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This is singer-songwriter Sharon West she is from Yorkshire in the UK, Sharon started working professionally as a singer when she was 20, performing with a number of bands on the cabaret circuit and then moving onto working with original bands in more recent years. She released two singles independently and has planned to release a full album later this year, read my singles review on Chatsong. Also, listen to her music and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Hailing from Yorkshire in the UK, Sharon started working professionally as a singer when she was 20, performing with a number of bands on the cabaret circuit and then moving onto working with original bands in more recent years.

Sharon has played at a wide range of live music venues and music festivals over the years and has always had a huge passion for music which has inspired her creativity. During this period of performing, Sharon developed her love of songwriting and after being encouraged by a friend and fellow songwriter who recognized her writing ability she began to record her own music.

Sharon says that her writing style comes from having very eclectic musical tastes and a love of a wide range of genres, although she admits is an 80s girl at heart. She was hugely influenced by the 80’s music scene and counts George Michael, Alison Moyet and the electronic sounds of the decade as some of her real musical loves. Her music is based on her own personal experiences and those of the people around her and feels that this is very much reflected in the songs that she writes. Love, life, and loss are featured very heavily in her writing and she feels this helps her audience to relate to her on both a personal and musical level.

Her first single “Breathe” was released on the 24th July 2017 and has been hugely successful, gaining her thousands of followers, giving her airplay across the globe and significantly raising her public and social media profiles. Her newest track is entitled “Blindsided” and was released on 20th November. Both tracks will be featured on her forthcoming album “Revelation” which is due for completion in the late Spring of 2018.

In recent months Sharon has obtained PR representation which has enabled her to reach a wider audience including being featured in the December issue of DNA magazine, being interviewed for local and online radio stations and developing an army of fans around the world

Sharon is spending as much time as she can in the studio, writing and recording and creating more wonderful songs to share with her ever-increasing fan base and will continue to work tirelessly to share her music with an ever-growing audience.


This is singer-songwriter Sharon West, you can read above her musical achievements and career as a singer more can be found on her website. She has performed with several bands, and because of her passion for music, she started to write her own songs encouraged by a fellow songwriter. She has written two sings and released it independently, which I will be going to review. She has planned to release a full album in spring this year, When it is so far I will update this single review into an album review. So, then now my singles review from this singer-songwriter from Yorkshire.

The first single I will review is " Breathe" the intro starts with nice acoustic melodies by the guitar with a lovely rhythm. I hear influences from the eclectic music from the 80/90the style which I like a lot to hear, it makes the music swinging. The music has a catchy vibe, she has a very strong and pure vocal sound I like the background singer in this track. The sound of the wind instrument in the middle of the song, make this song a potential for many radio stations in many genres. When you press the play button, it hits your musical heart instantly. Her songwriting is brilliantly done, the song has a message to the listeners. This track is a potential for many festivals in this world, if you have this talented performer on stage you will have a top talent performing for you.

Then we have her second single " Blindsided" The intro starts beautiful deep calm eclectic tunes when she starts to sing with her vocals she reaches your musical heart. This singer-songwriter has a wonderful acoustic reach, and all so pure and strong. She brings the wonderfully written lyrics very good over with her vocal sound, she has a very strong beautiful trained vocal sound and very good timed. I like the style she has chosen with the 80/90the eclectic music, it fits her vocal totally. Another great written and produced track which is a potential for many radio stations, charts, festivals, record labels and music fans around the world. she is really a talented singer-songwriter and can't wait on when she releases her full album, this is an artist to keep an eye on she will come very far with her amazing records and vocal sound. Therefore, share this amazing singer-songwriter and her singles as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 




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This is the band The Macarnos with Steven Underhill, Scott Good, and Alex Beckhelling. Formed in the spring of 2012, the band has recently released their newest single "Good Times", a follow up to their debut EP "Right Way Up". Read my new single review and album review which they released 1 year ago on Chatsong, listen to their music and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Performing upbeat acoustic tracks, the guys play all of the instruments, swapping around guitars, bass, Cajon, and lead vocals, with harmonies. More new music is planned for 2018.


This is the band The Macarnos they formed in 2012 and mainly play acoustic. They just released a new single " Good times" and last year they released an EP named " Right way up" in the genre folk and singer-songwriter. Read my review on chatsong about their album and new single, more information can be found on their website. 

Then now I will start with their oldest track from the album it is named " Wanted".  The intro starts with lovely acoustic guitars and Cajon which has a rhythmic sound. The lead singer does have a wonderful vocal, calm and higher but I have the feeling he is holding in while singing. They also sing together in this single, and it sounds good their voices are on the same level that makes it a good trio performance. I hear a lot potential in this acoustic band, they have for sure talent. 

Another track is " Smoke" it starts again with a lovely acoustic intro, and also with a great rhythm. It makes you wanna dance, I like this one more than their previous track.  In this recording, the lead singer vocals are more steady and I hear varied octaves. Also, it seems he is not holding back, there is a very beautiful high octave in this track and it sounds really amazing and pure. This track has more potential for all radio stations, record labels and music lovers around the world. 

I am listening now too "Right way up" the intro is again lovely with the acoustic rhythm sounds, however after the intro, there was a tiny moment where he was not on the right note, he recovers it after that part.  I know the lead singer has a lovely vocal sound, he showed that in the song " smoke". I think higher octaves suits him more as a singer than lower octaves but that is my opinion.  It is not that he can't sing, but he is at his best when he sings higher and hit those notes perfectly.

This song " Just you" another great intro, I like the rhythm again. This time I hear another vocal singer, he has more a blues and jazzy vocal sound. Also, more steady and there are a few parts where you hear incredibly high octaves which he hits perfectly again. This is a very lovely track, and I like the moments when they all sing together. This track has a lot of potential too for radio stations, record labels, and music fans. 

I am at their latest track of their album " Flow" it starts again with a beautiful acoustic guitar intro and a soft Cajon beat. I must say the vocal performances in this track are really lovely, they are pure and steady. I believe it is the same singer as in the other tracks, but here in this lovely calm ballad track, his vocal is the purest. Like I wrote earlier, I hear a lot potential in this band as well in their vocal sounds. They sure can sing and have a feeling for rhythms and melodies. 

Now I will listen to their newest release " Good times" which has a marvelous rhythmic intro as well, like most of the songs there is such a great vibe by the instruments they use. I must say vocally is this one also steady, so this singer does have talent as a singer. 

I have listened to all of their songs, this band has potential. All tracks they recorded are lovely uptempo and are potentials for radio stations, record labels, and music lovers. Only vocally there are parts which are very pure and steady, and some parts maybe need a second look. Not the criticize them, but to make their performances better. I know the lead singer has a good vocal, especially the higher and calmer octaves. So they do have talent, they do have potential and hopefully, they take my advice on their next recordings. If you read and listen to this review, share this talented acoustic band as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 



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This is Trevor Carlos St John A.K.A Don Carlos was born in Venezuela and grew up in Grenada.In 2007 he enters the soca scene with the smash hit "Leave De Girl". Since then he has performed with artists such as Lava Man, Iwer George, Skinny Fabolous and more. Ready my singles review on chatsong, listen to his music and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Trevor Carlos St John A.K.A Don Carlos was born in Venezuela and grew up in Grenada. He is the undefeated freestyle Champ of Grenada until moving to N.Y. in 2012. In 2007 he enters the soca scene with the smash hit "Leave De Girl". Since then he has performed with artists such as Lava Man, Iwer George, Skinny Fabolous and more. On moving to America he has put out social hip hop such as "Sellout" and "Streets are Alive" which will be featured in the upcoming tv series Brooklyn Blues which he also wrote and recorded the theme for. Now armed with new soca hits he is looking to make his name in the American music industry with his soca and hip-hop.


This is Trevor Carlos St John A.K.A Don Carlos, born in Venezuela and lives now in New York. He makes music in the style African hip-hop, soca, and hip-hop.  He has released just a new single " Soca Miracle " and a few others, which I will be going to listen and review. 

I will pick out the ones I really should you need to listen, he has made a lot of tracks. Let me start with this track "No Beating" it is a message to the listeners that they may not beat women. Therefore, I would like to highlight this track with a general message to all human in this world. Then now about the track itself, it has a very good lyric. The songs start with lovely African rhythm beats, it has a great vibe it makes you wanna dance. His vocals fit in this amazing style, he does not sing but also not talk. It not really rap it is not really sing, it is something between those two. But what he does in this amazing track is really original produced, for sure a great track for all radio stations not necessarily hip-hop. 

Then I would like to highlight this track " Not in Hill Jam " featuring Shine Boi. The intro is really lovely, it opens with great dance beats and very Rhythmic and I like the rap part of the other artist, it is very solid and pure and loves the speediness and the octaves the rapper use. This track is dope and has a lot potential to become a worldwide hit song, it swings and the performances from Don Carlos and Shine Boi are marvelous. They are a good duo together, I hope they will make more together. 

You should hear this track as well " 3 Da Hard Way" featuring Adrian simply smooth and Dj Slick. The intro is stunning, it starts immediately with rhythmic African drums. From the moment you press the play button, it has the enormously great catchy tune which makes you wanna dance. Besides that, both of them performs amazingly in this track. I like how they bring over the song through their vocal performances, and both have a good timing. Another great track to be broadcasted at several festivals, and radio stations and more. 

I want to highlight this freestyle track " Shot Caller" featuring Sir volt and I am Greenz French Montano. The track is varied from his other uptempo African soca songs, it is pure hip-hop. I must say that the freestyle of all three of them are incredibly wonderful, pure and solid vocals. This is really a dope hip-hop track and can be a potential track for many hip-hop lovers, radio stations and record-labels and other bigger music networks.

I am listening now to " Horn In A minor" another great catchy African style track if I must be honest I think Soca in these style songs is more fit for him. I have heard also his hip-hop tracks, these are fine as well. But in these songs, he stands out, so I meant to say this is his brand as an artist, making this style tracks. 

Also this track you should listen " Visa Remix" featuring Keisha, it is again a wonderful dance track, with a lovely female rap piece. Even there is some mastering used in this track, but it gives this track a good boost it is not disturbing, it fits on this track. It is originally African music with hip-hop rap pieces, really amazing to hear that mix. This track should be on each radio station, it really is amazingly produced. When you hear this on festivals, and clubs it really moves your body. 

I am listening to one of his recently released tracks " Timothy Turner" the intro has a great urban vibe again and his vocals in that African style are really lovely to hear. It has great beats, from the start till the end it sounds marvelous. Sadly the song has a duration 1:22 minutes, way too short haha I would love to hear this track longer. Another dope produced song of him, perfect for clubs, festivals, and radio stations. 

I am at his newest release " Soca Miracle" and the latest I will review. The song has again a very amazing dancing vibe through the hard-hitting beats. In this track, his voice is calmer and deeper, another perspective of him as an artist. Although I can hear an enhancer, I like the performances of him in this laid-back urban soca track. The production of this track is again lovely done, I like it a lot. 

I have heard all his tracks so far and I have to admit I like more the Soca tracks from him, with the African beats and rhythms. Somehow it fits totally by this artist, he does have some good freestyle hip-hop parts. The ones I really think could be hit songs I highlighted them in this review, these have high chances to get a record deal as well.  Besides those songs when you play them at festivals or clubs, anyone would love it. So when you read and listen to this artist, support his work and share this as much as you can. 






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Conversing with Oceans is the solo music project of Alex Bondarev, he is from Russia and has released his third EP. Read my EP review on Chatsong, and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Conversing with Oceans is the solo music project of Alex Bondarev.

His narrative begins in Grozny, formerly of Russia, when the unrest of war led him and his family to immigrate first to India, and then to the Bronx. Having music as his anchor from an early age and as a self-taught musician, he started his first band (A Moment’s Worth) with his best friends from grammar school. Their brand of optimistic rock resonated with audiences as they made front page news of New York Press, won the first College Battle of the Bands (alumni include Mike Posner & Local Natives), and received the Elfenworks Social Justice Award for their song “Dedicate.”

Following the award, Alex and Elfenworks began their official partnership, working together to spread a message of hope. He has since composed music for Google and had placements in national television ads and programs. His compositions have over a million streams on SoundCloud.

Bondarev describes Conversing with Oceans as an even more authentic version of his voice, combining a devotion to melody with his characteristically introspective lyrical style. Collaborating with the team behind the Grammy-nominated “A Color Map of the Sun” (Pretty Lights), he spent the majority of the previous year in the studio honing his new songs, while steadily growing his audience at some of NYC’s most trusted venues (Rockwood Music Hall, Webster Hall & The Bitter End).

CWO's first single "The Gold Rush" led to a one-on-one showcase with Randy Jackson at the 2016 SXSW and quickly followed with a global distribution deal with Sony's The Orchard. The debut EP "PAST. PRESENT. FUTURE." premiered on Atwood Magazine and featured a collaboration with the Grammy-nominated John Forté, who co-wrote and produced Fugees’ groundbreaking LP The Score.

Trilogy, the third EP with producer-engineer Tim O'Sullivan (Childish Gambino, Anderson .Paak), is available everywhere now via The Orchard.


This artist is Conversing with oceans, it is a solo project he just released his third EP. And has released several other EP's Which I will be going to review. Above you can read more about this artist and the progress of his work, more tracks and information can be found on his website below. Then now my ep's review of this Russian Solo project with his collaborations on his tracks, I will start with his oldest song " The Gold Rush" from 2016. 

The song kicks in immediately with beautiful drum work, and compositions. When he opens his mouth, wow I get immediately goosebumps. He is a very beautiful vocal, high and pure. This is really world-class music, it is a high potential for a trending worldwide hit song. He is a top performer, with an amazing vocal reach. I am really blown away by this singer and track,  this is just top quality music and very good produced.

Then we have the single " La Jolla" it starts with a fantastic melodic rhythm, very well great composed I hear beautiful tunes by several instruments and electronic additions. Then he starts to sing with that wonderful vocal, he is really stunning. Wow, I am so impressed by his music, this is music for big networks around the world such as MTV and Billboard. I can,t believe what I am hearing, such a talent in singing, writing and professional production of his music. 

Another track is " deeper" with collaboration artist John Forte, the song starts with great dance beats and electronic tunes in the intro, it is more a pop dance song, with R&b influences I like this a lot. Another great produced track, when you hear the intro and the style of this song, you do not expect an amazing freestyle piece of this collaboration artist John Forte. Love his style and he is also very good as a rapper, this track is really world-class performances. Also, this track has high chances of becoming a worldwide hit song.

I am listening to " heart of a Poet" the intro is stunning, and at first listen when you hear it you hear a little bit Enrique Iglesias maybe it is because of his accent. I like this track so much, it is another world-class produced track. This song has all the elements of becoming trending worldwide on various charts and television channels for music. When you hear this amazingly recorded music, you can't believe he is not signed yet and touring with his collabs in any country of the world. 

When you listen " Wicked Games" it starts with amazing electronic tunes, and then when he starts to sing it is like you are in heaven. I really do hear Enrique Iglesias, in his vocals when he sings. The same octave highness, and that dramatic sound. It is really incredible and shocking to hear such a similar sound, I know that it is his own reach but when you press to play this beautifully track at first listen you will think the same. This artist and solo music project for sure earns an award for best indie act worldwide, man this is really stunning. 

Another track is " See her out" it is a cover track from Francis and the lights, really stunning cover his voice is brilliant. I did become a big fan of this singer, and music project. It is amazing from the intro until the end of the track, no more words need to be written just listen and buy his work. 

Another cover done is " not that simple ( Mike Posner cover), it starts again amazing with that amazing vocal sound he has, and the beats and tunes used in this song finish it. And like that title song, it is not simple to sing that high octave. even I know there is here and there mastering use, but most of his vocals are pure and incredibly high. 

Another release is " Action part 3" the intro is stunning, and great written lyrics. I like the pop beats and tunes used in this production, another great track of this artist. In this song, I hear no mastering of vocals and this way you can hear how amazing his voice is pure. This song has also high chances for a hit song, around the world. 

Action part 3 is one of three songs from his EP "Trilogy" there are two more songs to be reviewed one is " Courage" and one " Open". 

The song " Courage" has again a killer of an intro track, great tunes, and melodies. I like how this song is produced and song, it has great lyrics. The track is catchy from the intro until the end, nice work again. In this song he has a lovely hoarseness in his vocal, it is more a pop ballad but a very lovely one. 

I am at his latest track " Open" the intro is again wonderful with nice tunes, and rhythms another great pop song, it has nice lyrics, and another amazing vocal performance by this talented artist. 

I have listened to all of his EP's and all of his work is brilliant, variously produced styles and genres. this is a top talent, and totally earns to be known and heard everywhere with his brilliantly top quality performances and produced tracks. I have the feeling when more listen to this fantastic work, he has in a short period many fans, streams, radio plays, festivals and he would be touring around the world. So if you read this review, share this as much as you can to make this happen. 






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Vic Allen is a singer-songwriter originating from the UK. She has released one album in 2016 called " The missing piece" In summer 2017 Vic released a track called "Bittersweet" and then over the summer of 2017, Vic launched a successful crowdfunding campaign which allowed her to record her second EP, titled "Between The Lines". This EP is due for release in early 2018. Read my preview album review of " Between The lines" and give votes and comments underneath this review.

She first picked up the guitar as a teenager, and after a trip to America, where she was inspired by the rich country music scene, she began songwriting. Whilst still studying at the University of Bristol, she began to perform her original material at local open mics nights and quickly progressed onto gigs at larger venues such as The Fleece and Bristol Harbourfest. After graduating from Bristol, Vic started performing across the UK, including venues in London and festivals such as Buckle and Boots. She also began taking regular trips to Nashville to collaborate with other songwriters and further develop her songwriting, showcasing her original material in writers rounds. Venue highlights include The Bluebird Café and The Listening Room. 

In October 2016, Vic independently released a self-written EP titled “The Missing Piece” which received airplay from various radio stations across the country. The EP also caught the attention of BBC Introducing, who invited Vic to play live in the studio.

In the summer last year Vic released a track called "Bittersweet". Vic then ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to record three more songs to make up a four-track EP, which Vic will be releasing in the new year a song at a time. The first of those three songs will be released on the 12th of January and is called "Between The Lines" (which is also the name of the EP). Vic released the lyric video a few days later. Vic wrote the song in Nashville with a friend from Texas called Nate Robles.

This is singer-songwriter Vic Allen from Norwich, she has released an album in 2016 named " The Missing Piece" and last year in summer she released " Bittersweet" from her upcoming album " Between the Lines" read my album and songs review on Chatsong. 

I will start with her older album, and be working towards to her newer singles from the album which will be released in 2018. So I do have the chance to review them before they will be released. 

So let me start with the oldest song on the album it is called " Without you here". The intro starts lovely with an acoustic guitar, after the wonderful acoustic intro she starts to sing with an amazing pure vocal reach. It is sweet, high and she can really express her lyrics by singing it. I can hear where she sings about, and do feel it as well. This means she has talent in writing songs and singing the songs to the audience in a fantastic way. This track is very beautiful and has a lot potential for many radio stations, music fans, and labels to spin or to work with her as a singer-songwriter.

Then we have " The Missing Piece" the track title is the same as the title of her album. She opens the song with her beautiful pure acoustic sound, and guided by the rhythms of the drums and guitars makes this track even more amazing. In this track you can hear how good she can sing, she shows varied octaves and even plays with reaching them vocally. There is is a lovely part where she and the backing singers, sing together which sounds very lovely. I also like the way how she writes her lyrics, with emotions and based on things in life. 

Another track is " Real" and it starts again acoustic, after the wonderful intro she opens with a very high pure vocal sound, wow I am impressed by her timing and performance in this ballad track. Again an amazing written track, I can hear her emotions while singing it. Which really amazed in this track is the beautiful piano, in the middle of the track which gives this amazing song an extra emotional touch I feel it in every vibe and muscle and in my heart. This is a very great track, and very beautifully sung and played. She is really talented in singing, writing and performing her songs, I imagine her playing this song on stage with the piano that would be an amazing experience. 

I am listening to " bird of prey" it is more an uptempo song, great drum work and guitars it makes you wanna dance on it. I like this, I even heard on the background a violin piece. And she has an incredibly timing while singing, you can hear it in this song and also she shows you what she is capable of more. This track has again a lot potential for many radio stations and festivals and anything related in this music field. 

I am at the latest track of this album " When You're Not Around " and it is again an acoustic song it has a great rhythm, also by the guitar. She starts calm, and her voice is so damned good when she sings calmer and higher, I like the transition at one moment it is calm and then it turns into a more uptempo melodic song very well done. This is another great track from her on the album, also this song has high chances becoming a hit song on several radios. 

Now so far her album from 2016 it is varied, great ballads and also uptempo songs. I like how she writes the lyrics, and how she sings them in a way that the lyrics hit you when you listen to it. Also, she shows that she can sing higher octaves, but as well lower and she likes to play with the chords I can hear that and it turns out wonderfully.

She released last summer already one track from the second album, it is named " Bittersweet". The song starts again with a lovely acoustic guitar, and this time her voice is so calm and higher. Another great vocal performance, she is really talented. Till now all her songs are wonderfully recorded and sang. 

Another new track is " Between the Lines" the song starts with a great dance beat, and after that her lovely vocal sound. Another well-written track and she sings it very lovely.  especially the higher octaves she does at the end of this track, wow. I think this song will get also massive radio airplay and plays from fans, it is amazingly recorded. 

This new song " kids" starts again with a great acoustic guitar, and wow she has already an amazing vocal reach but when you hear her sing in this one. Wow, this is probably her best vocal performance so far, it is really pure and high. I love this track, from the start till the end, I hear the emotions in her vocals while singing the lyrics. 

Now I am listening to her latest song from the newest album " Quit". I like the way she is so diverse in singing, one moment very calm and high and one moment very low but whatever she does it is all amazingly controlled and timed. I can,t wait for the moment till this album will be released, it is a very good one. I think she will come very far as a singer-songwriter with both her albums and she soon will be touring all around the world and signing autographs. She for sure needs to be heard, by everyone in this music field. Therefore share this review with this talented singer-songwriter as much as you can, and buy her previous album and sure wait for her second album to buy that one too. 



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Singer-Songwriter & Musician Lissy Taylor has just released her debut album 'Reminds Me of You' in January 2017 which I will be going to review. She has posted a topic with her music-links into the artist's community, search for Lissy and you will find her Debut EP. Read my album review, and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Lissy is a young up and coming singer-songwriter with her own distinctive vocal sound and signature acoustic style who has performed in Kentucky, Tennessee USA, and England.  Born and raised in Stoke-on-Trent, England,  Lissy has spent the last two and a half years living in Lexington Kentucky USA.  The Southern US influence combined with her smooth vocals and lyrics will captivate and transcend you into a unique blend of Americana, Pop, and Blues.  


In April 2016 Lissy was one of the winning acts of a Battle of the Bands competition at Eastern Kentucky University and then went on to be nominated for 3 music awards and perform at Lexifest festival, The Lyric Theatre, WKYT CBS TV, ABC36 TV, Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour and Red Barn Radio.  Since arriving back in England July 2017 Lissy has featured on several radio stations including BBC Radio Stoke and was delighted to open the Mainstage at LeeFest -The Neverland for Headliner Jake Bugg on August 11th.


Above you can read the part bio of young singer-songwriter Lissy Taylor who released her debut album ‘Reminds Me of You’ in 2017, more info about this artist can be found on her website in this review. 
Now my album review, the album is titled "Reminds me of you".
The first track on the album is " Ride", it starts with great tunes in the intro, with a nice melodic acoustic guitar. When you listen to her voice, you can tell that she is young, but she has a very pure and unique sound. The lyrics are wonderfully written and with her beautiful pure voice, she turns this song into an amazing ballad. I hear a lot of potential in this young singer and feel she can become known worldwide. If I only listen to her pure performance and her talent, she is a sure candidate for MTV, Billboard and many more charts, radios and record-labels. 
The next track is " She", Wow I am speechless, she hits all the notes from the start easily and it sounds all pure. With her beautiful unique sound, I think she will get many fans quickly and with her talent, I am pretty sure she will soon be heard at festivals, in the charts, having lots of streams and label interest. Singing so professionally and pure at this young age is a sign she is born for this craftmanship, I am really excited by this world-class talented singer on Chatsong. 
I am now listening now tote next track "Heavy Hearted" the intro is lovely, more uptempo and has a mix of jazz and blues, beautiful rhythmic drums and a wonderful electric guitar sound. Lissy then opens with a really strong vocal performance, wow! I just want to listen to this top talent, this song has captivated me and makes it difficult to draw my attention away to be able to think and write. This is a really stunning song and has high chances of becoming a world known hit. Wow I love it!
The last song on the album is " Home", again a wonderful written lyric and stunning acoustic guitar intro. Her voice hits you in your heart and she touches your soul with her unique sound and gifted talent as musician and singer-songwriter. Lissy has been blessed with two talents; writing stunning songs with a beautiful message for the listeners and singing with so much emotion and expression in her voice. 
I have listened to Lissy’s complete debut album and I am totally blown away. She is an incredibly talented song writer and singer. Lissy is only 17, but has already shown that she possess an amazing talent in her songwriting and performance. Her album has a few touching ballads, but man, I really love the uptempo jazzy song a lot, it shows me that she is capable of making more than just ballads. I hope her new album has a mix of incredible ballads and as jazzy/blues tracks. I intend to keep an eye on this singer-songwriter, I hope that if you read this, you will too. Her first album is so incredibly amazing, I have high expectation that the next album. I am really looking forward to hearing her next album as she continues to grow as an artist. 
I promise nothing, but I have the feeling this singer-songwriter is soon touring on any stage, and will be trending as singer-songwriter on mutiple music networks just to name a few MTV BBC Billboard any many others in different countries. So if you read and listen this album review, share this top talent as much as you can and give her the chance to break through globally.he first track on the album is " Ride", it starts with great tunes in the intro, with a nice melodic acoustic guitar. When you listen to her voice, you can tell that she is young, but she has a very pure and unique sound. The lyrics are wonderfully written and with her beautiful pure voice, she turns this song into an amazing ballad. I hear a lot of potential in this young singer and feel she can become known worldwide. If I only listen to her pure performance and her talent, she is a sure candidate for MTV, Billboard and many more charts, radios and record-labels. 



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Bisola is a UK based singer-songwriter delivering inspirational music in a Soul Pop style. She just released a Christmas song and several other EP's, which are on her album that is called " Lessons my momma taught me" Bisola joined as a member on Chatsong and posted a topic with more of her music and links. Read my album review and search for Bisola in the artist's community and you will find her together with her other music links, and social accounts.

Bisola is a UK based singer-songwriter delivering inspirational music in a Soul Pop style. With a passion to touch and motivate people through catchy lyrics and infectious hooks, her life-affirming and emotive songs have delighted audiences since the release of her first single ‘Need a little Love‘ in 2012.

In April 2013, she released her debut EP ‘Holding on to the light’ – a collection of heartfelt, uplifting original songs. Tracks from the EP received radio airplay on Best of British Unsigned, Premier Radio and a host of internet radio stations. 

Bisola has featured in a number of online magazines and blogs for her music including the influential The Voice Newspaper. Her motivational single ‘The Impossible‘ proved really popular, striking a chord with music lovers peaking at No. 5 in the Indie charts (soul genre) in 2014.

Bisola is known for her energetic and compelling live performances and has graced the stages of renowned London venues like The Bedford, Proud Camden, Hard Rock Cafe, Zigfried von Underbelly (I luv Live feature performance) as well as headlined at the highly regarded Nottinghill Arts Club.

Achieving runner-up position for songwriting in the 2014 Song of the Year competition and being shortlisted for other songwriting competitions has inspired Bisola to continue writing and recording refreshing, yet thought to provoke music.

Bisola wrote original music and acted as Musical Director for the London West End stage production ‘Hannah – The Iyawo‘.  Her single ‘Million Miles’ released in January 2017 achieved the no.1 spot on a US radio chart show shortly after it’s release. Bisola’s 2nd EP ‘Lessons My Mama Taught Me‘ which features a mix of songs covering issues of loss, love and making the most of every opportunity, is out now and available on all digital music platforms.




This is soul-pop singer-songwriter Bisola from the Uk, She has released two albums one in 2013 and one in 2017. The one from 2017 and her Christmas release I will be going to review. More information can be found on her website, also in the artists' community, you can find when you search her name more social accounts and music links. 

Then now my album review of " Lessons my momma taught me" the first track on the album is " Nobody".

" Nobody" starts with a great humming intro, and then I like how the music like the freeze and stops. It has an amazing melodic rhythm, great sounds, and a lovely soul beat. When she starts to sing wow I am really impressed, her voice is magical. She can sing very pure, and in my opinion even better than many famous singers who break through on many charts and radio shows or MTV. This is of such a quality, that is almost unbelievable that she is not broken through as singer-songwriter globally. I am speechless, this is what I call new talent and it would be waste if she gets lost among all the musicians and platforms for music. So glad she joined Chatsong, Wow. 

Then we have " A Million Miles" Another great intro, with lovely soul tunes and dance tunes. The song has such a lovely melodic rhythm and it makes you wanna dance. This is really amazing and has high chances to become a worldwide hit single. Everything is wonderful, her vocals the beats and her lyrics. Wow, I really love this track. 

Then we have " Let it Shine" and if you hear her stunning vocals in the intro, you almost think you are hearing Beyonce. She sings with a lot of power, but in this song, when she sings with vibrations It seems if that part is mastered. it is almost not hearable, but I did catch it anyhow she is remarkably amazing as a singer. 

I am hearing " No regrets" Stunning piano part in the intro, and together with her vocals, it is really lovely to listen to it. This song has a great lyric, and when she sings it comes through and hits you inside. There are again amazing dance beats used, it is very uptempo another great track on her album. Also, this song has a potential for a hit single. This is great material for record labels, radio stations and many jazz, soul and pop festivals across the globe. I believe when more will hear this talented singer-songwriter they will stand in the row to work with her on more music albums and make her better and better then she already is. 

I am listening to " Seize the day" it starts lovely with her amazing pure vocals, it is cheerful and she has a very good feeling for timing, there is a little part where something went wrong in this record. I don't know what it exactly was, but it did have the same feeling as a few years back a tape get broken and keeps spinning. Which give me and maybe more listeners the feeling that her voice is mastered or she can't sing at all. Which is not true at all, she can sing very good and can reach beautiful high notes.

I am at the latest song of the album " Tomorrow never comes" and this is quite the opposite from that recording issue in her previous song. This is a very good powerfully pop ballad, and in this track, you can hear her talent as a singer. I must say her strongest part as a singer are the high octaves, this suits her the best. 

Then we have her Christmas release "This Christmas" and This is exactly what I tried to explain in the previous song. When you hear her first note in the intro, it is so high and pure and a very good timing, in my opinion, one of her vocal and purest recordings I heard from her. This really showcases her as a singer, besides that it is an original Christmas single. This beautifully sung and written track, for sure earns to become broadcasted on radio, and television as new Christmas hit song during that period. 

There is one more music single you must hear from her and that is " The Impossible" it starts with beautiful tunes and when she opens her mouth,  the beautifully notes she does there in that video are so pure and strong and gives a highlight of what she more of capable is with her damned good vocal voice, I can hear the emotions in her voice. It is a music video from 2014, but you really should hear this it is really different from the new album and sung amazingly. I really think this is more her genre and style, not that the other tracks on her album aren't good but this is really high class sung and performed by her. 

I have listened to her album and her Christmas release, the album is varied and diverse with lots of great uptempo dance songs and some are acoustic and more in ballad style. There are really vocally strong ones on the album, and some maybe need another view and look how it is recorded. Because from what I have heard on some of her tracks she really is damned good, and talented. She is vocally very strong in some songs and has made very amazing songs and she for sure deserves to be heard around the world by radio stations, fans, festivals, labels and anything else. Therefore share this talented singer-songwriter with her album and Christmas release as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.  




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This is Irish musician/singer-songwriter living in London. Just released his debut EP called Tomorrow Means Nothin' on Spotify, Apple Music. Read my album review on Chatsong, listen to his songs and give votes and comments underneath this album review.

This is Irish singer-songwriter Rory Gillanders, he just has released his album Tomorrow means nothing' and is at the moment working on a new album to release. When it is finished I will update this review, for now, I will review this debut ep. Rory has posted a thread with his music-links into the artist's community for you to look up and listen. 

Then now my ep review I will start with the song " Morning Sun".

The intro is great, a lot of instrumental sounds following up his vocal. The background sounds from the instruments are a little bit louder than his vocals, but what I hear is that he has potential and this song have a great level of indie rock. 

When I listen to " Tomorrow means Nothing" which is also the title of the album. It starts with a beautiful acoustic guitar intro and piano keys, then he starts to sing this time it is better hearable and his voice sounds good on this recording. A great higher octave, and at the end of the track there is a vocal part where you can hear how talented he is and how strong his pure vocal sound is. 

Then we have " Bullets" the intro is amazing, full of great drum work and other instrumental sounds. When he starts to sing, I do hear Phil Collins back in some vocal parts. This is a great potential for many rock radio stations, record labels and studios to work with this talented Irish indie rock singer-songwriter. This recording is so far the best song with vocal performances and stunning instrumental sounds by the instruments. 

I am at his latest recording " Be my god" and it starts with a great acoustic guitar intro and drum work, this time his vocals are very clear to hear. This gives you all the opportunity, to hear his vocal reach and what he is capable of. I like this track a lot, there are few parts where he sings so raw and lower but reaches a very beautiful high note. I love the harmonica, which you hear also in this track. 

I have listened to all of the songs on this album, there are very good songs on it. He sure has talent, he has a great vocal sound in some tracks you hear it a little bit better. Most of the tracks do have a potential for radio stations, festivals, and record labels. The album is diverse in sounds, there are acoustic ones and amazing indie rock tracks. I am really curious about his second album and how that would sound vocally and in instrumental sounds. This Irish singer-songwriter is for sure talented, in singing, writing and playing on the instruments, His album for sure has to be heard around the world I hear a lot potential in this singer-songwriter, therefore share this talented Irish singer-songwriter and his album as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 





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Singer-songwriter Tim Bennet plays music in the genres Blues, Rock, & Country Americana music. indie music, roots music, blues music and Former lead singer/songwriter of Whistler's Father. Read my new album review of "The view from here" on Chatsong. Listen to his songs, give votes and comments underneath this album review

Tim Bennett grew up in Southern California listening to a wide variety of music from Rock, Pop, Country, Blues, Folk, and Bluegrass. "There was no musical genre called Americana when I was a kid", says Tim. "Americana has evolved from a music cast off by other mainstream genres for not fitting their particular mold. Americana can rock and soar, break your heart and make you cry, make you laugh or make you proud. It's definitely made in America."

Tim is the former lead singer/songwriter for the band Whistler’s Father, an Americana group whose independent 2015 release “Highly Irregular” received airplay globally. "I Really Don't Miss You At All" made the Top 40 of The Roots Music Report Americana Chart and The Top 75 of The Fan Voted Chart.


This is singer-songwriter Tim Bennett, Tim Bennet plays music in the genres Blues, Rock, & Country Americana music. indie music, roots music, blues music. Above you can read his biography, more info and music-link and videos can be found there. He has released last year an album named "  Inevitable Discovery" which I wrote a review about. I decided to make a completely new review, for this new album. So here we go, I will start with the first song on the album that is " As long as your buying".

The song starts with a wonderful electric guitar and amazing piano keys, it swings immediately it seems to be a blues song. His voice is unique, When you listen to it he sure has a voice for country and Americana music. This track for sure makes you dance, love the blues addition and sounds in these rhythmic single.

Then we have " Forgive and forget" another great guitar intro with lovely melodic tunes of other instruments, then he starts to sing and somehow that voice suits the chosen instrumental tunes and melodies. This is a typical folk song, it goes about things in daily life you hear that back in the lyrics and how he express his thoughts and emotions while singing this track. 

" There Was Nothing" is an emotional ballad song, with acoustic guitar and beautiful violin, the message is heavily loaded you hear it also when he sings this lyric. Those songs always touch me, when you hear the sad tunes and where the lyric goes about but it is a great recording. Especially for many country music fans and folk fans, radio stations and anything else in these genres. 

" Coulda Woulda Shoulda" is another melodic track, full of amazing instruments such as a piano, drums, guitars and it swings lovely and there is really a stunning piano solo piece in it. The song he writes mostly have a deeper message to the listeners, I like that. This music you love or dislike, his voice is maybe not the vocal strongest, his vocal vibrates in many octaves some will love that, some will dislike that. I do love it, I hear how passionate he sings and with that vibration, he brings over the thoughts and emotions from this song even more.

In "I'll be expecting you" there you here that lovely vibration, his voice is higher and calmer that are his strongest parts as a singer it highlights him vocally as a singer. Then there are those lovely tunes by piano and other amazing instrumental sounds. Which make this track a potential for musicals, or as a soundtrack for a movie or television series. This track is so beautifully sung and played, one of his best vocally so far. 

" Hot town" from hearing the intro this is more a jazz, bluegrass track. Great swinging sounds in the intro, also vocally he sounds wonderful in this track. If I compare the last two songs vocally I hear a huge difference in octaves. I think that this octave vocally fits by him, and then man what a great rhythmic track by all those instruments you hear in this track. And not to mention the stunning solo pieces by only the instruments in the song, my credits for that. 

" A dangerous man" starts with a great melodic instrumental intro again, then he starts to sing with his unique vocal sound. The track is from the start till the end a musical spectacle, he maybe can sing " I am a dangerous man" but When you hear this jazzy track there is nothing to be anxious about it. The lyric is indeed heavier written, but he lightens it by saying you can trust me anyway and with that beautiful arrangement of tunes. 

" Tonight I will be staying here with you "  starts again with a great piano work, the lyric is very strong written one. By that, his vocal sound in this recording is also very stronger and his vocal is solid, this is a track where you can hear what he vocally is capable of is. If I may be honest vocally his best performances, besides the song I'll be expecting you". Not that his voice isn't good on the previous tracks I know that singing a song in country music, folk music has a certain vocal octave you need to reach as a singer. I hope it does make sense what I try to explain, about that typical country music octaves. This track has a potential for many radio stations in wide expectance of varied music, also for many festivals with a wider taste of genres. 

" Ain't get time for this" starts again with a catchy melodic intro, but when you listen to his vocal in this track you can understand what I wrote in the previous song. You can hear good the difference in octaves, but it stays lovely to hear him sing. This tracks swings from the start until the end, great instruments I really like this kind of music. 

" Awakened by my breaking heart" is again an emotional ballad, with that nice vibration in his vocals. Great written lyrics, and beautifully acoustic instruments. When you close your eyes and hearing all these wonderfully instruments such as a mouth harmonica, and other instrumental sounds you can intensely enjoy his music. 

" The end of the Line" is more a mix of country and blues, it has again a lovely swinging intro. His voice can do a lot, I like the parts when he sings calmer and a bit lower because in these parts you hear how good he is, and the emotions and message in the lyric come better trough. 

I am at his latest song from the album " The end of the line" Wow, I hear him sing in this one is so vocally strong and solid again, especially in the intro. In this track, he shows really how talented he is, also in vocal sounds. There are varied parts of this track, where he showcases his vocal reach. This track has also a well-written lyrics, and of course full of wonderful instruments. Another great track is sung and played on this album, this track has also a potential for bars, clubs, festivals and radios stations across the globe. 

So I heard his new album, this album is varied in genres and styles. Most of the tracks have amazing strong lyrics, and each and every song has a different intro. Which I really like on this album. There are many styles for many different ears on it, so you all have a song which you will for sure like, just like I like most of his songs. This versatile musician and his diverse album should be heard around the world, therefore share this album review and this beautiful record album by this talented singer as much as you can. 




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Against Himself Formed in 2014 in Denver, Colorado, Against Himself fuse elements of rock and metal. They just released their new album The Awakening, read my album review and listen to their music, also give votes and comments underneath this review.

Formed in 2014 in Denver, Colorado, Against Himself fuse elements of rock and metal. Shortly after forming, they released a four-track self-titled EP, which exhibited their hard-hitting potential. Their celerity in recording their first EP exemplifies their focus on not over-complicating the equation by agonizing over obstacles. David Hunt, the vocalist of Against Himself, explains, “If you want to achieve anything in life, the only true barrier to getting where you want to go is yourself. Just remove yourself from your own path and you won’t be working against yourself; you’ll likely achieve what you want to do. The only barriers that exist are the ones you allow to be there.” The band, never intimidated by the prospect of experimenting with their sound to continually create unique music, is true to their motto that “there is no failure, only a process of elimination, and trial and error.”

While not inherently a political band, Against Himself is not afraid to tackle political ideas and avoid the stereotypical rock and roll topics that ensure record sales but lack a message that would connect them with their audience. When describing the songwriting process, Hunt notes, “I like to talk about things that matter, things that most people avoid. Strippers and coke – they’re great, fuck yeah! But when you’re being robbed by your government and there’s shit going on that’s way bigger, sometimes there’s something that needs to be said. It’s hard to change the world, but the way we know how to do it is through music.”


The Awakening – produced by the legendary Logan Mader of Once Human and Machine Head, and recorded in Las Vegas, NV – features 11 tracks with themes encompassing “the awakening of us, of reality, of people, of the world.” Regarding the meaning of their debut album’s title, Hunt says, “There is a major awakening going on and there’s going to be a revolution, it’s just not going to happen the way people imagine it will. It’s going to be around social media, with the youth being more educated, making bigger and better decisions than the generation before them.” For David as a lyricist, the driving force behind the album’s theme is the ability to share a connection with the band’s audience. He explains, “I’m always the one holding up the show when a new song comes out because I don’t want to write something just to write it; I want it to be real. If every song is real, I will feel it on stage. Our fans watching will get more enjoyment out of it and will feel it as well. The energy connection will be much stronger.”

Above you can read their biography, and where most of their singles go about. This metal/hard rock band Against Himself has released their new album " The Awakening" which I will be going to review now. 

Their first single is " Within" the song starts with amazing heavy guitar riffs and drums, a very good hard rock intro. I love the mix of melodic rock and metal, the message in the lyric is clear and with his voice, he brings it over also with the screams in this track. This is really a masterpiece of a hard rock track, this is a great potential for many hard rock and metal radio stations and labels around the world, not to mention festivals and metal and hard rock lovers. The energy splash out of the speakers, great recording! 

Then we have " The Awakening" with a magnificent intro, full of hard-hitting drums and guitars. I must say There are only a few bands who can make awesome noise rock, this band is one of them. I like the deeper message behind their lyrics, they bring it very well over while playing and singing the lyrics. I really would love to hear them play live, I think that would be an amazing experience with their amazing metal hard rock songs.

" Wake of our Designs" has a calmer melodic intro it has something away from Blink 182, whereby you can hear proper what they are singing about. It is a great hard rock track again with a melodic twist and noise rock. From the start until the end it is marvelous track, full of amazing instrumental sounds and fitting vocals. 

" Heal me" again a wonderful intro full of hard-hitting drum work and the guitar work, and even though their music is very loud I can hear their music is written with emotions or opinions about topics in life in their lyrics. Another potential for many metals and hard rock industries and fans across the world, they make incredible music. 

" Compromise" starts again with amazing guitar slides, great written lyric again. I like the transition from melodic hard rock to noise rock, it makes this band fascinating to hear. This is perfect for many festivals in this genre, they would have their time of their lives hearing them play. 

Their song " Reborn" is really wonderful, great drum work again my credits for all the members of the band. I like his voice in this track, it is better understanding and good as well. The message from this lyric by his performances in this track comes again well trough. I love this track a lot, this could be a hit song everything is amazing on this recording. 

" Machine God" let me start that this lyric is so amazingly written, the intro is beautiful with many instrumental sounds. And again that wonderful transition from melodic rock to noise rock in the same recording, this song rocks from the intro until the end. This is a band to keep an eye on, soon they will be touring around the world and give a lot of gigs. Selling massive tickets and albums, as a band.

" Rio Bravo" starts again with a wonderful instrumental intro by the guitars and drums, I love how they write their lyrics, it has always a deeper meaning. They express it through their wonderful sounds and vocals, very well done by this band. 

" Forsaken" starts with an amazing electric guitar intro and drums, quite spectacular to hear. This is again a great written and sung hard rock track from their album, with melodic vocals and noise rock. I have no critic at all, this is wonderfully done again. Most of what I have heard is so amazing recorded and play, This is really a talented rock and metal band. 

" Shitstorm" wow wicked that electric guitar part in the intro, following up by amazing drum work. Alright in this track is more noise rock, but it fits and they do it very good. They are from the few bands I heard in this genre and doing noise rock and screams who nail it. 

I am at the latest song of their album it is called " Transcendence" the intro is calmer and more melodic, of course, you hear still their great drum work and guitar play but this is less heavy from all the others I heard. I like the variety and diversity they do in their tracks, from metal to hard rock, to melodic rock and rock and roll. Great song again, I love this kind of melodic rock a lot. Musicians and bands who have a deeper meaning behind their music, have my preference and trying to make a message to the world by their lyrics. Another potentially hit song, a Wonderful track again.

I have heard their complete album, and I became a big fan of this band. They make varied songs, their songs are amazingly written, played and performed. This is an album you must hear and buy. Their music should be heard on a lot of festivals, radio stations and whoever has a meaning in this music field. They really have a value as a band in the music industry, even their music is really heavy and loud sometimes. But all they made till now is really stunning, so when you read and listen to their album. Share them and this review as much as you can and give votes and comments, they are really worth it.





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