will listen to these rock artists, they become a groupie and their album will sell as a machine! This is really good high quality recorded music, I am very impressed by their music and vocal reach. I mean if you hear his vocal in " Best kept Regret" you will fall in love with his quality as a singer, it sounds really good. For me even better then many famous singers out there, this is a unique sound he possesses. The intro of this song " House party" with the drums is amazing to listen, and I love the mix of genres they use in their music it is refreshing and stunning to hear. OMG believe me this band will be soon performing worldwide, its world-class level music. The ballad on the album called " The man" really gets you quit in your total body, that voice gives you goosebumps. I don't know else what to say about the albums, it's just one of the best albums I heard so far the variety and diversity are amazing in each song. The lyrics, the vocals the sounds treat your body mind and ears. " Be Alright" the power he has in his voice is wonderful, and those notes are not easy to do but he sings it with no fights in his throat to reach those octaves, and not the mention the background lovers are good as well. Especially in this song " Music in the dark" that vocal duet is outstanding, they both have vocal power and sounds so good together. Not all duets fit together in vocal reach, but they are a golden duet, wow, this ballad is the best I ever heard. Those qualities you mostly expect between let's say Christina Aguilera and RaggNbone on international television, so you can understand How good they are. Also, his voice sounds amazing in " Strong" and how more carefully I listen I hear Bryan Adams almost in his voice, and again the background vocals make it outstanding world-class music along with the instrumental sounds especially the guitar solo part!  I am at their latest song from the album " Awake" and Jesus what a brilliant song. I am speechless and have no criticism and even don't know what to tell anymore Besides that their album is high class produced music, and they earn international fame and touring. If that happens I am very intense happy to say they are on chatsong with a review! these artists deserve to be heard shared discovered and found internationally, therefore share this review as much as you can and when the album is released buy buy buy!

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Matt O Keefe musician, Singer/Songwriter, & Audio-Engineer: Letting my fans perceive the world through my eyes and ears. Read my song review on Chatsong, listen to the songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

This versatile artist is Matt OKeefe, has provided me with two songs called " Too late" and "Sinner's Tongue" and has posted it into the first and second artist forum for you to listen.  Too Late starts with a beautiful acoustic guitar intro. Then, wow, that voice comes in. His pure vocal performance has a vast dynamic range and is delivered with such emotion and passion. You can tell that the lyrics were well thought-out before they were written. This song was written with full potential (both musically and lyrically). This guy doesnt fail to impress. Not to mention the great quality that Too Late was recorded in. That being said, this artist has the potential to go a long distance in the music world.

I did some digging and stumbled upon another song by Matt OKeefe. Its called, "Sinner's Tongue. Again, never fails to impress. Amazingly created by this brilliant artist. Both Sinners Tongue and Too Late was fully produced from the song writing to the recording/mixing of every instrument.

Both songs have a high potential to be a hit, whether it be on the radio airwaves worldwide or published to a movie or television network.

Matt OKeefe, without doubt, is a talented singer/songwriter and I cannot wait for new releases.  He has to be heard and discovered around the world. With that being said, please help spread the word by sharing his music as much as you can and provide us with some votes/comments located underneath this song review.

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”Folk Rock/Americana singer/songwriter Jiggley Jones, His songwriting is relevant and fresh, and he has a vocal style all his own. Read my review here on Chatsong, listen to his songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

His songwriting is relevant and fresh, and he has a vocal style all his own,” says Grammy-nominated Nashville producer and label president Dave Moody. Reiterating that same sentiment former manager Michael Stover once mentioned that “Jiggley has that one-of-a-kind sound…his songs will touch you and move you with their beautiful lyrics and melodic strength.”Folk Rock/Americana singer/songwriter Jiggley Jones


The project, ame about in late 2007. A full-length album is in the works for release in early summer 2017. “I’ve never heard anyone sing like Jiggley… his sound is so huge, it seems like it is everywhere and is as much coming to him as from him… he appears to be drawing in the sound while drawing in the listener…he has a style all his own.” A quote from former manager George Grauer. With the production help of Chris Tristram, Jones put together his debut release, an EP titled “No Spring Chicken” in the fall of 2012. This four song gem was recorded separately in rural Pennsylvania and Los Angeles. With the help of Michael Stover at MTS Management Group, which Jones signed with in early 2013, the release really made a splash. Briefly showing on the AMA charts, and for an eight-month period on the Roots Music Report charts, where he gained Top 5 spots in two different categories, the album has been recognized worldwide. The “fallout” from this EP helped Jones grab “Songwriter of the Year” honors at the 2013 International Music and Entertainment Awards (IMEA). Numerous nominations also resulted including three at the 2014 Artist Music Guild (AMG) Heritage Awards in Charlotte, NC, two in the 2014 New Music Awards in Los Angeles, CA, and one at the 2014 Independent Country Music Association Awards in Nashville. 

This folk Americana singer-songwriter is Jiggley Jones, press related and music industry related has nominated his work a lot and wrote beautifully quotes about his music. Which all can be found above and at his website, then now my review about his songs.  I will start with his oldest release " Ain't that alright" it is typical a country sounded song but with an original modern twist.  I really love the deep low talking in it, it has your full attention. The song is refreshing and not common style country sounded, it has great melodies and tunes. " welcome home" sounds very varied from the song I just heard, and man what has this guy an amazing vocal reach. He can sing so many notes pure and in every octave, with that hoarseness in it makes it outstanding to listen. I can really listen 24 hours to his exceptional vocals and music, this is a singer-songwriter who is so good that he earned a broadway star. A new music legend has come into this world, I have no critic at all, it is all world class music. And I am sure if you are not a country music fan, listen to his music and him you will love even if you are not a fan of it. And this song " Baby Blue" has a typical folk and country sound, but his voice is magical in this song. It takes you in a trance, and all around you stop it is just you and his voice.Walk on me"  The song start immediately with a magnificent intro with natural acoustic sounded sounds,  I hear a beautiful piano work in it.  Wow, That voice is amazing so pure and professionally sounded, with those amazing tunes you fall in love at first listen. Damned, He makes me speechless, I don't want to write anymore but enjoy his beautiful music. I am at his newest release " truth seeker" has again a beautifully intro with the violin and other acoustic instruments, and this song is really hit song potential. So diverse, and he uses many vocal octaves it is really stunning to listen. I did become a fan, and his music is incredibly beautiful and I am a big fan of his voice. This has to be heard worldwide on every radio station in the living room, and I believe live he sounds even better. If you read my review and have listened, share this legendary singer as much as you can. So his music gets picked up by worldwide events and networks, he definitely has earned it.

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Our band is 3TL - Third Time Luckie - 3 pieces pop-punk/pop- rock from West Sussex, recent reformation and have a single out to get the ball rolling. Formed in 2007 with A LOT of history, read my review on chatsong listen to their songs. Also, give comments and votes underneath this review and they posted a video in the forum for you to listen.

Third Time Luckie (or 3TL) are three piece pop-punk/punk rock band hailing from the south of England.The band was established in 2006 by founder Chris Horner and joined by Duncan Lee and Carl Swietlik.

Winning the 2006 Battle of the bands, 3TL released 2 short E.P's and embarked on mini tours around the UK promoting the material. A third visit to the studio created the band's first album 'No Time To Waste'.

3TL became a regular name on the local radio and were a big hit in newspapers the music press often being heard on online radios around the world.With Duncan Lee's departure and the arrival of new members Olly Vincent and Matt Dawe, the band moved in a new direction becoming a 4 piece for the first time. With new material the band continued to grow, playing at the top of the BT Tower and reaching the finals in the UK battle of the bands.3TL released their first major single 'Alyc' via iTunes and as a ring tone. Supported by further mini tours 'Alyc' entered the Rock Charts at No.32.

With Matt and Olly leaving the band Antonio Tugnut joined to take on bass duties.With 'Alyc' gaining major airplay across the globe petitions began appearing online for the band to start touring internationally.3TL released their 2nd major single 'You're The One' and shot their first music video, with Nuts magazine. Unfortunately, the band was not able to recreate the same success on their second single and Chris left the band. in 2011 3TL reformed with Luke Holden taking over drums.After various shows, the group disbanded in 2014.In late 2016 Chris was rejoined by Carl Sweitlik and new bass player Andy Clare to relaunch the band. The first single from this new lineup "Wide Eyed Thinking" was released in February 2017.
As you can read above the band has switched some members, during the existence of their band. They have already achieved beautiful things in the industry as a band, then now my review about this pop-punk post-punk band. I will review their latest singles they made with the new member of the band, and for sure do listen to older songs they made with the old members of the band. The first song  " Wide-eyed thinking" they made with the new member Andy.  Chris is the lead singer and never left the band and Andy does the backing vocals this information they gave me and in " Never Alone" is Andy the lead singer and Chris the backing vocals. 
The intro of the song " wide-eyed thinking" immediately impressed me by first listen. I really love the lyric video with text, these days a lot famous singers and bands used this. That means they knew how to bring the attention to their video's and music, and when they play and sing it. The level of quality goes really high, this is a band who has the potential to become a famous band around the world. Their music sounds like Blink 182 and other magnificent bands when you listen to their music, you instantly become a fan they are enormously good. Their music sounds professional and you get addicted to their style, I have a good feeling about this band they can become very far with their amazing quality music. By this band I would say can you hear they are unsigned? I don't, I mean these boys play better than some famous bands you hear on famous television or radio music channels. When you listen " Never Alone " your ear will get a nice treatment, it sounds all so incredible the vocals, the instruments and a perfect timing while singing. I am so glad they posted a video in the first forum and asked me for a review, now their name is out and everyone can search and listen to them and their brilliant music in other countries. It would be a shame if this band not would be searched and heard, I meant this is exactly the purpose of project chatsong. Would you have known and searched thirdtimeluckie in your country?, I guess not. But now you have a chance to hear this future famous band, who will perform on stage and be heard worldwide on bigger music networks with their amazing music. To make this happen, share these talented post-punk, pop-punk band as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 
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Vix Sambi is an R & B/Soul artist from the U.K who brings a twist to music with a passion. With his soulful voice and smooth lyrics, this RnB/Soul artist is sure to make an impact. Read my review of Chatsong, listen to the songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Born in 1987 Vix Sambi has been singing and had a passion for music from a young age as he recalls dancing and singing to Michael Jackson (Billie Jean).

A self-taught singer and songwriter Vix Sambi always used to sing wherever he was and Went, singing to other artist song's and making up his own melodies, thinking up his own lyrics quickly on the spot. Practicing day after day in his own bedroom studio pushing himself which enabled him to build up a strong and powerful vocal scale. For this artist, the hard work has started to pay off with the good outcome. Dreamed of being a singer, performer, and writer Vix Sambi made it a reality by putting in the hard work and dedication to record his own song's whilst helping other artists along the way. He is very passionate about creating his own material and own unique sound. He is currently working with and has previously worked with various talented artists and producers such as Tariq Khan (LEGACY), Ak1 Productions, Pyro Kenasis, KONVICT) artist Mr. Williams, Janade Miah and Rupture UK.  He enjoys spending his time writing his own fresh material and experimenting writing in English and Punjabi. Singing in Punjabi is another talent that this artist has. Fusing and mixing songs up with both his spoken languages gives him more of a diverse sound. Vix Sambi had the pleasure to work alongside Miss Globe 2014, Miss Teen 2014 and some of the UFC, MMA fighters who took part in his music video for song Don't Fly Away. This song also featured one of the musicians by the name of Tariq Khan (Legacy) that inspired Vix Sambi from a younger age to sing. It was truly a dream come true for him to have him feature in his song Don't Fly Away.

This artist has performed at many venues such as OXFORD JUBILEE, MISS INDIA UK FINALS 2011, MISS INDIA FINALS NORTH broadcasted live on TV with the star player PETER CROUCH spectating the performances. More venues include the ARABS FASHION SHOW AWARDS 2012 at the Mayfair and 2015 show at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London. HORNCHURCH FESTIVAL, HARROW UNDER ONE SKY FESTIVAL, MANCHESTER DONLEY, SLOUGH COMMUNITY GATHERING, LIMELIGHT UK, AURA BAR BIRMINGHAM, INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 2015 and many charity events held by the MISS INDIA finalists and other organizations. Performing alongside artists such as (BALWINDER SAFRI, DCS, RAXSTAR, HARVEY SAHOTA, SABAR KOTI).

He has had his songs played on many different radio stations in the U.S, UK, Australia, India and Canada. Vix.Sambi has also been in the top 15 RVB Music chart, song's play-listed on BBC Asian Network Playlist. Another feature was by Brit Asia one of the top Asian music channels which aired Vix Sambi music video to be broadcasted on Sky.

This singer-songwriter is Vix Sambi, as you can read he has a great resume build up as an artist and supporter of other artists. Then now my review about this soulfully R&B singer, and his track " Turn Black" in the mean time he has a new release made " DI Mera" which I both will review. And he has made much much more, which you can find at his digital outlets. Also, his video is posted in the second artist forum, so you can listen there too. Damned, this sound from the start good, his voice is amazing and with the beats, it makes it outstanding hit song potential. I like the laid back tunes, this way you hear the lyrics and his voice very clear. It is a beautiful soul ballad, this guy has a bright future ahead worldwide this is exceptional good. This track " Di Mera" is in Punjabi which is very lovely to listen, it.s a mix of two languages, if I am correct. 

You really should listen to this song " Nach ke" it is a great dance track and with his vocal sounds, it is really sick. This singer is really talented, he does a lot of styles and genres and it all sounds wonderful I am really impressed. Especially his song " Don't fly away" with Tariq Khan, the production is really wonderful done. The intro is surprising, you not except this Arabic sounded voice. And then after the intro, an amazing soulful R$B track with a lovely dance tune.  

When I listen to his older tracks, I become more and more fan of this versatile artist from The Uk. These two songs " fly so high" and " Waiting for you" are so good. And can be soon being end up at the Billboard charts or any other charts worldwide. No wonder, he has already achieved an amazing career with his beautiful music. Although there is used some mastering here and there, It is very good R$B music. The only critic people could have at his older tracks is that his voice sounds similar in all of the tracks, but that does not disturb me because he is a good singer. and in most of the other songs, his vocals shows diversity in notes and performance. 

This talented singer has for sure being heard around the world, with his brilliant produced R&B and soul sounded dance songs, therefore share this artist as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.

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I'm a solo artist/audio engineer from Montreal, Canada. I've been in and out of bands since I was 15 years old. Music always had me so interested I tried to learn everything I could and now at 24 years old I work at a recording studio. Read my review on Chatsong, listen to his music and give votes and comments underneath this review.

I write/record/produce/mix/master for bands/artists in my area and try to give them the start and guidance I wish I had when I started out.
My main passion is still writing and recording my own personal music, I probably have
about 3 albums worth of material backed up. I'm looking to release a CD this summer that's going to be a wide variety of genres from acoustic to heavy rock.
Now that I'm able to work on my own, and have the freedom to release whatever I
want, I'm ready to show everyone what I'm capable of.


This is Alex Arbour he builds up some experiences in the music industry, during the years he works in it. He started on recording his own music, which I will review now. Then now my reviews about the songs he recorded, and the first song is " Piece of me"

It has already a beautiful intro just guided by a guitar, the lyrics are written amazingly with emotions. The song on his own is beautiful to listen, he has a good voice but he has used a voice enhancer in that song and that is not needed because he can sing very good in his other song " Drown Front porch Step" And if I am correct I hear more vocals in that song there is written he and his friends covered the song. I really like this new song " backseat" his voice does remind me of blink 182, this song has a lot potential to become a world-class rock hit. They tracked vocals, mixed and mastered the ENTIRE song. You can hear the mastering in it, but this time it isn't disturbing. The thing with mastering vocals is they like it or they hate it, it can make or break your song if you do not use it correctly. If I most compare between " backseat" and "piece of me"  would choose backseat. Not that piece of me isn't good, somehow I am more attracted to his other produced songs. This artist produced also songs for more musicians, at his Soundcloud which you have to listen. The tracks I listened there are very amazing produced, and sounds really good. There are some songs with a high potential for a lot of music networks. I will include some of his work underneath this review, this is a versatile artist to follow his musicianship career and work. This man and friends definitively have to be heard and shared around the world. To increase fans, streams known and more they earn it for sure. And I like he want to help all kind artists with their music, Great job love it.

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We are Shotgun21 from Crawley, West Sussex, a 4 piece band blending the sum of our influences (punk, 90's indie, grunge, and rock) into our own style of original songs, The band is Michael Jones (vocals guitars) Ian Pearce (bass ), Brian Poole (keyboards/samples) and Simon Helm (drums)

We have been playing locally for about 4 years but are looking to expand our gigging area, especially in the Brighton area. We have a new Ep launching on Friday 24th march at The Plough 3 Bridges Crawley....Cyclone Ranger Ep featured 4 tracks including the Ska-punk influences "Crazy kind of way"

This band is shotgun21 a 4 piece punk and other genres band, they recently released their album " Cyclone Ranger" which I will be going to review read it here on chatsong. I will start with their oldest song on their album, which is called " Crazy kind of way".

The intro is already very unique, fun melodies and tunes it is swinging a lot. I really love the instrumental sounds like saxophone and more, it is an amazing mix of various genres in one track it does remind me of ska. The next song is called " Ravey Davey" and the intro is wicked which makes it fascinating to keep listening, what more will come in the song. And what does comes is really lovely, so many rhythms and it makes you wanna dance on it. I like the combination of different genres and melodies by various instruments used in it.  This is so exceptional music its is so lovely to listen, When you listen to " Cyclone ranger" it makes you joyful and besides that the vocals used in it are stunning and the various sounds makes it outstanding material.  These artists know how to make music, all elements are so amazing. I like it when the songs are varied and have a different sound, in this song " Ivory snow" the drum work is on his own a compliment worth it sounds so good.  And when you hear the instruments and other additions added to the song, it really has you full ear. This album is wonderfully produced, each song is stunning to listen and I like the variety of tunes and melodies. This has to be heard around the world, this is what I call a talented band who deserves more known and performances worldwide.  Therefore share this funky rocking unique sounded band as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.

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I am Jakob, 22 and currently based in Austria. I was at a Jazz conservatory for 6 Month, and a few weeks ago started to record my debut ep. Read my review on Chatsong, listen to his debut singles and give votes and comments underneath this review.

I am Jakob, 22 and currently based in Austria. I was at a Jazz conservatory for 6
month, because I could not afford it anymore. I am traveling around Europe during
Summer playing smaller gigs, and a few weeks ago started to record my debut ep, I
would rather record an Album, nor again, can't afford it. So I am trying to Support the
release of the debut ep with stripped down versions of the 3 songs that will be out the end of May.


This is Jakob Davys, he comes from Austria as you can read he plays smaller gigs because of money shortcoming as an artist. So he is trying with his music, getting heard by a bigger audience. He is here at the right address, so read my review here. 

The first song I will listen is " In hundred Years" The start is already lovely just an acoustic guitar and his voice, he sings tremendously in the lower notes in the higher notes he can work at more. It is not bad I like it, he has potential but I think with a coach and proper recording studio quality it will give that extra touch. The second song " What you need " is beautiful written and it does touch you when he sings it, especially only guided by his guitar. I hear the emotions in his vocals, which makes the song special. This is a singer to keep an eye at, once the songs are recorded professionally and with a good microphone, he will impress everyone.

This song "Common lies" his vocals are really good a bit lower and with the hoarseness in it makes it very interesting. He has a unique vocal sound, in fact, he has a lot potential to become a well-known singer. Till now all songs are beautifully written and sung like I wrote I advice him a vocal coach for the higher octaves. Besides that, he can sing lovely and with the guitar it's outstanding. 

This singer-songwriter has to be heard by studios, radio, and record labels. He is for sure talented, and therefore share this review and his music as much as you can. Also, gives votes and comments as a record label, radio or studios and off course music fans it will be appreciated.

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Nick Aslam is a product of the council estates and streets in Burton on Trent who in this last year has been injected by the press as one of the UKs best new singer-songwriters, He continues this quest into the music industry with great support from the BBC & local radio stations across the nation. Read my review of singer-songwriter Nik Aslam, listen to the songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Nick Aslam is a product of the council estates and streets in Burton on Trent who in
this last year has been injected by the press as one of the UKs best new singer-songwriters, He continues this quest into the music industry with great support from the BBC & local radio stations across the nation.

In the beginning, Nicks sound was rooted deep into the heart of Country and Indie
holding a maturity in his songwriting which had been compared to the grit of Cash
meeting the romance of Richard Hawley but stop the clocks and pause in the present
day Nicks work with UK producer Martin Glover has seen him grow into his new
project “Rebel City Revival”.

The coming together of these four musicians has been described as a revelation, the
ones to look out for with songs that will resonate.
It's music for stadiums and music that will make you proud to buy records again.

Why music it's real music that found him, finding a guitar in a flat he was renting with nothing to do he picked it up and hasn’t put it down.



This singer-songwriter has already a great résumé, which you can read on his website. Nick Aslam’s new single" Clowns N Guns" will be released in May, pre-release will soon be available. I have the honour to listen earlier to it, but first I will review his previous album "Crime for thought" released in June last year, before this album he made another one “Scraping For Change" in May 2015. Both albums you can listen on Itunes and Spotify, or find on his website. Now my review on his latest album and new single soon to be released. I will start with the oldest song "Night train" from the album, it starts with amazing guitar sounds and drums, then comes his vocal voice it is loud but fits the style of the song. It does remind me of Johnny Cash and other Rock and Roll legends, his music has the same speediness and lovely catchy melodies. It really takes you back in time, with a modern twist in this musical century. The next single “going home" aka "  heart ain't shaped right"  has an amazing intro and really love the style he chose with these wonderful melodies and old sounded tunes. Because of the style of music he produces with his younger age, makes it immediately very unique and gives it a lot of potential for breaking through worldwide. Nowadays there are a few who do this style of music; mostly other genres are more used. That is why I really am impressed at first listen; it springs out of many musicians and genres. When you listen to "Derailed" it’s almost you hear a different singer his voice is deeper and calmer and proofs his diversity and vocal reach. So amazingly produced and sung, great up-tempo melodies and it literally swings. Wow, he can sing so many notes and he blows me away in this song “The World Ends" there are very difficult higher octaves vocally and none of it is false. If you can reach those higher notes, it proofs this is rising star in the music industry. This song has really hit song potential, all is perfect the sounds the rhythm and vocals. My credit for all the songs he has written, very amazing to hear out of his mouth.  I have listened to all the songs of his latest album and it is very diverse but really good unique music. I am sure when he performs live he will be even better, and I am pretty sure he will soon have worldwide fans and broadcasts and performances all around the world. His newest release “Clowns n Guns” has again a different sound, but I like the unique speediness in this song it's a mix of rock and rock and roll. Also, the instruments used in this song sound really professional and good. This really has to be heard worldwide, therefore share this rising celebrity as much as you can and give votes and comments.

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