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This is 16-year-old Pop artist Samantha LaPorta, she is from Florida and has released her newest single " It's a Girl Thing" and before released more songs which I will also listen to. Read my review on chatsong, listen to her music and give votes and comments underneath this music review.

Originally from Boca Raton, FL, Samantha has been captivating local audiences with her unique vocal talents and her soulfully skilled guitar playing in local seaside venues around town. Catching the eyes and ears of local tv stations and news channels, Samantha has been doing interviews on local tv and shows around Florida.

Fans describe Samantha LaPorta as a "mix of Ariana Grande and Tori Kelly". This young artist cut her baby teeth on the legendary stages of Nashville, where she was introduced to songwriting and performing. Winning numerous awards "Best Teen Artist",  " Artist to Watch" and more.

Samantha later joined forced with multi-platinum producer/songwriter Jason Nevins and hit selling singer/songwriter Lucas Prata In the summer of 2016 Samantha's debut single "Summertime Hold On Me " was picked up by a national coffee franchise, playing coast to coast.

Samantha finished the year with her hit holiday single "Santa's Back In Business" on RADIO DISNEY and made the grade on top social site SWEETY HIGH "The Best Holiday Songs of 2016". Samantha's latest release "I Know U Know" with TwoDB can be heard on Radio Disney and SPOTIFY's Artist's Pick. Check it out today and follow for more new music and live performances from this rising star.


This is 16 years old Samantha, she is from Florida and has just released her newest single " It is a Girl Thing" and released more tracks before. Which I all will going to review, one of her holiday single " Summertime Hold on me" has been broadcast on Radio Disney which is already an achievement for a 16-year-old singer. I became very curious to hear her singles, so here we go I will start with her oldest recorded song and that is " One Dance".

The song opens with a beautiful piano and she starts immediately with singing, and her voice is amazing very controlled and pure. This is for sure a candidate for MTV and Billboard, she has it all to become a famous pop celeb and probably bash out the existing ones in a manner of speaking. I am impressed, at her age already this vocal reach and sound, what will it be when she grows older and how would she sound then?

Then we have " Summertime hold on me " the song starts with a melodic humming and has marvelous pop music beats. I have heard much famous pop singers, and I must say if I may be honest she is way better then Miley Cirus, Katty Perry sorry for the fans of these two singers. Her voice sounds very mature, and she has a great timing as well. I like how the song is produced, it has a certain catchy uptempo beat. I never heard her song before, but once you have listened. The lyrics and tunes stick in your head, and you want to dance on it. That is what A good written sung and produced song does, I would nominate her for many rising star awards on different big music charts, channels, and television music channels and anything related in the music field. 

Her other song is " Almost is never enough" The intro is stunning with the piano work and clapping fingers, and when she opens her mouth that voice hits you in your heart. There are only a few artists in the world who can sing so pure and high, and then I am talking about famous celebs who already made it in this world. Like Aliyah, Mariah Carey and Alicia keys who can hit that high octave and still sounds pure without sounding screaming and almost false because they give so much power that it is like they scream instead of singing. I can name a few who do that, but this goes about Samantha and she is one of the youngest artists ever I reviewed who can reach that level of highness. That means this young singer, is more than talented she is a born performer and a world-class entertainer. I believe when she performs this song on, for example, the EMA music awards, even the biggest celebs would be fallen in love with her performances. I guess the whole audience would turn into silence, and listen with open mouth to this new celeb. 

Then we have " I know U know" again a marvelous intro, this song has more uptempo pop beats very stunning production. It makes you wanna dance, and tapping on the rhythm of the beats in it. I can believe this song ended up on Radio Disney, only in my experiences is Radio Disney for child singers. This Samantha is maybe 16, but she has a voice of an adult singer and by that, her music would be loved by all music fans from different ages. So, I hope her singles will be broadcasted on every radio station there is in this world. Because she is really good and has brilliant recordings, I really want an autograph when she soon performs in my country. 

I am listening now to " Love on the Brain" it is a cover song from Rihanna. I know the original as well, she makes with her amazing voice likes it her own song and not copy the vocals of the original singer. That is how a good cover has to be, most cover a song but cover as well the original vocals and then, in my opinion, it does not add any value to you as a singer. I am blown away by this cover, and talent More I can't say then I wish she soon will play live for million people all around the world. 

This is as well a cover song " Mercy" from Shawn Mendes and like I wrote before, she does this so incredibly good in her own singing style without copying the original voice and style of the real singer. It is so so lovely to listen when she sings it. I became after hearing these songs and covers an avid fan of this young pop star. 

I will add another cover she did underneath in the comment section, you should hear this it is magnificently done and so breathtaking and emotional. I have no words, I am totally in trance.

So I am at her latest single she released " It is a Girl thing" the intro is stunning, great melodic and rhythmic dance beats and when she starts to sing you get blown away. I can,t believe she did not yet breakthrough around the world. I mean when you listen to all she has recorded, it is of such a high quality. I mean you have Bieber fans worldwide, and she certainly deserves Laporta fans anywhere. I am one of the first from the Netherlands probably, I will do all I can to get her heard everywhere so her chances to become a known worldwide singer will increase faster. So When you read my singles review and did listen to all of her recorded songs,  I am sure you become instantly a fan. This rising pop star should be heard and shared worldwide, therefore share this review with her songs as much as you can. 



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This band WORLD5 started with five close friends who were professional musicians. Although life and personal projects put them in different locations around the globe, they kept alive the desires of making music together. Read my album and songs review on chatsong, listen to their music and give votes and comments underneath this review. Also now available in the German language, check it out by @chaos_room


Sam Stevens: lead vocals, guitar, keyboards
Joe Gavito: guitars, keyboards, vocals
Steffen Goeres: guitars, trumpet
Jimmy Olsson: bass
Raimund Breitfeld: drums, percussion

They recorded their first album "Global Experience" over 3 continents together, founding members were Raimund Breitfeld, Steffen Goeres, Don Bruner,  Stephan Goessl and Roland Childs. Texans Pat Hunt and Randy Miller, who produced the band's first album, joined the band replacing Don Bruner and Roland Childs December 2012. June 2013 brought the departure of saxophonist Stephan Goessl and the arrival of Texan guitarist Joe Gavito. 2016, Album Nr.2 "Heartbeat Of The World" was released by Spectra Music Group. 2017- WORLD5, in its 3rd incarnation, has a new line up. Joining Rai, Steffen, and Joe are 2 accomplished journeymen. British singer/songwriter
and multi-instrumentalist, Sam Stevens and Swedish bass player, Jimmy Olsson.
Sam has been a successful songwriter, performer, and session guitarist in the European music scene, working with a number of artists and studios across Europe. Among those clients is a pop impresario, Simon Napier Bell.  Jimmy has performed with some of the most popular groups in Sweden, such as Nynningen, Nationalteatern,  and Björn Afzelius Band. The band is currently working on Album Number 3. 

This band is world 5 they live in different countries, and record music together. They use online communication to shorten the distance, they have released their music trough Spectagroup. More information can be found on their website, as even all their music outlets. Then now my review of these friends and musicians, and their music. 

This band has released a lot of songs over the year, I try to listen to them all. Their album is called " Heartbeat of the world"  I will start with " Because of you".  The song has a great intro some tunes from the 80the and 90the when I hear this singer sing, I hear Elton John, what has he a pleasant of powerful vocal. All notes and octaves are so close and you almost think you listen to Elton John, instead of Sam Stevens. The whole song is beautiful, great uptempo sounds and lovely lyric. This song has a high potential for a hit song everywhere, and personally, I love their style a lot. I really would love to hear them play live, I think they make a great show from it. I like especially that old sounding style they play, it reminds me of music from early periods like the 80/90the. Before there came electronic sounds and all the music was produced by the instruments and vocals, and sometimes a synthesizer. 

Then we have " Footprints" great intro again with beautiful tunes, then that calm adult vocal with a perfect timing. And he can sing very high, and pure. It is a great pop ballad, the way it is sung and recorded is lovely. I am a big fan of music from earlier periods, and now I became a big fan of their music. I like this ballad a lot and their style as well. It is a matter of taste always, everyone thinks different. 

I am listening to " Heartbeat of the world" and when you listen to the intro, with the piano in it. You immediately think back at the times from the 80the/90the, very well recorded. It has a good lyric, a positive lyric and joyful lyric. In periods we live in today, when you listen to this you get a little strength and joy. Very melodic, uptempo song and very professional recorded and sung. 

Wow, this pop ballad " I promise you"  is really stunning and sad at the same times. His voice is so good, and it touches you inside it even made me cry. Because of the beautiful lyric, and the message in the lyrics. And besides all of that his voice is so good, he hits you in your heart. 

The intro with the guitar in " it won't be the same" is amazing. Even though the song has similar sounds as the previous song, I like it. Especially that part when they sing together on the chorus for a moment, and I can listen hours to his lovely vocal. It makes you wanna dance, and sing along with the lyrics and the sounds. I really like to see and hear them live on stage, I think I would dance on all their songs. 

I must say most of the songs are pop ballads, so as this song " Loving a Restless heart". Like I said before I am a big fan of Elton John and the way they make the music and sing the song,  it is so close to how the records and sing the songs. I am really impressed, there is also a great electric guitar piece at the end of the song. 

This song is maybe the most song on the album it is called " man of action" the intro is more uptempo, there is so much rhythm in it and a little bit of blues and jazz. I hope they will make more of this it is another side of what they are capable of. I love the pop ballads as well, but this is really good. It swings, it makes you wanna dance and has a high potential for many radio stations and music lovers from all genres and ages. 

Then we have " Maybe there's is a way" that song has again the sounds of the 80/90the, the song seems familiar. It looks like I have heard it before somewhere, I can also almost sing the lyrics, funny. This song is perfect for movies, and tv series as background music or for a soundtrack for a movie. very well recorded, I hear so many great instrumental sounds by the other band members

I am listening now to " stay" it has a melodic intro. I hear a mix of varied genres, even a little bit Latin. This song is very lovely recorded, the instrumental sounds spring out of it. The solo guitar piece is stunning, you really should hear that. It is a joy to your ears, a musical spectacle.

Then we have " who decided" And I believe this is the other lead singer. His voice is different but very pure and controlled and a great timing. I must say I rather listen to his performings, it is more powerful and he shows diversity in octaves. Not that the other singer does not have a great voice, but somehow it attracts me a little bit more. I don't know who sings what song, it is no critic. I like the performances from the other singer in the other songs ass well, especially the singer who sings almost like Elton John.  

I am listening to their latest song " I will find you " it is again a great ballad song, but I think I hear another singer again. Love the instrumental sounds from the wind instrument, and his deeper voice. That is all I can say, good record song. 

So the album has love songs, power ballads, and uptempo beats. I hear two and sometimes three different vocals, there a deeper octaves, lower octaves and higher octaves. The album is full of beautiful instrumental sounds, and great 80/90the style, and sometimes a mix of varied genres. I really love the album, But I hope they will make more uptempo songs like " man of action". These artists are wonderful singers and instrument players for sure, they have made a nice album. But it is a matter of taste, I like it. Do you like it too? then share these wonderful artists with their album and this review as much as you can.


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Veteran Americana/Blues/ Folk singer-songwriter based in London; he has played in three bands before - The Mariachis, The Rich Evans Band and Roosevelt Bandwagon. He has gone solo with his album "B sides and Outtakes" and released this through Baby Dylan Records. Read my album review on Chatsong and listen to his album.


 This is Rich Evans he has played in three different bands and releases songs through various record labels. Now he has gone solo with his recent album released through Baby Dylan Records. The album is named "B sides and Outtakes," which you can stream and buy in the links below. 

Now for my album review: I will start with the first song on the album and that is "Roll on Mississippi." The intro is marvellous with the harmonica and, if I am correct the banjo could be another instrument. After the beautiful intro, the drums come in. His voice, throughout, is incredible; very pure and unique. It sounds almost like Bryan Adams, a very controlled voice - he clearly has a lot experienceswith singing and playing. There is also a section where you hear female backing singers accompanying the track. With the singers, the song is more like folk combined with gospel music. The first song is amazing and is great material for a worldwide hit song for every radio style - not only folk. 
His song "Old Midnight Special" starts with a lovely, calm intro and I love his vocal sound. The lyric is well written, and when he sings it you listen with all your attention to the words he sings. Again, I like the input of the female backing singers - it is a mix of various genres like western, country and folk. 
Another song on the album is "Bad Turns" which starts with a great acoustic intro and then again has that wonderful sounding voice. It is really good, largely because of his unique sound. The song has a catchy feel and very meaningful lyrics; another well produced track on the album with nice potential for radio stations. 
Then we have "Blues are gonna get you" and omg the intro seems to sound exactly like another singer but I can't place yet who – the voice sounds so familiar. Besides that, this song is stunning again. Lovely material and great sounds from this singer-songwriter. I have no criticisms at all. I am literally blown away! 
On the song "Bakersfield," his voice sounds calmer and cracked with that nice hoarseness he has. Honestly, I suspect he has maybe sung too much as it sounds so hoarse. However, it is still a wonderfully recorded song, no doubt about that. I love the wind instrument in it too.
I am listening now to "Irresistible." It starts with calm sounding guitar and drums, then he opens his mouth and it really hits. I like how he writes lyrics; they are understandable and all have a deeper meaning which is very important. This guy is going to be famous for sure, he has the voice, the potential and the lyrics altogether. 
Now I focus on his last song: "Midnight Creeper." The rhythm is lovely; it makes you want to dance. The electric guitar part is magnificent - this song is varied from the others and classes as more up-tempo folk rock. I like this song a lot and for me it’s the best song on the album with it’s faster tempo and rhythm. My credits for the guitar player, it sounds really wicked! 
I loved this album very much; it has various styles and genres. There are calm songs and up-tempo songs and, with that voice, all the recorded materialsounds stunning. Evans could become an internationally known talent and also earn a star on Broadway! This guy is phenomenal as a singer-songwriter. His album has to be heard and shared everywhere for sure. Buy, stream and share his album as much as you can, and please give votes and comments underneath this review.

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This is K8 alias Kate Walker she is a young singer/songwriter based in the south of England. She has released a couple tracks, and recently released a new single. Read my single review on chatsong, listen to her songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

My name is K8 (Kate Walker ) I live on the south coast of England and I am 13. 
I started singing at 9 when a friend asked me along to a summer club. I loved it and carried on with the club. A vocal coach spotted a little talent and took me on. Then I went on to write Guardian Angel when I was 10. I recorded and released it last December when I was 12. I've since written Forever and Sky High both have been released. I've nearly finished my 4th song.

This is a very young singer, her name is K8walkermusic. She is from England, and she has recorded 3 songs all written and sung by herself. As you can read above she started at a young age, and more information can be found on her website.

Then now my singles review, I will start with her oldest recording " Guardian Angel". the intro has a lovely melodic sound, with different instruments and sounds. Her voice is so sweet but very pure and powerful, she really has a pop vocal. I hear her voice is not yet grown vocally as an adult singer, but for her age, she has a very good vocal and no any false note in it. I really love it, and if she is already so controlled with singing. What will it be when her voice is grown and formed, I think she will rise as international pop star worldwide. 

Her other song " Forever" has again a catchy rhythm, her voice is so lovely to listen to. there is a certain melodic sound, which lets you dance on it. I am really impressed by this young singer, her timing is stunning her lyrics are with depth and emotions. Even know her voice is not completely formed, she sure has a beautiful pure sounded voice. 

I am listening to her latest release " Sky  High" it has again a wonderful intro with clapping sounds and guitar sound, she opens with a very controlled vocal. The lyric is lovely written, and I like how she does the adlibs in Sky high. I am impressed by this young singer, she certainly has a lot potential. I did listen to all songs now several times and each time I listen it becomes more interesting, and I want to sing her lyrics.

I like her written songs, she has for sure talent. There are little parts where she does not completely catch the notes, but that is not a critic it is meant as a point to work on. And even Madonna does not reach all notes, and Madonna has a mature sounded voice. This young singer is still growing, and I am sure she eventually will sing better and better each day. 

This young singer has potential, her music is beautiful. I believe in her, she will be soon growing and be growing each day. And eventually play everywhere on stages, events and get lots of fans worldwide. I noticed her music does get broadcasted on several radio stations, but it can always be more! Therefore, share this talented young singer as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.

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Three piece band from Lancashire creating the biggest and boldest sound. With their combination of Folk and Punk-Rock and Powerful melodies and catchy riffs, they are the band of 2017. they just released their debut single " Hey to the river" and released another song as well " Concrete Rhythms" read my single reviews on chatsong, listen, view and buy their music and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Deacon Brody, formed in November 2016, is a British Rock band from Lancashire, in the North West of England. Composed of Jayke Cox (guitar, lead vocals), Joe McManus (bass, vocals) and Danny Loftus (drums, vocals). An eventful first year has seen them appear on tour with Misfires, play sold out Manchester shows and release their Debut EP "Hey To The River" and " Concrete Rhythms available now on Spotify and all major platforms.

This 3 piece band is Deacon Brody, they submitted for a review on chatsong, above you can read where the band consists out who does what in the band. More can be found on their website, then now my debut singles review. 
They recorded two singles at the moment if I am correct, I will start with their older song " Concrete Rhythms " recorded in March. It has a great melodic guitar intro, the music really ley you swing. The lead singer has a great raw and pure vocal, he has a lot of vocal power inside him. This song has a high potential of an international hit song, even though the song has a loud hard rock sound in it, there is a lovely melodic and even a funny melodic in it to hear as well. Imagine them singing this melodic rock song on festivals, stages. The whole audience would sing along and dance to their amazing sounds in this track.  I like it a lot, I am sure many music enthusiasts and rock radio's labels and anything related would buy and book this amazing single. I would for sure, I keep listening to it over and over again, it gives me a certain feeling of happiness and joy. 
Then we have their debut single " Hey to the Rivers" The intro starts with lovely vocals and backing vocals with an amazing melodic rhythm. This song has a lovely lyric, easing to sing even you don't know their song. When you have a lyric, which is for music lovers easy to remember they going to listen over and over again to sing along with their lyric. 
This single has a mix of many genres, great uptempo melodic rock song. This band makes awesome melodic music and has amazing lyrics, can't wait on hearing more of this talented rock band. Both songs are lovely recorded and have high chances to get massive fans, performances, and airplay on several radios worldwide. Maybe soon playing on worldwide stages, and festivals for million teenagers and fans. I really hope this for this wonderful new music band, when you will listen to their amazing songs. You will say the same, To make them known in more countries with their melodic songs. Share this review with them, and their music as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 
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Taiacore is an Indie/Folk band from Madrid that knows no borders or creative limits. Read my album review on Chatsong music, listen to their music and give votes and comments underneath this review.

A pair of disparate, wandering souls who travel the world transforming their adventures into cosmopolitan sound experiences.

It was some time back that Marta Tai’s intense vocals first met Vincenzo Tancorre’s creative approach to guitar and banjo. Soon they would embark on a journey together, sculpting a unique musical identity through street performances in Berlin, California, Rome, and Madrid.

Sheer chemistry, despite their different roots, drove them to compose as their personal relationship developed. The journey has only just begun. After recording their debut album, Innocent — produced at Moba Studios with backing from Incubamusic — Taiacore went on a European tour, taking in UK, France, Holland, and Germany. Their live performances deliver everything from unbridled folk to lyrical gems, an indie soundscape with an international twist.

This is a global album with an open mind, simmered on a slow heat with loving care and a hearty dose of creativity


This indie rock duo is Taiacore from Madrid, they released an album " Innocent" which I will be going to review now. biography, and more information you can read above or on their website. Then now my album review about this indie rock duo. 

I will start with their song " Monsters" the intro starts with a lovely intro, melodic and rhythmic. The intro is already impressive, nice upbuilding and when she starts to sing she has a lot of vocal power. I love this track really, nice flow. This track has a high potential to hit each chart there is worldwide. I really love her voice, it is unique and very pure. 

Their other track is " She didn't love you" she immediately with her very strong beautiful voice, her voice hits you inside so good. What is she good, no false note her timing is good. When I listen to this uplifting track, I become joyful. The song is wonderful produced, lovely sounds and great vocals. I like the mix of Latin, country, and pop. Another track which has high potential to become a worldwide known hit song, on every level in this industry. Very well done, it is incredible. 

Then we the same title as the album " Innocent" how she sings in this song, is like dream pop. it has a great lyric, the music is wonderful. They really know how to make music, it is varied and diverse and above all wonderful recorded. Great sounds, from the beginning till the ending. This is really good, they are really world-class artists. 

I am listening now too "Little by Little" and the intro is melodic and soulful, very uptempo I like it a lot. It is more like you are listening to a musical, love the unique instruments they used. It gives me a Romain feeling, This song is very joyful and really cool produced my credits for that. I like that yodeling she does at the end, man I love this album. 

I am so impressed by this duo when you listen to this amazing ballad song, it certainly hits a nerve inside in a good way. She can sing so beautiful, it touches you. I can also recognize myself in this lyric, and I think that is what more will have. When people recognize themselves in lyrics, the chance they love it completely is because of that. 

If you listen to " fed up" I like the cherry full intro sounds, vocal maybe not her best part. I know she can sing marvelous, I heard it on other tracks. She is more fit for higher octaves it suits her the best, like in their song She didn't love you. Not to criticize the song, or her as a singer. She can sing no doubt, only I think higher octaves are her strongest. 

When you listen to this song " Happiness" you maybe understand what I try to explain. Here she sings calm, higher and it fits in the music. Great pop ballad, nice sounds and again good quality recorded music with high potential for many radio stations and more.

Their song " following the sun" we here in the intro the other singer Vincenzo Tancorre’s, the song is very uptempo and varied from the other songs. I must say that Marta Tai is the one who makes the song sound lovely, she has such a great vocal reach. I love the speed on this track at the end, it makes it stunning. 

If I compare this track " Stronger" with the previous I prefer this one. I think this is really her style, and vocally her strongest performance. Her voice is really professional and she is the person from the duo who has the strongest vocal and makes from each song a hit song material. On most tracks, you hear her input, and I think the other singer does to the instruments and other things in their songs. This song has also high potential to become a worldwide pop music hit song. 

I am at their latest song " To Miss someone" it starts with an acoustic guitar and then they start to sing together if I am must be honest is not a nice duet. They seem not to find each other while singing the notes, it is not their best vocal duet. how do I explain this? his voice does not match the powerful vocal of Marta Tai. When I review songs I listen to everything, I try to explain they are not on one line with vocal performance. 

Their Album is really good it is diverse, full of joyful sounds. The lead singer turns all songs into a beautiful material, she sings so pure and wonderful. Especially in calmer and higher octaves, the instrumental sounds are unique and it makes it uptempo, melodic. There are very good hit song materials on it, My advice will be let her keep doing the vocal parts and let him do the instrumental input. I really enjoyed the album on two songs, but that does not mean they aren't talented as a band. And not make incredible music, They do for sure it is amazing. This duo should be heard with their album for sure everywhere, and therefore share this review as much as you can and give your votes and comments underneath it.

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Strange Waves is an alt/rock band from the Muscle Shoals area of northwest Alabama. The Father of one of the band members forwarded me this band Strange waves, they recently released videos and singles from their upcoming album. Read my single review on Chatsong, listen to their songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Strange Waves is a dynamic indie rock band from Muscle Shoals, Alabama. The four members of SW first came together in the summer of 2012 under the name Walls of Red Wing. After a year in the cocoon spent writing and tightening as a working unit, they finally emerged as a live act in the summer of 2013.

Strange Waves consists of multifunctional singer/guitarists/coauthors Jackson Gilreath and Jeremy Couch, bassist/singer Joseph Whitehead, Jackson sings on the majority of the tracks.  Jeremy, the other guitarist, sings on a few ("In The Shade", "Make Bobby Proud") and the bass player, Joseph, sings only on "Wolves". And, around the time of the release of the "Up In Smoke" video, last December, they changed drummers.  The new drummer is Conner Pucket. In February of 2015, the band released their first debut full-length album "Walls" which can be found on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music and anywhere music is distributed online. 

The group has expressed big plans for 2016, though details haven't yet been revealed publically SW is expected to release multiple singles and videos throughout the year. Leading to the release of their second full-length album.




This band is Strange waves they are an alternative rock band from Alabama, their promoter sent me their information for a review on Chatsong. Above you can read their biography and on their attached links more about them and their music. The now my review about this band, I will start with older material working towards to newer material. They recorded a lot, so it will be a longer review. 

Their oldest song they recorded is " 38the parallel" I like the rhythmic intro, great sounds it makes you wanna tap with your feets. I like how he sings in this song, and the instrument players really make some good rock sounds. Great rock song, very well done good potential for rock lovers and blues rock. 

I am listening now to " Circles" magnificent intro again, melodic and full of wicked instrumental sounds and his voice on this track is stunning it fits the melodies of the rock vibes. Another potential for many radio stations, and rock related industries. 

If you wanna listen to good hard rock, I recommend you this song " Make Bobby proud" the energy springs out of it, so much speed my credits for the instrument players. When I listen to this I get the same energy and want to stand up and headbang on it! It is not his best vocal input, Her and there I can hear cracks maybe not give his voice enough rest? Besides that this track is marvelous, no critic at all. 

Another recording is called " Image" brilliant that intro immediately they all sing together after that incredible rock sounds. This song has a lot potential to become a worldwide hit song, it is a single which sticks quickly in your head with their lyric. very well recorded, I am impressed. 

Their track " Son Of Many Suns" primarily was sung by Jeremy the other guitarist, though the chorus was sung by Jackson has a great hard rock intro and I like the speed of the instrumental sounds, you can hear it is a Garage rock band in this track or it seems like it. 

Their song " Song for the living" I like the voice in the intro and has great melodic rock instrumental sounds, another nice rock record. You just have to listen to it yourself, I like it. 

Their other single is named " Wolves" it is from 2015, it has a beautiful acoustic intro. The lead singer has a controlled voice and sounds pure, I like it. Also, the backing vocals sound lovely on this track. It is a great acoustic song, it has great potential for radio stations and related. I am impressed, good song. 

Then we have the song " Walls" which has a marvelous rock intro I like how he sings on the rhythm of the instrumental sounds. I like the noise vocals, here and there he sings a little bit false on some notes. besides that, it is a wonderful rock track. 

Wow, This song " The Swan" sounds really good, the intro is stunning there are high sounds which kinda relax you and when he starts to sing with the dramatic high voice it really hits you. This song is very different from the previous two songs, and till now their best record single I heard so far. Sadly the duration is short, wish it was a little bit longer. 

Now I ended at their most recent tracks and " up in smoke" is from 11 months ago. I like the melodic intro, nice tunes and it builds up in instrumental sounds. It is varied from their oldest tracks, it has calmer sounds and more melodic rock. This new recording has a nice rhythm and his voice sounds good, I like how he uses the octaves in different notes while singing. Great track, a lot potential for radio stations and festivals and even the top 40. 

Another new song is " No face" which is lovely and especially with the backing vox. This is a collaboration between Strange Waves the Band and vocalist Alicia Threet. And this song is vocally their best-recorded song besides The Swan those two are one of my favorites of their music. 

" in the Shade" is another good vocal track, nice melodies and I like when he sings calmer and an octave lower. Somehow, it suits him more vocally. Also, the track is calmer, and better hearable how well they actually can play and sing. 

The band has made diverse tracks, some are incredibly good rock, some are calm melodic blues rock there are stunning parts vocally and some less. They have a potential for sure, no doubt about that. If I listen to tracks, I listen to all things in a track. I describe what I hear and feel, and what can get some attention to make their recordings better. See it as positive feedback, just that you know it it is not criticism. 

So like I said, a lot of their recordings are good. I believe this band will come further, and play soon on many gigs and radio stations or maybe score a record deal. To help this potential rock band, share this review as much as you can and give your feedback underneath this review.

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This is a rock band from Liverpool called The Boogs, they released just there album " Looking for the orange" read my album review on Chatsong, listen to their music and give votes and comments underneath this review.

The Boogs is a 5 Piece Rock band from Liverpool who had a dinner break for about 20 years, they’ve come back to make some noise have a listen


This is 5 piece rock band The Boogs, as you can read above they took a long break and now they focus on making music again. They have just released their newest album " Looking for the Orange" which I will be going to review on Chatsong now. 

Their first song on the album is " Tooth Fairy" the song starts with a great melodic intro, full of guitars and drums really lovely and it seems they have indeed performing experiences just by the way they open the song. And wow, the lead singer knows how to sing so powerfully and pure, besides that he brings the lyrics over to the listeners. omg, when he does pull out all his vocal reach from out of his body. This song is really an international potential for a big hit song in any field of this music industry. 

Then we have " Infected" and man again such a spectacle intro, great tunes, and melodies. It immediately swings, I love his vocal sound, and in this song, there are backing vocals as well which sounds great as well.Also, in this song, he shows as singer his vocal diversity and I love the eighties sound in it.  This is more a melodic folk-rock song, very beautiful. 

I am listening now to " Bring it down" it has a great intro again, amazing rock sounds. Great drum work, my compliments for that. This singer can so many notes, low and high in this song he has a little hoarseness which suits him well too. While I never heard the song before, I want to sing the lyrics and dance on it. The instrumental sounds have driven you that, and the lyrics are so good written that it is easy to remember and just start with singing. Again a wonderful rock song, from the beginning till the end and man you really need to hear that solo electric guitar piece it is magnificent.

I really need to compliment the instrument players they play each intro so damned good, the first sounds make you already dancing. The lead singer has a great voice, but I loved how he has sung in tooth fairy there has he such a vocal power octaves. Not that this is not good, don't get me wrong this is amazing as well. Again a high quality recorded rock song, by a band who is not the youngest anymore. 

I am at their song " Outcast" it starts with a great guitar intro, after that his beautiful voice. Together with the melodic sound, it sounds magnificent. I have no words, I am completely overwhelmed by their wicked song. Once, again this song has also a high potential for an international hit song. Especially, because this song has also an eighty sound in it. I believe when more will listen to this, young and old music enthusiasts they would become instantly an avid fan. I don't want to say this to fans of rolling stones, but this is way-way better. I do not want to offend you, but it is my opinion. 

I think this song is a live recording? " Monkey" there is slightly a varied sound, in quality but still this song rocks really. Love it all, the sounds the vocals. This band has done the right thing to come back and make a fantastic new rock album. 

Their next song " Nothern town" starts with a great acoustic guitar sound, followed by his voice it is calmer but still very amazing. This is varied from the rest of the album, I love the lyric from this song. I imagine him singing, this in front of a crowd and millions dance and sing on it. Make pictures, asking for a signature etcetera. 

This song " Kagoul" has again a wonderful intro, then the lead singer and the backing vocals start to sing and with that eighty sound, it is brilliant. I have no critic, only in other songs, his voice is more powerful and that suits him very well. Besides that, this song is again an amazing high potential for many radio stations out there and fans, record-labels. 

Again a great intro, melodic and soulful. This is I think his best vocal performance I heard, in this song " Slipstream" it even sounded even like I was listening to Bryan Adams in the beginning. Wow, he has such a great voice and the music is so stunning, this is music for every stage and festival around the world. They can become, the largest known band worldwide. Especially, with this beautiful lyric and how they bring the song over with their sounds. This is breathtaking rock ballad, I am really impressed and just want to enjoy this phenomenal band. 

The song " These days" really reminds of the rock and roll sounds from the 80the and 90the very lovely. I love specific this kinda music because that is how music should sound. In the last periods with the electronic dance music, which I do love as well. But there are celebrities getting awards for songs which sounds awful, and their music has no meaning at all. Luckily, the meaningful music with emotional lyrics or lyrics with a message is coming back. 

This recording has a lower quality sound, it starts with a tune which goes louder by seconds and then his nice voice. It can be an upload problem, but besides that, it is a great rock song. I love the solo instrumental pieces, they who play it are really good. The songs are so diverse and varied with lots of lovely melodic instrumental sounds and tunes. 

I am at their latest song " Try it" and this one has also a fantastic intro, and this one has a better quality sound than the previous one. Also, this song has again that rock and roll vibe from the 80the. I really enjoy this, it is a musical rock spectacle. I like that part when they do ssstt try it very unique, and they play instrumental sounds so unique and rhythmic you should hear it. I did become a big fan, I hope you will too.

Their album is so dynamic, varied and diverse It certainly gets from me already an award for best unique and rare rock album all times, because how they add instrumental sounds it is really unique. There are songs I love more from the album, there are vocal parts I like more by the lead singer.  but I really have to say this band has big chances to become a worldwide known rock band and play all around the world with a tour. Also, I really think they play live even better than they already do. Recorded songs depend with what equipment you record it and where you record it. So, you not always can judge any critic based knowing that I also don't have one only I love to hear more of his powerful rock voice like he did in the Tooth fairy. Besides this soon international known band needs to be heard for sure, therefore share this great album and this review as much as you can for them.

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ye By Moon is a solo project, written, performed, and recorded by Danish singer/songwriter/producer Thomas Bøggild-Christensen. A friend we have in common told him to submit his music, for a review on chatsong. Always, nice if the message spread about my reviews to other artists, by other artists. Read my album review on chatsong, listen to his songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.


Bye By Moon draws inspiration from artists like Muse, Jeff Buckley, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and the likes, while simultaneously drawing from no one in particular. Every song is built up of elements that serve the track in the best possible way, without any rules, focusing on keeping it real. These are songs about life, love, and death. Laughter and loneliness, thoughts and emotions the listener can relate to. Bye By Moon is substance-filled, alternative rock music; experimental, yet straightforward. Not trying to please anyone, but the listener who might find it pleasing.



 Bye By Moon' is a solo project by Thomas Bøggild-Christensen, who has released an album called 'Rocketman' which I will be going to review. Above you can find his influences and biography. Then, now my album review, the first song on the album is "Forget the rain".

The intro of "Forget the rain" is filled with amazing drum work, guitars and other nice sounds. OMG his influences are Muse, and the way he sings he almost sounds like the singer of Muse. High, dramatic and pure, he literally sings a message. Damn, I am very impressed by this solo artist, he is very talented in many things like songwriting, producing and singing. 

His next song is "Souls" and man, what an incredible intro with the guitar, and with that amazing voice the songs is really from high-quality music. This song is world class material for MTV, Billboard, and many other big music companies. This is what I call undiscovered talent, and he deserves playing on stages worldwide. And I am sure, if more will listen to him he has in a short time millions of streams, fans, and performings worldwide. And I am going to help him, receiving that he for sure earns a spotlight.

I am now listening to " Rocketman". It has again a marvelous intro, with a beautiful guitar. After the intro, his brilliant voice, that is so stunning comes on. He sings in various octaves very good, and even in this song there is a whispering octave - I love that part. This is more a harder rock version, but a great one. There is a part, where there are much rock instrumental sounds which seems to overrule his voice, but it is still amazing produced and sung. 

Then we have "Not running off" - again a stunning intro, he is really brilliant in making intros for his song, and besides that, he writes very interesting song lyrics. All he does is amazing, but I am specifically fallen in love with his dramatic and pure voice. This singer is MTV brand new material, he is just a top talent which should be on any music chart there is worldwide. 

I am now at his last song on the album, called "Perfect". Man, again what a great melodic intro, this is really wicked. When he starts to sing after the intro, wow, that high and dramatic voice is so so incredibly beautiful. I am so distracted at the moment, I can barely focus to write a review, haha. Because his music is so fuc........ good, that I just want to listen and enjoy this album over and over again.  

This singer-songwriter really overwhelmed me with his album and vocals. This is an international star soon. I am so happy to give him a review, and knowing this top talent and celebrity soon is started on Chatsong. He and his amazing album should be heard worldwide by all who works or has something with music. Therefore, share this absolutely talented solo artist as much as you can.


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This is Rock 'n' Roll and classic rock band Lunar Rogue, Lunar Rogue was formed in early 2011 by singer/songwriter Julia Dettwiler. The current lineup features Julia's lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Jim Briggs and Alex Methot playing lead and rhythm guitars, Rozz Osborn’s drumming, and Sam Orellana’s low end. Read my album review on Chatsong plus their recent releases singles, and listen to their songs and give votes and comments underneath this album review.

Each member’s unique musical background plays a role in defining the band’s sound. Influences come from all genres of music ranging from metal to blues; but classic rock, hard rock, and alternative styles are the foundations of the band’s unique sound. Lunar Rogue brings an old-school songwriter’s approach to its music, giving audiences a dynamic experience that combines riveting musical performances with songs that express emotions from anger and heartbreak to excitement and euphoria.


This is classic and rock and roll band Lunar rogue, they submitted their songs for a review. So that is why I going to review their complete album plus two recent releases songs. The album has the same name as the band if I am correct. The first single on the album is " Lonely" it has a great rock sound intro, then the intro a female voice starting to sing, and she has a great voice and fits perfect in this rock song. The lyrics are good written, and when she sings it comes well over to you as a listener. 

Their second song is " It's true" the intro is with an acoustic guitar and after the guitar intro, you hear a magnificent female voice. it seems, in the beginning, it is a ballad song. But then the uptempo rock sounds are coming, which makes it marvelous. The song is from the start till the end amazing, this song has a potential for many radio stations and everything else in the music industry. 

I am listening now to " Circles" it has a beautiful intro, melodic and catchy. Then her beautiful voice starts to sing, and wow she has a very nice pure vocal. Her voice combining the amazing rock sounds, make it even more wicked. This is a band who make rock and roll as it was before, classic old rock but very lovely. It does me remind of so many bands back in those days, which was known all around the world. This band has the same potential to walk the same musical pas, as they all did. 

Then we have " Pretty little mess" the intro is stunning, a lovely instrument they used it seems like a bongo. It is like you are sitting in an arena, and watching a fight from the Roman periods. I love that part, it is a unique thing they did. After that unique part, the classic rock comes back into this song. Very well done recorded track, A great rock and roll song for sure and a little bit the eighties periods come back as well just the way how she sings in it. 

Another song is " Sky's on fire" and in the intro, I hear something like a harp or just an acoustic guitar string cannot really define it. She has such a diverse vocal reach, in this song, it is calm and higher. How she sings it. it really grabs your attention. Besides that, her voice is very beautiful you hear also, in the end, a violin which makes the song even more beautiful. 

When you listen to " take away" you hear on the intro, this song will be a rock and roll song. Just by the great instrumental sounds from drums, guitars and much more. I like the way they make music, with that rock and roll and 80the touch. Another good track they recorded on the album, till now I enjoyed them all. I think when they play live, the whole audience would jump up and down. 

This song " In the wilderness"  has a stunning intro as well, it start with calm sounds and vocals, I hear the lead singer but as well back up vocal. I like, that the songs transfer from calm pieces to rock and roll pieces. This way you kept the interest at the song because you would love to hear what more will come. Again an amazing rock and roll song, man they are good in everything in playing instruments in writing lyrics and vocals. 

Two more songs left from the album one is " Motorcycle ride" and " Afterlife", I am listening now two Motorcycle ride, if I must be honest this song is good but the other songs I preferred more. Somehow after hearing all their intros and other recorded songs, this one seems to be monotone in sound. I hope it makes sense what I try to explain, the other tracks on the album are more diverse in sounds and vocals. Like I said they are still an amazing rock band, and has a very good recorded album. 

Their latest song on the album is " afterlife" it has again a marvelous acoustic intro, followed by her great voice. The lyric is again very well written, and strong. This is more a rock ballad, and also the first completely acoustic. That shows the album is really diverse and varied, and that makes the band even more interesting than they already are. 

So that was my review about their entire album from 2013, then now to their newest releases " Another night, Another day " The intro is again catchy, and her voice was on the album already brilliant but in this recording really amazingly good. This song is more calm rock, But I love it. It seems again a classic rock sound, which is their brand as a band. Yes, this is a song which will get high numbers of streams and radio airplay and fans everywhere. 

Then we have their other recent single " Insane" by listening to their marvelous rock intro it is immediately different than which I just described. And if I may be honest, I think this is their best recording since their album. And like the title, this song is really insanely awesome. I hope they will continue in this way, with their new recordings because this is really high-class rock music. They are so good as a rock band, they should be heard and shared in every corner of this globe. So when you read and listen, share this as much as you can.

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