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This is Artist & Producer & Entertainer Dylan aka Young Dylan, his friend Mark Hyland from the duo weareveris who is also on Chatsong has forwarded him. Read my singles review on chatsong, and listen to his music give votes and comments underneath this review.

After working as a songwriter in Boston, Young Dylon relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a full-time music career. He is currently a songwriter for Extreme Music Publishing, a subsidiary of Sony Global. His new single, I Don’t Trust, has been reposted dozens of times by popular trend-setting Soundcloud profiles.


Above is a short biography about Dylan aka Young Dylan, Mark one of the pop duo Weareveris has introduced him to chatsong, So I have decided to give this artist an review of his tracks he made. I will start with his tracks he made a few years earlier, " Dream car, " Our City" " Good thing" and then his newest track " I don't trust".

I will start with " Dream car" The intro is amazing great uptempo beats, it makes you wanna dance immediately and besides that his voice is very lovely to hear. The song is very good written and how it is produced makes this song a very good international pop hit song potential. I hear some vocal enhancers, but in this song, it sounds dope! I believe when more young music fans will listen to this, they soon would be a Groupie. And not alone young audience, I honestly think the whole world. This is high-class level produced written, and sung single. 

Then we have " Our city" has just as the first an amazing intro, wow I am really impressed by this young artist. The song he has written is so professional and with a meaning, besides that, he has a nice voice even though he mastered it in pieces of the song. This song can have this, it makes it so amazingly awesome.  Also, this produced and sung track has a lot potential to be played anywhere on every radio, by every music fan and pop festivals around the world. 

This song " Good thing" damned I can't believe what I am hearing, So immensely stunning from the beginning. Lovely tunes, lovely melodies great uptempo beats and that voice somehow it has something adorable, besides that he sounds like a professional on stage. He could easily be standing next to many celebrities on stage, and get the attention pointed at him.  

I am now at his newest and latest track " I don't trust" the intro is stunning, he has used magnificent beats and it is a very attractive track. Like I wrote about his previous work this is music on a high level, no doubt his track got reposted a lot it is worth it. I could listen to this all day long, everything is awesome. And I like the RB sound in this one, it is varied from the other songs he did. 

This artist Young Dylan is very talented in all in writing, in producing and singing. He is damned good, all of his songs have high chances to become massive hit songs around the world. And I am pretty sure, he will soon be on national and international music charts, channels and stages worldwide.  Also, I think record-labels would fight to work with this talented artist, he needs to be known with the music everywhere. Therefore share his review and his stunning tracks around the world. 










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This is Singer-Songwriter Sarah Hakward her manager Amaris Mathews posted some of her music videos in the chatsong music community. Her Debut Album VIVID is on Spotify / Apple and more outlets. She Sings at The Savoy, Tramp, George Club Mayfair. Next single from Abbey Road out soon! Read my Album review on Chatsong, listen to her music and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Classically trained on the piano, violin, and vocals, I tend to play contemporary music nowadays and compose my own songs (first album 'VIVID' out now). 

As a profession, the musical genres I cover a range of classical music, golden oldies, jazz classics through to modern pop artists ...such as Avicii and Adele. 



Above you can read a short biography about this classically trained musician and singer, more information can be found on her website with a press release. Then now my album review of the album Vivid, which can be streamed and purchased on her digital outlets.

I will start with the song I see as first and that is " Life philosophy" the intro has an amazing bluesy intro and does remind of the period where blues was hot and played in every corner of the street and in the bars. You can hear she is born for rhythm and also immediately notice she is classically trained and play with her vocal reach without any mistake. This singer has a golden voice and fits perfect in this blues and jazz song, I have no words how to describe how Good she is. I am very happy her manager posted her music videos and submitted for a review because this is a future international celebrity in the music field. 

Her other song " Hands up high" she starts in the intro with her beautiful voice, the octaves she reaches hits you straight into your heart. It is a ballad and the lyric is stunning and how she sings it, it brought me to tears.  The song goes about love, and with the classically trained piano in it made the track even more immensely touching. And with this song she proves, she is very talented. Concentrating on the piano and singing such a high octaves is not easy, and she can manage that very good. I also like the backing vocals in this song, this is a powerful love song. 

Then we have " Country lane" and man what a lovely melodic intro, and in this song, you can hear she also sings very stunning in lower octaves. And it a song you could listen 24 hours, she has such a pleasant voice and her written lyrics are also amazing. 

Her other song " Red Riding Hood" wow so amazing produced, it does me remind me of within temptations with the dark undertone and the immensely high octaves. It has some elements of rock, movie theme, and pop-music it is a great combination and that voice I love it. That is all I can say, this song is incredible and she has high potential to go to perform soon worldwide and ended up on MTV and other music networks. Even she says her music is for weddings diners hotels, it is good as well for these settings but She earns more than that. And that is international fame and a gold award for her album.

This song " Mind the gap" is beautifully composed entering the whole song, it is a great uptempo ballad more in the direction of entertainment. And yes this song is indeed perfect for dinners and big concerts on stage, but as well for many radio stations and record-labels in the world. 

I am listening now to " My friends and I" and wow, her voice is so pure and trained, I have no words I am overwhelmed by her impressive song. I do not want to write anymore, I just want to get in a trance and keep listening to this vocal angel from heaven. 

Then there is this beautifully written ballad " Rebel" with a twist of jazz and blues, I am tapping on the rhythm of the piano and the lovely instruments in this song. she is so stunning, and has so much vocal variety and make from it a musical spectacle. 

Every song has a different intro but mostly composed by herself. I can describe what this song " Make believe" does with my emotions and feelings because of her touching vocals and writing. You have singers who sing so high and pure and hit that special note which brings you to tears, and with this performances, she hits that note. 

This other Ballad " Claire's song" I am literally blowing away by her voice, those high notes it's unbelievable I only can say press on the song and check it yourself how impressive her music is. 

This song " Not Her"  is a more uptempo piano in the intro, which is marvelous done. So lovely to hear, and then her magnificent vocals.  with the beats added, makes this song a high potential for a worldwide pop music hit single.  it is amazing produced and composed, I rather see her on every channel than many other celebrities. Her music has a deeper meaning, and the lyrics make sense and is a lovely contributing to this world. 

I am at her latest song from the album "Save Me Now" and like every song, it has a great intro and rhythm. I like the jazzy sounds of it, and the voice enhancer she has used in this one to make it sound jazzier. Very well done, Also this song has high potential to become an international jazz hit song. I hope she soon can perform on the biggest jazz festival in the Netherlands, I will try my best to make that happen. But if not, I hope she picked up by visitors of chatsong, like fans, radio stations, record-labels and more. So her music spread around the world, and that she for sure deserves. 

I want to highlight one more song a cover song she did from Adele " make you feel my love" and this is a cover which is very used one but there are a few who came so close to her vocal performances as Sarah, and also keep it in her own style and not copy it. She made it her own song in a very beautiful way, with her unique vocal. 

This review was longer than normal, But it was necessary to check her complete album. The album is amazing, and I sure want to buy it and let it listen to everyone in this music field. And you as a reader can help her as well, by sharing her music and this review. Because the world has to know this vocalist and classical trained super musician. 





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Caroline Purr Vocalist and songwriter from Queens, NYC. Thank God for all of my blessings, and hope to be a blessing to others. New songs coming soon, 2017. She has already a record label named 6Tetra4, which is recently my partner they provided Caroline Purr to chatsong. Read my singles review, and listen to her songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

This vocalist and song writer is Caroline Purr, she has a record label by 6Tetra4. more information about them you can find on their page when you going to click the link in this review from Caroline. She has released two single, and more is coming when her album finished. 

Then now my review about her music singles, " love again" and " Out of Air. Her song " Love again begin with calm tunes from drums and guitar, then she starting to sing and wow she has a great unique vocal. She can reach very high notes, and she can sing very good in any octave.This vocal singer no doubt she got a record deal, this is high quality produced music. The lyric is wonderfully written, and when she does sing it. It goes about a lost in love, and with her vocal reach, it touches your heart. Very well done, she is a magnificent vocal lyric singer. I must say, this song can become a massive hit song on every big music channel and radio or television there is. 

Her second single " out of the air" is as beautiful as the first single, again lovely used instruments and her vocals are really stunning, very high-level vocals. She is very good in writing songs and bringing it to music listeners. She does remind me a little bit of Shania Twain, and Anastacia her vocals have a little raw sound in this single. Which is also amazing by all the rock sounds you hear in this single. My compliments for the production of this single, the songwriting and the other instrument players you hear in both singles. 

I just found out her other songs by searching for more of her, And they are from 3 years ago and I because her newest songs are so damned good. I became curious and wanted to review these as well, I hope it is the same Caroline Purr aha. 

Let me start with " Angry" the intro is marvelous and lovely piano work. It is great blues and jazzy song, and When I heard her voice I immediately recognize this is the same Caroline Purr. OMG, this single is really stunning, this could be a hit song worldwide. Everything fits, the lyric, the tunes the melodies, of course, and her amazing jazzy voice. I am So happy I searched for more from this singer, This has to be heard it is damned wonderful. 

Then we have " Stand up for your dreams" And it is if God if you believe in it, tells me to listen to this song as well because It is something I do with Chatsong and another project in life. The Intro is lovely, great acoustic guitar and other instruments this is more a mix of country and pop. This song is perfect for her unique voice with that little raw edge, man, What a talented singer. And this song is again high-level quality production and sang, the octaves she does so intensely I am really impressed by her vocal reach! 

This song " Better Days " lovely intro again with an acoustic guitar, and then she opened her mouth and Jezus I have written this more often in this review, her vocal reach wow I never heard such a vocal power. And it sounds so pure and unique, if this singer not hits the charts globally I will eat my shoes as a matter of speaking!

I am ended at her latest song on her Soundcloud account " oh mother" this is more country with the acoustic guitar and added sounds, but she brings with her Performances this genre to a new level, a modern level. The Country music is mostly a little underrated, and you have to love it. I can ensure you when you listen to this single, you would love it. Even if you are not a country fan, she with her vocal performances and input will turn your mind instantly. Like I have written before, this singer deserves to be an international music star. And even a star of fame, but first she needs to be known worldwide. Then the Awards and the star of fame will come her way, I am pretty sure about that!  

So when you read this review, and you going to listen to this damned amazing talented singer-songwriter share this with her beautiful music as much as you can, and give her the fame she earns. 







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This is Electronic composer Audio engineer Aymen Ksouri aka Alioth from Italy, he has some tracks produced in several genres in the EDM scene. Read my singles review on Chatsong, and listen to his productions.


Bio: Aymen ksouri aka Alioth is an Italian producer and Audio engineer class 1992
that blends together different kinds of electronic music, creating atmospheric landscapes and a surreal, dreamy ambiance. The project came to life in early 2017, as an attempt to represent the oneiric state of mind throughout the music.
This Italian producer is Alioth official he released some mixes and tracks, which I will be going to review. Above you can a short biography about this producer. Then now my review, his first song I will listen is " The cognitive self" he made it three months ago. 
The intro starts with relaxing tunes, very soft and then it goes more up-tempo it sounds really beautiful.  This track could easily fit in a movie scene or soundtrack, I hear many instrumental sounds like piano, a kinda samba if I am correct. This producer has talent, it is not easy to make such a track without having a sense of rhythm. I really like the atmosphere in this one, also there are some tunes which remind me of the Romain period very nicely done. 
Then we have " first day of summer" it is a more uptempo EDM track but with a mix of ambient. And the title is called first day of summer and this is lovely summer track. When you listen to it, you can yourself imagine on the beach with a drink and this lovely ambient EDM track on the background. 
I found at his YouTube channel two video's from 2 recently produced songs, their names are " Sonder" and " The crawling chaos".  I will start with " sonder" the intro starts with calm relaxing tunes like a wind breeze, and suddenly you hear a vocal addition and boom the dubstep is coming your way. I did not expect this because of the more ambient and calmer EDM, This shows how good he is and shows more styles and it is freaking awesome!
His recent track is named " The crawling Choas " the video is done by another artist  Simon Irvine - @stuffamebobs which is, by the way, an excellent producer as well. And a marvelous intro like some locked the door, following up by chill tunes which transform later in the track with more up-tempo melodies. I must say most of his tracks are really wonderful produced and could all be in movie or soundtrack scenes or played at home, on the beach, in the pool just anywhere. I really love his work, he is very talented in producing this kinda genre and I am sure he is capable of making more and more in other genres like house, dubstep and much more. The songs he has produced till now should be heard by radio stations, movie companies television production and much more. Therefore share this talented Italian producer as much as you can, and give votes and comments underneath this review. 
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The project started after I, Daniel Blomqvist, wrote a couple of songs while temporary staying and working in a small Swedish town. Through this town, Swedens most known channel (canal) runs. Me (Daniel Blomqvist) and drummer Olle Nilsson started working on the songs and formed a band which became Le Canal. The band consist out of Daniel Blomqvist (vocals, lead, guitar) Olle Nilson (drums) Totte Nyden (bass) Martin Lino( guitars) We recorded the EP Au Revoir almost 1,5 year ago but finished and released it this spring. Read my album review of Le canal on Chatsong, listen to their music and give votes and comments underneath this review.



The music, and especially this EP, is inspired by 90´s bands like The Lemonheads, Pavement, Dinosaur Jr, but also bands like Okkervil River. Our lyrics deal with ordinary life issues like lost love, longing and loneliness, but although we are based in Gothenburg, our lyrics are also influenced by the mystic aura of the Swedish wild nature, woods, lakes, and mountains, which is always close even if you live in a city.

This indie band is Le Canal, they are from Sweden and make indie rock. They released an album named " Au Revoir" they have also posted their music link and other comments in the chatsong community for you to read and listen. 

Then now my album review about this indie Swedish band, the first song is " robber" the intro of the song lets you think it is folk with the wind instrument, it has a great catchy melody. His deep mature vocals, with a little hoarseness, make this song a lovely track. The song has varied instrumental sounds and has a mix of folk and rock. This track has already great potential for many radio station and music enthusiasts. Especially because of the amazing production of the song, with different genres used in one song. 

Their next single is " Where's Annie" the intro of this track is for sure rock, great drum work, and speediness in the sounds. The energy splashes out of this song, I am sure many rock lovers would play this track every day. And I am sure when they play this rock song on festivals, the whole audience would dance on the rhythm of the song. And they would sound even better than they already do on this track. 

The intro of this song " Let me in" has a great rock sound and is melodic at the same time, Thereby that lovely voice of the lead singer, which is very pleasant even he sings very dark. But that makes the track even more lovely to listen, and I also heard background singer in this track which sounds good together. I see myself already standing in front of this wonderful indie rock band, dancing jumping on the tunes and the instrumental sound of this track. 

I saw a demo song between the tracks which is called " Falling tide" and I love this acoustic demo in this song you can hear how wonderful the lead singer can sing varied notes and also his voice is more hearable which shows he is a talented singer. 

Another track on the album is " Out of track" and love what sounds they used in the intro, it seems like a ticking clock and then more melodies are coming. I suppose this track is recorded with an echo because it is the entire song, I am not sure if it was meant to be on this track? anyway, it is not disturbing it actually listens fine. It isn't their best-recorded song, from the album. But that is just a matter of taste, I love the first three tracks and the demo song it fits more by this singer. 

Further that one track which I am not sure if it is meant to be recorded with an echo or accidentally happened with uploading is the rest of the tracks amazing recorded and shows this indie band has talent, and make wonderful rock songs. I hope that the demo I heard will be released soon, it did sound very good. 

These artists and their album should be heard and shared because it is good indie rock. Therefore, share this review as much as you can to support them and get their music out anywhere. 




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This is indie blues singer-songwriter Chase Shellee, her phrase "Some Blues, Some Grey, a little of this and a little of that, and then some." she has made an album "High on maybe" read my album review on chatsong and listen to her songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

There is a story here with characters we either are or have been or have yet to become. On the way, it is not hope itself but the muddied, uneven, and slightly hidden path leading to it that becomes closest to us. This first album deals greatly with the past, but at its very center suggests a possibility of taking back whatever power or light was either taken from us or we so foolishly, or naively, gave away. “Meri” is dedicated to my friend Meri Williams, whose light was extinguished far too early. It is written out of respect for her and out of empathy for what she battled. “High On Maybe” is dedicated to my mother, whose fiery compassion and fearless love have literally saved my life. Each song is an intimate friend, but I know you will find your own stories in them, or yourself, use them how you will. I have found the path to hope to be a difficult one, always looking down to see what is going to stub your toe or catch your ankle, and going on can weary even the most hardened of us. May these songs, these stories, nudge you further down that path, may you find exactly where you are and realize it is alright, and keep going at whatever pace your heart beats too. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get there. -Chase Shelleé

From the Philippines and Florida, with a few stops in between, these stories and songs have been in the making for quite a while. I began writing first at the age of 5, and the music found its way in and lit everything up.

This indie blue singer-songwriter is Chase Shellee, above you can read her biography and on her website, you will find more social accounts and music and videos. Then now my album review, about this compassioned singer. 

The first song on the album is " It's not that" the intro begins with impressive acoustic sounds and an amazingly pure vocal sound. Which immediately grab your attention, she has a vocal reach which gives you goosebumps. The song is beautifully written and composed, this is high-class music. This song could be easily ended up on MTV, Billboard, and many other related music networks, it is incredible how talented she is. 

Her next single on the album is " I see red " I like the intro of this song with the low tempo background tune I can't totally her which instrument you hear besides the guitar and drums. But again this is a powerfully written song, and her trained vocals finish it. I am literally blown away by her vocal reach, the production of this song is stunning. This single has a very high potential to become a blues hit song worldwide. 

Then we have " Better stay in" and it starts with a beautiful guitar intro, my compliments to the guitar player. Oh, man, I fell in love with the voice of this brilliant singer. The way how she brings the well-written songs is exceptionally professional, and till now all her songs with that voice are damned good. She does extra ordinary high octaves in this song, which is so impressive and made me a fan. 

the other song she wrote is " Lights on" and wow what a great intro with a lovely blues rhythm and melody. This song is more uptempo, And a very awesome production. I am distracted while reviewing, my both ears and mind are pointed at her wonderful music. I don't want to write when I hear such a lovely song. Also, because I make mistakes while writing then aha. But I will try to keep going because this international talented singer deserves all attention she should get to her album and talent. 

I am at her single " High on maybe" it is a mix of rock blues and pop, again powerful written lyrics and a really damned good song. I have no critic on any of her recorded songs, only that you should buy stream and share her music album worldwide. This talent should be played everywhere, performing worldwide and getting massive record deals and single deals this is music that not deserve not be found and heard by millions of musicians. She is too good, to be lost and I am extremely happy to have heard her album and may review it. Because she will be soon a famous celebrity with millions of music fans around the world.

 " Candyman" is her next song, and what a lovely melodic song, it makes you wanna dance and she can really write good touching lyrics. What I love in this song are the background singers by her strong powerful sounded vocals. it is a joyful song, on the album which is good some variety on the album. 

This song " Prison songs" literally rocks in any form also in the genre, I just said variety is good she shows that she not only makes beautiful blues music but as well great rock songs. That is good because so she can reach a wider audience in music, and I am sure when more rock lovers hear this and that magnificent guitar solo in it they are sold just like me. 

This song " Meri" is so beautiful with the background singer and her damned good sounded voice, I think whatever she produced or record it all sounds professional. What a pleasure to listen to this diverse and varied album and all of her songs. I can listen over and over again and certainly would buy her album and press the stream button on Spotify and other platforms every day. 

There are three songs left from the album, one of it is " Silver" and again with lovely sounds a great mix between soul blues and rock. I have mentioned a lot how damned good she is and her album but I would say it several times because I want to bring over to the world that you have to hear and buy it. 

So I am now at the second latest single " Back on Sunday " and man what a stunning intro. the drum starts slowly and then more and more uptempo very well done. And I like the switch between uptempo and ballad in one song. It is very unique, how this song is produced and recorded. Which made me think how will they perform this song on stage, or rather the whole album.  Her latest song is " Carnival and it is an acoustic ballad with no music and this way you can hear how amazing she sings and what she can with her vocal and also the background singers. I can't wait for more material from this wonderful singer-songwriter. Until that time enjoy her album, and please share this with every music fan you know and radio stations, record-labels, and more. 





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I'm Rain on Monday from Sweden and I'm promoting my debut single "Kill My Love", recorded by the German producer Thomas Harsem. Read my debut single review on chatsong, listen to his music and give votes and comments

This indie Indie-pop artist from Sweden is Rain on Monday, and he and his producer Thomas Harsem just have released their first debut single " Kill my love". Read my single review about their debut single on Chatsong, the song starts with amazing 70 and 80the synths and tunes which make the song already interesting. It is if you go back to the older times in music century, only they have made a modern song from it. What I love about the vocal of this singer is, it is very mature and he has a hoarseness while singing and can sing very pure. All together with the melodies and production is this a song which can be a potential for much pop music and normal radio stations, music lovers and related music networks. I love their debut single, and can't wait what they will make more. I am already a fan of them, I hope when you all read and listen this review you will be too!

These talented artists from Sweden need to be heard and shared with their lovely pop song, therefore share this as much as you can. 





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Song Writer Alan Richard, also Producer, and Independent Label has recorded several songs with Melanie Waite which I will be reviewing here on Chatsong. They recently released their new single " Turn me Loose" and more is on the way.

Recorded and mixed at Leloftmusic studios, Turn me Loose was professionally mastered at the world famous Abbey Road studios to give it that final edge so loved by music fans. 
This is songwriter and producer, also an independent label and he has recorded a couple songs with singer-songwriters  Melanie Waite, Dani Gallagher, and Joanne Pollock. 
 Their newest release is " Turn me Loose" sung by Melanie Waite but I saw on his other accounts older songs that made me off course curious to have a listen to these as well. You never know which hit song or amazing song is in it, So here we go. 
Their oldest song is " You will be free" sung by Joanne Pollock. The song has a catchy intro and very rhythmic, it has nice melodies and her vocals in this song are marvelous. This kinda groove does me remind of the old days, from the hippie period so lovely. Oh wow this singer has a long breath and all pure she can sing so stunning high notes, this is damned good.
Then we have " Line of Fire"  also sung by Joanne Pollock again a wonderful intro with great tunes and melodies, also this song has an old style vibe her vocals do remind me of several famous singer from that time.  If this song was known around that time, they would be known worldwide. Everything is good in this song, This is what I call undiscovered talent this is stunning music and great produced quality song. 
Their next single is " Peace from your advice" sung by Joanne Pollock.  The intro consists immediately a beautifully humming note, then followed up with her amazing acoustic voice which is so beautiful you get goosebumps. This singer can sing every note it does not matter if it is a low one or higher one, she just can reach it naturally. I am really impressed by her vocals, and the produced music by Alan Richard aka Leloftmusic. 
And there is one song I want to highlight it is called " Self-help" sung by Danni Gallagher. IT starts with a beautiful bluesy intro and followed up with her so damned good vocally voice. Her voice is so powerful and sounds so stunning in this song. This song fits by her vocals, she is born for this soul and blues music. The other songs are lovely as well, but this one is one of her best vocal performances it just suits her this genre. 
I am now at their latest and newest song " Turn me Loose" This song has also a very lovely blues and soul vibe in the intro. I believed I also heard both of them singing in this song. If you listen to this you want to dance, this is a perfect song for many festivals and radio stations it gives you great vibes. This song has a high potential to go viral around the world if more music related networks, fans, and enthusiasts listen to this song. Which they totally deserve with their great produced songs they made so far, Therefore share these  talented artists as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review as much as you can.
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This is ASCAP Artist & Producer KIRBY and Professional Drummer for @Toyconner and produced several songs for singer-songwriters. She submitted one of her artists Lizz Vega for single review on Chatsong, So read my review about them both here and listen here to their music.

 Short biography:

Singer Lizz Vega started her musical journey 8 months ago and developed her sound from the world surrounding her. After a month of teaching herself guitar and composing her own music, she started to play at train stations located around Los Angeles in hopes to inspire people. With her bluesy jazz influence, she tugs at your heart strings and sends you on a musical journey of self-discovery.



This is singer Lizz Vega she has just released her newest debut single " Free" produced by KRBY who has posted the Itunes link from their single inside the chat post music forum for you to listen. Also, she has submitted their song for a review on Chatsong, a little biography of this singer can be found above. More music about this singer can be found here https://www.youtube.com/user/ItsElizabetch/videos  and here https://soundcloud.com/lizzvega/tracks

A little bit more info about KRBY 

"KRBY is a female producer, drummer & vocalist Starting on the drums at age 12 and evolving into a pop punk drummer by age 16, she was full speed ahead from the very beginning.KRBY has performed with a number of bands primarily as a drummer, as a solo singer/songwriter and as a professional DJ.While studying post sound at Columbia College Chicago she began experimenting with remixing and production. Her music and productions can be found here https://soundcloud.com/krbchicago

KRBY is currently producing tracks for a variety of up and coming artists out of Los Angeles, a well as the drummer for recording artist Toy Connor"

Then now my review about their debut single " Free" by Lizz and Kirby, The intro starts immediately with a beautiful voice, she has a great vibe in her vocals. I can hear beautiful ad libs, all she sings is pure this is for sure a singer with a talent. The production of the song is beautiful as well, she gives this singer all her space to show what she can do vocally and the tunes and sounds are low in the background. Which makes this production a high-level recording, it is clean and very professionally done. This song has high potential to become a worldwide known song and be soon played on several big music networks such as MTV and Billboard and much more. And in my opinion way better than some releases from celebrities, this is music that the world should  hear . Can't wait on more releases of this producer and all of her artists, they need to be heard and shared around the world, therefore, share this single review as much as you can give votes and comments underneath this review






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this is singer songwriter Luisa Garcia, she has posted her info inside the chat forum. Which made me decide to have a listen to all of her songs she has uploaded at her accounts. Read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give votes and comments underneath this review. quote of herself "I am a singer who is looking to promote myself. I can do covers, write my own music and can also play the keyboard. I am available for weddings, bars, etc."

This is singer-songwriter Luisa Garcia, she hasn't yet a biography. When she does have one I will correct this review with her biography. She is from England, and she is available for weddings, bars and more to perform on stage. And maybe after listening to her music for much more than only for weddings.  So here we go, I will start the review with her oldest song " daddy" the intro is very beautiful just with a piano and then comes her amazing pure vocal voice and it is unbelievable how well trained she can sing in different octaves.  I can hear the emotions in her song, and it so good written by herself. This singer-songwriter is one who will soon become known in all different countries there are, this is an undiscovered talent. 

Then we have the song " My Love" also written and composed by herself and wow it so touching with the piano and her amazing vocally sound. This song literally breaks your heart when you listen to the lyrics and her touching vocals. I can feel the pain she has gone through and when she does the high octaves it gives you goosebumps and I am a sensitive person and she has touched my emotion while listening to this amazing written song. 

Some of her recordings are troubled because I think she records them at home sitting behind the piano and then record them, probably the recording equipment is further away from the microphone. Besides that this song " So long" has beautiful written lyric and the intro the lower octaves seems not to be her best part as a vocal singer. But it can also come through the record equipment and microphone Because I know she can sing marvelously and especially in the higher notes. These notes are her strongest part as a singer and when you listen to that you totally melt down (in a manner of terms) as a listener. 

Her other song is " thank you" and the intro is wonderful with that humming, that humming gives you as listener an impressing that she can sing pure. Another great written song and in this song her lower octaves are better hearable and those are stunning now as well. it is a shorter song, but what you hear is so damned good. 

I like when she hums in the intro of this song " I always Be near" and wow in this song you can hear how good she can sing, and how powerful and pure her vocals are especially that high note at the end of the song. I have no words, I am speechless. 

She can do so many with her vocals, you can hear that in this song she has sung " We belong" and I love the jazz rhythm she played on the piano and she plays with the notes while singing and it is damned amazing.  

I am blowing away by this singer-songwriter, her vocal performances are stunning. and even she only plays the piano she has diversity in her vocal sounds also in this amazing song " The world to me" I do not want to write anymore, only listen to this new star worldwide this exceptional high class sang music. There are a few high notes, that not all can reach as a singer and even famous singers not always. And this singer does reach that and that makes her really outstanding. 

It is really impressive how she sings acoustic, you really need to hear this song " sorry" the ad libs are so amazing, and that while playing the piano. That is not an easy thing to combine, singing and playing altogether you have to be very good will you can concentrate on both of it! 

She has written a song " Dear Mumma" and it is dedicated to her mother and it made me cry because her vocals and the lyrics are wonderfully in this song. it has been a long time ago since a singer made me cry, her written song reminds me of my own mother and the band we have but I never tell her and now I realize I should tell her. Because she has supported me in the heavy times in my life, so I really get recognition out of this song and that is what music can do with you.  

I am at her latest song and her newest song " I'm so in love with you" and this is professionally recorded I hear that in the tunes and melodies it sounds all so good. A real difference between her recordings at home and this amazing song. Which I now hope that all of her recordings at home will be a record by the same producer? and hopefully, they make an album together that would go viral around the world. And I have written a lot that her vocals are stunning and even way better than many famous singers but in this song, she sounds even more powerful! this song is a high potential for MTV Billboard and much other big music television and radio station around the world! By the way, all her songs are amazing and need to be heard shared and hopefully, she can record her album and perform worldwide at different festivals and concerts. Therefore share this review with this new worldwide star as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.




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