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We're a rock band named OneManRevivel from the Northeast of England, UK - Listen to our debut album, read my album review here on Chatsong. Listen to their music, and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Forming only in the Winter of 2012; the band have already traveled a path that has
taken them from the depths of a broken city to the top of their game as songwriters, producers, philanthropists and ultimately, believers.
By aligning their unwavering dedication to the do-it-yourself work ethic with a signature sound, singer/guitarist Andy Hanlon, bassist Kyle Smith and drummer Wayne Glaister help to define the landscape of today’s rock music scene. Blending moderate rock, with subtle ambiance and a bitter/sweet take on life, they launch themselves on unsuspecting gig goers with their highly energetic, and often-explosive live shows. One Man Revival have just released their debut album after a fan reach request gave them enough funds that they needed to do the whole process independently. Alongside the recording, the band is hoping to add to a relentless show schedule that they have had over the last 3 years.


This rock/pop band is OneManRevival they have released their album recently " ordinary world" it is also their first debut album ever. The first song is named " Be with me Anymore" The intro is immediately amazing lovely hard drums and guitar sounds, then I hear magnificent vocal sounds which beautiful high and low notes. This is a high potential future rock band, it has amazing lyrics and sick tunes and melodies which make it high-quality rock music with pop influences. The lyrics are so written that you easily want to sing hard with the text and it is very rhythmic so you easily want to dance on their amazing tunes. Their next song is " day by day" which also as the first song has a wonderful hard instrumental intro, with melodic sounds added. I really love their style does remind me of " Nickelback" and more related rock bands who are known worldwide. This band will go for sure in that direction, all is good their lyrics the sounds the vocals. Wow, I am really impressed by their instrument players, in this song " nice night for a barfight" it is quite calmer than the first two songs but very melodic and it suits the song and lyrics. The lead singer and background singer can do a lot with their vocal sounds, different notes I like that it makes them really a high potential rockband. This song " dreams" the recording seems to be troubled by some background noise. The first three songs are very different in sound and recording of this song. That does not change my opinion about this wonderful talented rock band, and their debut release with amazing rock sounds songwriting and vocals sounds. They have good songwriters in the band, " if the world should end" has a very good message to the listeners and with the sounds added like the guitar and the drum work this song rock. Beautiful solo's of the instruments in the song, Love it. " shipwrecked" start with a beautiful combination of drums and guitars, and again a powerfully written song. I am listening carefully to text and lead singers vocals, and I dig it. Especially the wow singing part at the end that sounds wicked, that part can make this song a hit song. And in this song " let it go" I really love the rhythm of the sounds, this album is written with emotion and dedication I can hear that in all their singles. Wow, these guys look so professional in the song recordings. if you listen to " temper" you fall in love immediately when they play the first note on the instruments and when they begin to sing you are blown away by the diversity in his vocal. I am at their latest song " Out of here" it seems they have some kinda enhancer or megaphone it has more elements of alternative rock. In this song I like the usage of that equipment, it fits in their style. I must say that all their songs except two others are amazing to listen, the two others are not bad but my preferences goes more to the other singles on the albums it seems more hit song potential. This rock band has to be heard for sure worldwide by rock festivals radios and related music networks, they make very attractive songs with amazing sounds and lyrics. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.



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JAAYNS is an independent singer/songwriter and Electronic artist from Leeds. read my review on chatsong, listen to their recently released single "go"

JAAYNS is an independent singer/songwriter and Electronic artist from Leeds. read my review on chatsong, listen to their recently released single "go"

I am an independent singer/songwriter and Electronic artist from Leeds. I love music and creating songs and started properly learning how to songwrite properly through various classes/course and retreats about 6 years ago. I started writing songs for other people which I still really love. Last year I was encouraged to put my own music out, if I did I wanted to write something different and create my own art in my music and through the production. This has resulted in my first EP out Summer 2017 - The EP is called Bright White Yellow. The songs on the EP link together starting with the first single GO released 3rd March.
I've been lucky to work with some fantastic cowriters and Leeds Producer Song Mason. The whole aim has been to create something melodic and different to take
advantage of being in a time where there isn't any rules or restrictions on what music you can put out for the world to hear.


This electronic artist and a singer-songwriter named JAAYNS, she has just released her single "go" which is available on all digital platforms, more information about her can be found on her own website below. Then now my review about this versatile artist from Leeds, her genre is pop and electronic. The single start with beautiful high quite electronic tunes and then her hypnotic vocal, which sound very unique. At the first note, I am a fan she can sing very good. The song has great uptempo dance beats in it, and very rhythmic. This is an artist to keep an eye on, her first single is already hit song potential what will her album be which will be released soon. I really looking forward to her new songs, I like her style a lot. She has to be heard around the world with her amazing dance single " go" therefore share this single review ( for now) as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 



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Dying Habit was founded in 2005, when Alan Hart, Nathan Jones, and Mark Jones began playing and writing songs together at Mark's parents home in Llangoed, Beaumaris, Wales. Read my review on Chatsong, listen to their songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Dying Habit was founded in 2005, when Alan Hart, Nathan Jones, and Mark Jones began playing and writing songs together at Mark's parents home in Llangoed,  Beaumaris, Wales. The band was joined by Sion Davies on bass as the fourth founding member of the band. Alan Hart who had been playing guitar since age 10,
taught both Nathan and Sion how to play. They are promoting themselves by playing in local pubs and festivals. The band name was derived from a 'stop smoking' poster that was put up on a wall of they're favorite local breakfast cafe where the band used to
eat their breakfast before rehearsing at their local studio in Upper Bangor, Wales. Their age group is 27-32 and they have been friends since school. They are hoping to release their album As I FADE BACK INTO THE WILDERNESS which has eleven tracks. Indie and alternative rock genre, this album will take you back to the 90s.


This band is Dying Habit they posted their links in both forums, so you can always listen and share their music if you like them. Then now my review about their album " as I fade back into the Wilderness". They have released two songs from their new album,  one is named " relic " and one is named " 13:57 ". The song " relic" start with a bit dark ambient sounds, and then the rock pieces get added which sounds good. It seems they have used a voice enhancer, which can make a song or break a song. It sounds ok I love the rock sounds added in it very much, I can also hear they write their music with a message and emotions in the lyrics. This song " 13:57" is way different than " relic" in my opinion their best song. I hear a proper vocal and it sounds more melodic and has more varied tunes and sounds.  This song has more potential for rock radio stations and all related to rock because it has more power and more varied instrument sounds in it.  I personally think if they make more song in the style of 13:15 they will come very far, they are already good no doubt. They certainly earn more attention to their rock music, therefore share this as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath it. 






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A new Electronic music project blends EDM Trance with Jazz & Rock overtones & some Ethnic. New sound taking DanceMusic 2 another level EDmFamily, meet Elephant State from Italy, read my review on Chatsong and listen to their music and give comments and star ratings underneath it

Elephant State

we have recently signed a deal with Pink Dolphin Records Ltd in the Uk for 2 single releases within the next year. We have signed 2 of our tracks, "Heritage" and "Elephantasia" and we are currently working on finishing the mixes and mastering for both of these tracks. The first of the 2 tracks "Heritage", we hope will be released and available in all digital stores online in June. 



Formed in 2014 by Cosmo Masiello; guitar, programming, recording, mixing and mastering and Gabriele Carbone; keyboards & programming.
Originally created as a Live EDM Music Set, that will work comfortably, both in small venues clubs and also on larger stages as openers for DJ Sets, Raves, and live concerts, the project has now evolved into something decisively more interesting, aiming to take Dance music to another level, both live and in the studio.
These two professional, top class musicians, both masters of their art and currently active on the Italian music scene as live performers and session musicians, have decided to join forces, resulting in an explosive mix of Rock, Jazz and ethnic styles, painted on an electronic foundation which blends the whole sound into one complete musical work of art.

Each original piece, a masterful and colorful mix of Electronic Music, Dance, House, Deep House, Techno, and Trance, with Jazz and Rock overtones and some Ethnic styles thrown in, is composed and arranged by Carbone/Masiello, into a single and unique canvas bursting with masterfully woven musical sketches that flow with ease into a delta of sound, bringing line, shape, form, colour, texture, light and shadow to even the most critical of musical ears. Elephant State is based in Italy but is willing to travel as far as necessary to promote their sound.



This Electronic project has his roots in Italy and above you can read their info and biography. What strikes me immediately is the diversity they say they have in their project like jazz and rock and more genres, That can be an interesting mix, and very original. Then now my review about these artists from Italy, named Elephant State. 

The oldest song is " Le rouche" it start with amazing dance beats and varied tunes, I hear many beautiful melodic tunes used in it with classical sounds and it is amazing produced great additions of bass and other sounds. This is a very good mix of classical sounds and house music, also one of my favorite genres so I am very excited to listen to their mixes. The song has a lot of different sounds so it keeps you interested to what will come more in their EDM mix. Their next song " Neuron" This mix start with a deeper tone but very dark but then higher tunes added in it wow what a mix already.  This is really good production,  all is good the sounds the additions and the mix of various genres in the song. I listened to a lot of EDM songs and producers, but these artists are very professional. And I AM SURE OUR COUNTRY WOULD BE MAD if they here these magnificent house music mixes,  and probably more countries who love EDM dance and house music.  This track start with higher tunes,  it is almost like someone is squeezing and if you hear an insect flying haha " Elephantasia wow really love that track with the hard rock guitar in it, it is very rhythmic and makes you wanna dance really lovely mix, and the longer the song plays  how more tunes get added and beats really sick I am sold! Wow, this track " Raise Mr "O" is so stunning and I know many famous dutch producers but these will soon be that famous worldwide. When I listen to this track it is like I am back at the festivals,  I always went to amazing House music and dance music festivals, they say it started in The Netherlands this Genre. But I have met now 1 deejay and this project from Italy. I would rather say the good EDM music is coming from Italy haha. Till now all tracks are so amazing to listen, very varied and diverse and I really love the storybook voice in this track " where is where". They made a couple other tracks on their other link at Reverbnation and those are all so good " le rouche" and  " raise Mr. O" several versions of those two track names. I really can't get enough of this wonderful EDM project from Italy, like I said this is professional EDM and all their tracks are high-level production. This project and these artists really have to be heard around the world by EDM lovers (electronic Dance music)  and radio stations record labels and festival management worldwide. To make this happen, share this review and their music as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath it. 

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For being a young band of a few years and a few member changes, Best Kept Secret has pushed every ounce of inspiration out of its members. Not only are all the musicians accomplished on multiple instruments, they combine their wide variety of musical inspirations to create an original sound. Read my review on Chatsong, listen to their songs and give votes and comments underneath this review

For being a young band of a few years and a few member changes, BKS has pushed every ounce of inspiration out of its members. Not only are all the musicians accomplished on multiple instruments, they combine their wide variety of musical inspirations to create an original sound that can be loved by everyone. From blues to heavy metal from punk to country, BKS uses every personal style to create something
worth loving. The love of music and inspiring others to create music are the reasons for everything we do. If it weren't for you fans we wouldn't be here. The feeling of being on stage and doing what we do is the most amazing feeling ever. We couldn't imagine doing anything else.


This alternative rock band is Best Kept Secret, they have released 4 songs till now which I am going to review now. The first song is called " late night" the song start with massive rock sounds playing loud the guitar and drums, then the lead singer of the band open his mouth and man what a unique voice he has. With the instrument sounds and melodic tunes and rhythm they used in the song, makes it an outstanding rock song. This is definitely new music alert, I am pretty sure this band will come very far in the rock music industry. This song " Tryin to live" does remind me of Nickelback but way original and more touching because of the different production. Even I do not know the lyric by this song, I want to sing it and loud it is really good songwriting and music. Really, love the guitar solo in this song, it is breathtaking he has some talent skills. Those songs with this high-quality level of performing, songwriting, and playing will be loved by many music enthusiasts and avid rock lovers. Man, this relative young rock band is very talented and really good at what they do. What a feeling for rhythm has this band, especially while playing this song " Love&hate". And with the vocals of the singer, it gives the song an extra blast, damned this is certainly a high level of production. I like the almost scream voice in this song, it gives the song more a dramatic touch. I am now at their last song " Still Alive" and man what a magnificently intro with those amazing rock sounds and this singer can sing so amazing, all that he does sing sounds so lovely there is nothing he can not sing. My credits for the songwriting and instrument work it looks so professional and the lyrics when you listen to it with his "dramatic" vocal touch the messages in it come very well trough in your mind. I am sure when more will listen to their music and high-quality performing, they will be soon touring around the world and belong on every upcoming rock band charts at every music network there is around the world. therefore, share this amazing rock band as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 






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Epic indie rock from South Yorkshire, definitely not house music or a shop in Copenhagen. Read their new singles review here on Chatsong. listen to their songs and give comments and votes underneath this update music review.


This band is house of amber I have reviewed their music before on Chatsong, now they released two new singles as a band. Also, one of them Dave started a new music project which will be finished in 2017, he calls himself aelita_red. When his project has finished, he will post his music links and videos at this website. Then now back to the review of the rock band house of amber and their latest released singles which are named " Citadel smith" and " Revo", I will start with Citadel smith. It starts with a beautiful electric guitar intro then followed by lovely drum work, his voice is so unique and it fits perfect in the style of the rock sound. This new song is really good in all, the songwriting the instrument playing and his voice have excelled in a magnificent way.

I knew they were very talented but with this new song, they proof they can make high-quality music and with this song I expect they will soon be performing around the world and having lots and lots of fans. Man, what an improvement I am very impressed by their new material I love it. I really want to listen and listen to it over and over again so amazing is this song. Then now their new song " Revo" is more laid back in sounds and vocals he has there a higher vocal, that shows how diverse this band is and their vocals sounds.

My preferences go to the first track I heard, somehow I have more the feeling that song defines their style and who they are as a band. Not that this track is not good, both songs are lovely produced but somehow his rawer vocals and power in Citadel smith seizes me more (attract). What does not mean that their new music is bad, in fact, they excelled in making music I was already a big fan but now my heart beats faster when I hear them sing and play. Their music has to be heard around the world by bigger music networks and charts, they are an upcoming rock band who will soon be known worldwide and play in the for programming of many famous rock bands. To make this happen, share these amazing talented rock artists as much as you can and give comments and votes underneath this review.





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Zina Eve Cantave is a Montreal-Born world music singer, read my review on Chatsong listen to her songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Zina Eve Cantave is a Montreal-Born world music singer. She has performed in Montreal, Canada, and other cities. Her international itinerary has included the United States, Jamaica, and the Caribbean.
Zina's musical repertoire has been steadily infused with a blend of Pop, Jazz, RNB, Gospel, Haitian and French African influences, along in English, French, Creole and her Caribbean roots to create joyful sound.
Zina was influenced by musical giants of the 1950s and now such as Micheal Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Ella Fitzgerald, Celine Dion, Cece Winans, Jacques Brel, Nina Simone, and Mariah Carey. She started to sing at a very young age at church and accompanying by her dad to live performances all over Montreal and neighboring states of the United Estate.


This is Zina Eve above you can read her influences and where she already has performed, read my song reviews. The first song is named " Everything I feel" I was literally blown away by her vocal power in the intro immediately and the dance tunes added in the production makes the song a very good track with high potential for radio stations and bigger networks. The whole song is amazingly produced and sung, she can sing very high and powerful this is true top level performing and singing. I keep listening to it over and over again, so good is the song. She has also made a Christmas song, I am not a fan of Christmas and Christmas music, each year you hear the same songs over and over again, it gets boring. But this song " have yourself a merry Christmas" with her vocals it is very refreshing and beautiful this I would listen to Christmas.  I really looking forward to hearing more from this amazing vocal singer, I believe this singer can become very far she is very talented and her vocals are amazing. This is MTV and Billboard quality music, this has to be heard around the world. Therefore, share this vocal power lady and the new legend in music as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 



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Performing and recording original tunes in NYC I am Michelle Wake. An alternative singer-songwriter from Manhattan, read my review on Chatsong listen to her songs and give votes and comments underneath this review

I'm an Alternative Singer Songwriter based in Manhattan. I write music, perform regularly with a four piece band and am currently recording a new album for summer 2017. My current tunes are aired over radio via Radio Indie Alliance charting on their top ten list for 2016. You can find me on Spotify, twitter, iTunes etc...

I'm originally from Michigan. I was homeschooled and have played music my whole life. In the past year, I have focused my energy on building a healthy network in New York as a platform to showcase where I am now and where I am headed as a singer-songwriter


This singer-songwriter is Michelle Wake a singer-songwriter from Manhattan, USA. You can find all her other music links on her own website, then now my review about this singer-songwriter. I start with the most recent one it is named " I got you beat" Wow, this singer has a unique vocal voice, and it sounds very good. Her vocals remind me of the deeper sounds of Amy Winehouse in the low notes, but she can also sing very good in the high notes. The song has a wonderful uptempo jazz rhythm, and with her vocals on the foreground, it makes the song hit song potential it is very high-level music. This other song " A Soiree" start very differently the intro she sings more modest and quieter, then she gives vocal power and with that tiny hoarseness and vibration makes her voice so unique. I like the tunes and melodies used in both songs till now, it gives the song an impression of many different styles such as jazz blues and indie rock. It is an original song and original produced, and not the mention she can sing marvelously. If it were up to me she would be standing fast on the best new music chart on MTV or something similar, this is material for a lot of music networks related companies. I really like her vocal sound, she makes every song she writes and performs to a masterpiece. I hear a beautiful piano in this song " all our messes" and the song is really awesome produced with the magnificent instruments. And she can hit every note pure in this song, there is a very high note and she hits is perfect. Her song " don't worry" start with a water sound and then the amazing piano sound, and when she open her mouth while singing it is breathtaking I am really impressed. I am really blown away by her vocals and lyrics, I get a bit chaotic haha because I listen to this stunning track and need to write at the same time,  but it is worth it all she get my full attention. I am really speechless how good this singer is when you listen to this song intro 1, it gives you goosebumps when she sings in that song. I think the song is named differently but that is what is written by that song. I have not heard anyone before who can sing so many different octaves in one song from modest to high to an excelled high note all to listen to her vocals, that is what I call talent. And in my opinion, this singer sings way better than Katy Perry (not to be offended). But if I must compare Katty Perry and this singer, then I would choose for Michelle wake she is so original and has such a unique sound. Both songs " lonely beats" and " Mono and Dyglicerine" are so beautiful sung and produced, and in Mono and Dyglicerine the backing vocals almost at the end were really amazing. This song " On the weekend" is really hit song material again, very well produced and with those tunes and melodies and vocals it makes it outstanding.  Like i wrote before she can make every song till a hit song, when you listen to "The willow tree" the piano work the other instruments and her vocals makes the song breath taking to listen I would certainly want to buy all her albums and listen this every day this is outstanding music. I am touched by this song " Wake to" the melodies and  tunes and her beautiful high  vocal does something in your mind and body. I am at her latest song " Be my one " and it is breath taking as all the other songs and very professional sung and played. I am really in shock and touched and excited at the same time, this singer songwriter is so amazingly talented and good and has  a lot chances being heard by bigger labels and music networks worlwide. I am really sure she can come very far in this music world, she has to be heard around the world. Therefore share this incredible singer songwriter as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 




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Singer/songwriter/producer, and host of CJAI-FM's 'Eastern Ontario Playlist'. Born in Ottawa and raised in the small village of Delta, Jef Leeson hit the road in his early twenties, and soon began working across the nation with some of Canada’s biggest country music stars of the time. Read my review on Chatsong, listen to the songs and give votes and comments underneath this review

Singer/songwriter/producer, and host of CJAI-FM's 'Eastern Ontario Playlist'. Born in
Ottawa and raised in the small village of Delta, Jef Leeson hit the road in his early
twenties, and soon began working across the nation with some of Canada’s biggest
country music stars of the time. After a few years as a sideman, Jef became cofounder
and lead singer of the popular eastern Ontario group Ambush. Seeing the
band reach the pinnacle of it’s success, Jef moved on to his own solo career, both on
stage and as a studio owner / record producer. A passionate fan of all forms of music,
Jef is currently performing across Ontario promoting his new album, 'Taller in Real
Life', and producing albums from his home just outside of Marmora.



This is Jeff Leeson above you can read his biography and history, then now my review about this country singer-songwriter and his album " absolutely this or something like it". I start with the song in order of his album and his newest as first, so the first song is " make time" it has a melodic intro with great rhythmic sounds, His song has not the typically the country sound it is very swinging. I like his vocals a lot they are very unique and with the backing vocals in this song, it sounds really beautiful. This song " Hold that thought" has typically that country sound, but it is a very good written song. I like the song production it has marvelous sounds and melodies, uptempo and melodic with a country touch. And in both songs, they background singers are very good, with him as the lead singer it makes both songs till now very great country material to listen. I always love it when a singer-songwriter starts with just an acoustic guitar as the intro it can make or break the song, but in this case, it definitely makes the song and shows his talent in all he does. I was writing about this beautiful ballad song " If you let Me", and in this song, you can hear how many notes he can sing and how good that sound. I can hear there is emotion put into the songs he has written, and that makes the songs very good to listen carefully to the written lyrics and what he sent out to the listeners of his music. Also, what I like is the variety and diversity in the intro of each song, and each song is sung and produced differently so you keep focusing on what the next songs will sound like. So far his newest albums and all his songs, but he has written and sung so much more. I suggest please listen to this amazing talented singer-songwriter and his music. This singer he can sing so good and write amazing songs, this has to be heard around the world in the country genre but actually at every music network like radio and labels. Because he has made songs in different genres, and I am sure one of his songs will suit your needs. Therefore, share this talented singer-songwriter as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.



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Narrow Plains has numerous awards, including recently being nominated as Best Country/Folk Act in the 2016 Unsigned Music Awards and also winning Hard Rock Rising 2015 at Hard Rock Café, London. Read my review on ChatSong, listen to their songs and give votes and comments underneath this review






Narrow Plains has numerous awards, including recently being nominated as Best Country/Folk Act in the 2016 Unsigned Music Awards and also winning Hard Rock Rising 2015 at Hard Rock Café, London. In 2015, after winning the US online talent contest, Bands4Good, they recorded a live single “Choices” with legendary recording engineer, John Davenport, (Springsteen, Lennon, Stones), at his studio in North Carolina that propelled them to the top of the Reverbnation Indie charts. They finally released their much heralded, debut album (“Narrow Plains”) in 2016. Six of the thirteen, original tracks on the album have been selected as “BBC Introducing Track of The Day”. They formed in London UK in 2012, after writing and self-recording their debut EP “Somewhere In Between”. Originally a trio of Charlie Ferriday (guitar/vocals), Roger Connick (bass/backup vocals) and Stuart Connick (drums/backup vocals), Edd Simpson has recently joined on guitar and keys

This band is Narrow Plain they have already achieved amazing things, which you can read above. They followed me a while and now I may review their music. Read my review from these artists from London, They have also posted a video of their music in the first forum fo you to listen and reply on. I mostly review from new to older, so the first song I will review is " Belong Together". The intro of the song is beautiful it start with an acoustic guitar then comes a powerful male vocal, even the song is acoustic there is such a Rythm in it. What I hear immediately the singer can sing really all notes, it sounds very professional. I am not surprised they won several music awards this band performs on a high level. The next song is named " there she goes" man what are they good, my credits for the songwriting. Their genre is folk/country but with their magnificent input, they make folk/country hip again.  This song is very uptempo and you hear indeed country sounds coming back in it, but you will quickly forget that when you hear them sing. Wow, this song " I should've known" is very amazing sung and produced this is really high-quality music. The rhythm the sounds and timing while singing and playing makes this song outstanding. All of their songs till know have very high chances to become a hit song worldwide, these artists will be going very popular among teens and other music lovers around the world. Their song " ghost with those sounds and tunes and vocals reminds me a bit of the band 5SOS, I am speechless so good are they I not want to write but enjoy their music haha. I am listening to a live recording of the song " Choices" and man this is really MTV and BillBoard quality,  and many other famous music networks around the world. Their raw vocals are marvelous the hoarseness in the vocals with the amazing sounds makes the song really amazing. The lead singer of the band has such a unique voice, and he makes every song they wrote till a masterpiece. Especially in this song " on jo good" so pure so unique and so diverse, and each song has very beautiful tunes and melodies. I really love the additions of the folk instruments in many songs they produced, great instrument solos in mostly all songs. You know in the latest year there is come a lot of great new artists like SIA and RaggnBone and so much more, these artists will be among them soon. The song " So rewind" has that level of quality from the beginning till the end its sounds so stunning, I keep pressing the play button when the song ended haha. I am a big fan now and when they ever come play in my countries I will be their first groupie, haha, trying to score an autograph. And I like that all the intros of their songs are varied, and mostly all songs have a great chorus. When you listen to this song " Running to your door" even without knowing their lyric you want to sing with the chorus. And that is a good thing because when it is soon being on all bigger networks and they are touring around the world. All their audience will remember their lyrics and chorus so they will be singing hard and loudly with the band. And Remember lyrics can make or break a song, in this case, the lyrics make all the songs hit potential. I am at their latest songs " dreams" and " somewhere in between" both songs again very lovely intro and amazing written. And in the song " somewhere in between" I heard a higher vocal octave which is not heard before I thought and is makes it even more interesting and amazing to listen to it. This band is truly MTV and Billboard material and deserves to be touring worldwide, this is high-quality music and has to be heard around the world.Therefore, share these artists as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 



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